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A Distant Call to Arms.

Just lately things have been absolutely dire. All 360 degrees of the circle have been polluted with that ominous foreboding one normally only feels outside those glossy white doors along hospital corridors. Every other news item has been gleefully stating that the permanent demise of The Left is upon us. Time after time we see smug Tories grinning from ear to ear whilst making a totally untrue statement. Such as the upcoming number of new nurses, the record investment in Schools, Police or our NHS,. Even more depressing is the fact that nobody is challenging any of this nonsense.

When Bannon and Cummings fleshed out the descent of UK politics into the gutter and even further down they really were very thorough. No stone was left unturned. The BBC was easily recruited, the print media, dying as it is, rolled over, much of it being owned by those who hide their billions off shore, local radio and national radio played to the familiar tunes. It was total and incessant. No light was permitted to shine through.

In this case light = truth. The night was long and starless, and cold. Still is.

The GE result we all know about, and will never forget the shock of it all. The shock was abrupt. All those scenes of many thousands turning out to see Corbyn, it was no fluke. It was genuine and heartwarming to be a part of. Smashed beyond belief at the ballot box.

There were signs on the doorsteps, i've written about that elsewhere so will leave it at that for now. Lessons have to be learned, and they will be. How though ?

Mr Corbyn has announced that he will soon stand down as leader. This has brought much mirth to every single Tory on the planet, and far too many so called Labour people, both inside and outside of the party. Make your own minds up about that.

This then triggered the need for elections within Labour, both for leader and deputy leader. Given the appalling and unpunished treatment given to JC you would be forgiven for thinking that if ever there was such a thing as a "Poisoned Chalice" this is it. Who ever comes out in either of those positions can expect the same. Anything in their personal history will,be seized upon, amplified, and even lied about. They can expect hell on a 24/7 basis.

The withdrawal of Ian Lavery can I think be blamed on this phenomenon.

The field for the leadership campaign was never going to be a strong one. Corbyn himself with his vision of "For the many not the Few" can never be equalled for popularity. Sir Kier Starmer appears to be walking it, according to the media. the same media who ruined Corbyn. This is mainly being due to him being exactly what the establishment would prefer, another Tony Blair. Blair? several ways of looking at him and his time as leader. Some would say he is the best leader the party ever had, others would like to see his head on a stick outside a court in The Hague. Point is, things have changed a whole lot since his time, and definitely not for the better.

The loss of Laura Pidcock was another massive body blow. Here was a natural future leader. Always honest and very direct. Also, always hitting the nail firmly on the head. Now gone.

This news devastated us in that Rotherham counting room. It was bad enough seeing our fine young candidate Sophie Wilson fall by the wayside. Along the way, before the GE even came along Chris Williamson was lost to the cause. I would say he was an indirect victim of those within Labour who have only one real objective, that being protecting Israel. That can be discussed forever, fact is he is no longer able to have any influence within the party. Is this all coincidence ??

None of this looks good for The Left. Main voices silenced. Those who wore the red of Labour but want it to be light blue are salivating. Axes and knives out for anyone deemed to be left wing. I count myself as Left and always will.

The Left, possibly done for. No voice, abject desolation, wreckage all around. Then, along comes the Board of Deputies, those actually responsible for the demise of Williamson and God knows what else behind the scenes. At a time when Labour definitely needs to emphasis its chore values, during a leadership contest, they all all fall over themselves to dance to the BoD tune. Yet another dispiriting kick in the stomach to The Left. And of course, hundreds of thousands of party members.

Not one runner showed the moral fibre to say "NO ENOUGH IS ENOUGH", NOT ONE.

Rebecca Long-Bailey puts herself across as of The Left. I have never met her and I place great importance on actually meeting people before forming opinions of them. What I can say is that she played a part in the removal of Williamson, and has had many chances to rightly condemn the apartheid regime in Israel and never has. Having said that, who actually has ?

RLB was 4th or 5th choice behind those I have listed above and as such (to me) represents a desperation vote if voted for. What is the option though ? Along with this, I believe she would drift to the right quite quickly.

The Deputy Leader race throws up one reason for looking outward without shielding ones eyes. Mr Richard Burgon. A proper Lefty bloke. Straightforward and very direct, one who supported the Corbyn ideology to the full. If he gets the job done we have a reason to focus into the distance with some hope. I will not say optimism, far too nervous about this whole mess to do that.

Many are openly talking of leaving the party. This I fully understand. I have nothing wise or even encouraging to say really. I don't do blind faith or meek obedience. So, lets take a long view. There can be encouragement.

The night is long and starless. The cold wind of Tory indifference is blowing through, the BoD wolves are howling over the carcass of "For the many not the Few", Pretenders are being put forward to hold aloft The Poisoned Chalice, there's is one thing though, a rather large thing it is, in reality.

The establishment, both inside and outside of the party DO NOT get to appoint people to these prestigious positions. Have all the glowing support from the media you want, countless headlines, thousands of grinning BBC News interviews, endless proclamations, all count for nothing in the ballot. This awesome responsibility rests on the shoulders of every member of Labour.

Somewhere out there in that "distant dark" is an ember, just about dimly showing a pale orange light. It needs help, you are the fuel. Do not abandon it. Others are counting on you at this most dire of times.


Thanks for looking. Please help me to spread this site.

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