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A Name to Remember.

Now then, Israel, a subject that carries with it a degree of risk if you even consider thinking about it. It is about the only topic under the sun which falls into that category.

Sure enough those who have edged the Israeli Govt into this distasteful situation have been very clever/sly about how they caused this to be so. Along the way they have finished the Labour Party, wrecked a once in a generation good man in the form of Mr Corbyn and paved the way for the ongoing inhumane brutalisation of the Palestinian people. Obviously it is possible to take many differing views regarding this state of affairs, my own personal one (which will never change) is that they represent the very worst of humanity. Given that they are aided and abetted by other Governments across the globe, you have to wonder where it will all end?

I have a feeling that the Israeli Govt bullies have gone a bit too far this time, may well have got a bit carried away with their own arrogance and dropped the ball big style. They have risked promoting an ultra extremist to a prominent position. One who will be arriving here in the UK at some point during the summer.

Tzipi Hotovely is not a name you will be familiar with. I had never heard of her until the other day. She is the new Israeli Ambassador to the UK. I'm not sure you will hear a lot from her, I do expect you to hear a lot about her though. Before now she has been critical in print of anyone who supports a Palestinian State, she put forward that "anyone working towards a Palestinian state is working against the Israeli people" one of her other gems being "There is no Palestinian people". This I remind you is an official ambassador to the UK. I have to honestly wonder if she would be welcomed with such open arms if her and her colleagues had not wreaked such damage upon what used to be the Labour Party. As far back as the inept Mrs May the signs were there that the Tories would feed the Isareli Govt on milk and honey if they continued to poison the Labour Party. Even depending on your point of view you still have to say that this stroke was indeed a master stoke, up until now that is.

As with all hyper arrogant bullies a reasonable limit is sensed and then ignored, ploughed through and not given a second thought. Hotovely clearly represents that moment. Just to illustrate my point, over 550 UK Jews recently signed a petition to block her appointment. At the very least, it can be reasonably put forward that her promotion is controversial. Given the current state of Israeli politics this can signal only one thing, Netanyahu and his bloodthirsty gang see themselves as beyond any sort of reproach and fully intend to press on and completely remove Palestine and its people from existence. The possible defeat of Trump in America seems to be adding a measure of urgency to their ethnic cleansing plans.

Hovotely cliams quite openly that all of the West Bank and indeed all of Israel belongs to Jews only. She is preparing the way for the UK to go along with up to one third of the West Bank to be annexed next month. It should be noted at this point that all those Israeli settlements that she has so gleefully overseen are actually illegal under International law and therefore constitute a war crime. Yet, on arrival in good old Blighty she will be afforded all the trappings that go along with being an Ambassador. Any reasonable person would think that this scenario may well cause some acute embarrassment, well, such are the modern nuances of UK politics what will actually take place is the UK establishment will fawn over her and lean over backwards to be seen to be caving in to her inhumane demands on all possible occasions.

Just to reiterate some of the actions of the Israeli Govt are classed as war crimes, this is not a grey area, it is fact. This I see as unacceptable in a huge way. What other Govt sends its officials here on the back of war crimes? I do not mind answers being put forward to this question, I welcome them. It is not as though the West has not had problems in days gone by. Sure enough it has not always been plain sailing. Just take a look at history and see what has happened. Germany used to have a wall down the middle, Ireland had many problems for many years, however, negotiations took place, diplomats sat round tables and hammered out difficult agreements. At times it was like pulling teeth. Ground was given, concessions were made. An end point was arrived at and things were built on from there. It could be termed as "progress". Fine achievements. To be honest, it seems the Israeli Govt has no intentions of being so civilised about any such things. The Israeli Govt will sit round any table any where and negotiate all day long to ensure the disappearance of Palestine. Nothing else will do. Ever. I see no other possible outcomes.

The Israeli Govt prefers to work in secrecy, conspiring, scheming, spreading its tentacles into all sorts of organisations all over the planet. They have been scheming for decades, inserting people into strategic political positions. It is actually all rather clever/sly and has been very effective. One major flaw keeps cropping up though. It is all based upon the need to remove Palestinians from Palestine. Try as they might they just cannot disguise this basic and obvious driving force from all that they do. When voices are raised in opposition to this ideology they quickly become swamped or accused of A/S , ask Corbyn, this is the price that is paid for airing a perfectly fair and humane point of view. Sending over an extremist as an Ambassador is a big mistake.

In the UK things have to be extra ambiguous when put out via media channels. It is how the Tories manage to make things sound like the very opposite to what they actually are. Hotovely has a habit of blurting out things like "All that land west of the Jordan River can only be held by one nation- The Jewish people". When you get the likes of Melanie Philips saying that Hotovely will "sound like a blustering zealot" you know something is seriously wrong. Philps is far from balanced or fair when it comes to commenting on anyones judgements in such matters and is infact one who carries extreme and distasteful views herself. She is an example of UK media and its inability to be fair minded. Well, Hotovely will test all that out to the limit, and travel a whole lot further.

When she is ushered onto all those plush Whitehall receptions and offices she will no doubt get everything she wants. Contracts will be signed, photo ops provided,the merry go round of smiles and congratulatory speeches will pick up pace. There will be talk of the continued good relations between the countries. Such trivial things as unarmed medics being shot in the back will be ignored. Poisoned water supplies will not be mentioned. Bulldozed houses will likely stop being shown on our flat screen plasmas.

The continued inhumane treatment of all those humans in that open air prison will slowly sink from news agendas. Recently in Tel Aviv there was a huge demonstration against the antics of the Israeli Govt in Palestine. It was hardly mentioned here in the UK. In all fairness I ask you, what other Govt could expect to get away with all this whilst being escorted by the UK establishment, and why?

Not so long back a stunning show of support for the Palestinians took place at Labour conference, flags and streamers held proudly aloft, Celtic fans do it regularly and often. I think we can safely assume that no Labour conference hall will ever see such a thing again. Celtic football club will see it again many times. This suggests to me that Celtic football club supporters have far more moral fibre than your average Labour member.

Labour members are currently busy telling each other how very important it is that they "keep up the good fight"- to an extent it really is- they use this to justify remaining in a party that absolutely will not come out and say the right thing re all those imprisoned humans in Palestine.

So, I say this to those Labour members, the ones contributing money to Starmer and his newly installed cabinet, just how the hell would you justify your position to any one of those long suffering Palestinians?

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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