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I am told that Sheffield Acorn yesterday supported a vote to form stronger links with Trades Unions. This I see as very worthwhile for a number of reasons. Also, as a direct result I have reinstated by monthly membership subs.

For the last few years, and maybe for as much as the next eight those who struggle will experience dead end existences and everyday serve as nothing but numbers on sheets to our privileged masters. All around is grey and meaningless .Health services, public services, education, policing, on and on.

Children born in the wrong postcodes sentenced to lives with no aspirations or a way out. Eating substandard food sold by huge companies who then claim from the Govt to enable them to dodge taxes, not only that, many of their slave employees also have to claim from the Govt to top up their subsistence wages to way below a fair level.

These are the people that Acorn exists for. Acorn is not alone. Unions are being battered, membership is waning. It is painfully obvious that to represent those people we exist for, ALL support networks and groups MUST pool their resources. There are many splinter groups all over this once green and pleasant land, all working tirelessly to do what they can. Fact is, it needs orchestrating. As somebody once said, "We are many, they are few". Having close and meaningful working relationships with Trades Unions can only help to bolster the huge wave of enthusiasm for fairness that has never gone away. That ideology will ALWAYS motivate people.

There is an enormous difference between working hard and working smart.

I wrote off being assaulted twice by adults and having to stand there and watch a friend endure the same rough house treatment. This I did in part because I was representing Acorn. However, it will happen again and again. Carrying a Union card will at least provide access to free legal advice initially. Sending out people to take risks without that legal safety net should NEVER happen again. Protests will always be necessary. The way to beat violent and aggressive landlords includes such protests, however the decisive victories will occur in town hall offices and courts of law. Again, close links to organised and affiliated Trades Unions will be of enormous help in these regards.

This has to be a two way street, we prosper and Unions see increased numbers. All those scum landlords out there will not be quite so arrogant and dismissive if and when they realise that Acorn is actually the tip of a very long spear.

Unity really is Strength.

Yours in good faith

Bill Stewardson.

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