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America - A Rogue State.

Now then, we here in the UK have a whole lot of massive problems at the moment, our plate is well and truly overflowing with weighty issues, some of which are costing the lives of many undeserving people. Governmental lies and denials of the truth are becoming daily happenings, the great divide between the "haves and have-nots" invades the minds of most of us constantly, made a thousand times worse by the knowledge that for the next half a decade at least there is nothing that can be done about it.

No point in putting it any other way, the UK is screwed for a long time to come.

However, hope remains, the day will come when things change.

Another massive and ongoing problem has also invaded the minds of the UK public. That being "The Land of The Free". We all remember the awful footage of Mrs May strolling hand in hand with Mr Trump, vomit inducing that was (I now cannot bring myself to eat a hot dog?) and all that talk of the "Special Relationship". That relationship seems to be that special that despite the current inhumane antics of the American administration the UK Govt has not condemned what is going on. Make your own minds up re that. I find it utterly appalling.

So, America, that country was at one time always willing, even enthusiastic to help its allies in times of strife. It could be regarded as a major keeper of world peace, and a friend to any free thinking and forward looking nations. There can be no denying that the role America played in WW2 was the deciding factor. It should also be remembered that Russia was also decisive and suffered over 16M deaths, that being 15% of its people. America suffered about 420,00, the UK today would be very different without all those tragic fatalities.

America has undergone a sharp downturn since it installed Trump into the White House.

Social media is awash with footage of brutal thuggery being carried out by the US Police. It is like nothing we have ever seen before. Innocents being brutally battered, an Australian film crew being one such example, this example being beamed live to Oz as it happened. Another notable example being two brainless officers trying to arrest a bloke for no particular reason other than him being black. Turns out the black man was an FBI officer. Thankfully this was also caught on film. America is well and truly over the edge.

However this current situation is just the latest and is actually a domestic issue. The real crimes that can be attributed to America are infact global, and derive from a very dangerous and threatening idea of Foreign Policy. It is clear that America sees only itself as being capable of making correct decisions, and actually nobody else matters or comes into the equation. It is reckoned that ONE QUARTER of the worlds population is existing under US sanctions. This staggers me. When Trump was running to be elected his mantra was "America First", what he actually meant was "America Only" and to hell with the consequences. This is illustrated perfectly by the American attitude towards the World Health Organisation. Trump has decided to kill it off, despite the reasons he puts forward the real reason is he wants the WHO to become a mouthpiece for his dislike of China. He will do the same to any organisation that opts not to do his bidding. It seems to me that the UN will be next. All America cares about is America.

There is a huge problem with the American psyche. Each and every time it comes down to being "combative", you often hear American people describe their kids as being "combative", they see it as some sort of endorsement to be proud of. From this you see the enormous and deeply worrying fascination with guns. At this point I will stress that most Americans DO NOT own a gun, nor want to. That seems not to matter. The ones who thrive on guns more than make up for them. How many more mass shootings do we have to see? America is riddled with armed militias amongst its population. It's not just one gun these people own, they own many and thousands of rounds of ammunition. There were many pictures on the NET of them taking over the civil buildings in Michigan and putting on a very worrying show of aggression, this all being an attempt to oppose lock down measures. They, like the American police are out of control. Try and imagine being a peace loving American family struggling to bring your kids up in that inhumane environment. Shocking stuff.

I take no pleasure or satisfaction in writing this stuff, it has to be said though. The world is now starting to question the USA. It is now at its lowest ever point reputation wise. Fact is, you can be as powerful as you like, at the end of the day if you stir up the people enough you will pay the price. Main problem in that troubled country is that those who are being stirred up are capable of almost unimaginable violence. I can honestly say I cannot think of any other country on the planet where this could possibly come to be.

As for the UK, well, the UK is presently involved in negotiating a Trade Deal with America. In reality this means that America can do whatever it feels like as long as they save us a few economic crumbs from their riches laden table. The UK actually supplies millions of quids worth of tear gas and rubber bullets to them. That reason alone will ensure that the inept UK negotiating team- it contains Truss (Porridge Girl) - will keep on nodding like the begging puppies they actually are.

China is the current target of American Foreign Policy, Russia is high on the list as is Iran. My personal view of sanctions, they target the wrong people, the civilians. I see America as the biggest single threat to the future of world peace. The amount of cash they plough into their military budget is astronomical. The only possible reason I can see for this needing to be the case is the fact that they are so paranoid. It has got to the stage where they know they are the most at risk people on the planet. It is time that other countries started to point out to them the very real reasons for this being the case.

I really do now not think it is possible for the USA to find its way back, I am not at all sure they are capable of listening. For the millions of peace loving Americans this must be soul destroying. However, they elected Trump. The price they are paying is far too high.

Sadly, America is now a Rogue State. Incapable of listening, driven by a completely unhinged ex reality TV celebrity. Alienating more and more countries, slowly but surely learning that it has to cower form its own police force and heavily armed citizens. Their economy about to crash spectacularly. The most demoralising thing to me, Trump will more than likely be elected again simply by telling Americans how great America is.

So, where do we go from here? I would like to see the UK sever all ties with the USA. Close the airports to inbound American flights. Stop trading with them, offer help and support to the WHO, it is my belief that if the UK did do this, the whole of Europe would quickly follow. I do not see why America is sacrosanct, nor do I believe that the stuff we buy from them could not be bought elsewhere. When I was much younger people used to say to me "When America sneezes we catch a cold", that no longer needs to be the case. When Trump plays his ace card in the quest to be re-elected- sparking an armed conflict- he will expect the UK to send troops into hell on Earth to die. I have very little confidence in our leaders in the UK being able to resist.

Whenever I have bumped into Americans I have found them to be warm and friendly and eager to learn about our ways and history. It is an immense puzzle to me why their administration is so very different. But then again, the same can be said about this country and its leaders. Maybe there are some lessons in that, however they can wait for another rainy day.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word of this blog.

Society not Economy.

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