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Americana- The Kids Will Be Alright

I was taken to task yesterday on twitter for my comments regarding the United States of America. Fair enough, sometimes I do get straight to the point, and sometimes maybe I should not be so quick to do that. However, whenever I say something "direct" I will have my reasons and believe in what I have said. Regarding the USA, I always do point out that there are tens of millions of decent people trying to lead peaceful lives in that beleaguered country. To me, that makes the situation worse. I can't even imagine what it must be like trying to bring up kids in that horrible and violent environment. Those decent Yanks have my utmost respect and sympathies. For me to even start to reconsider my view of that country I would need to see certain things happening. Actually, that may just be starting to happen. Nothing to do with big dollars, or walls, or kids in cages, or a mental case as Commander in Chief, it seems that the kids are starting to stand up to the massive machine that is the NRA. You do not have to be sharp to spot that any changes tomorrow start with those who are young today.

Let us take a look at why this is starting to offer the entire planet hope.

It does not have to be like this

In the first 21 weeks of 2018 America saw 23 school shootings. That is a shocking thing to even think about. Just Google every other country in existence today and see how many they had, then add them all up, maybe now you will see why I hold my current opinion of the "Land of the Free". I am though starting to see a light trying to form at the end of the very dark tunnel. I also believe that we need to help them, even from my house on the side of a hill in South Yorkshire I believe that we can all take part in what the American kids are struggling with. The simplest thing YOU can do is spread this piece, let them know they are not alone. Find an Email addy and use it.

The NRA, a group that feeds off enabling people to kill people. People at rock shows, people in cars, people at petrol stations, people walking along the streets, people who do not own guns, people who love their country, young people who go to school.

When they get to school they sit wondering if they will see their mates shot to death. They wonder if a madman will burst into the classroom and unleash the awesome killing power of a semi automatic. America has far too many young people who are now scarred for life by having seen this happen, who have lost good friends,and now have to try to live their lives under that damning cloud.

The NRA, formed in 1871, at the outset it was intended to be a non profit organisation. As of May 2018 it has 6 million members. It is regarded as being amongst the top Three lobbying groups in America. It is also seen as being a mainly right wing organisation with extremely close ties to the Republicans. They have not lost a major political battle since 1994, in the mid 90s they successfully lobbied against a Govt initiative to examine the health effects of firearms on the general public. In 2005 they, again successfully, lobbied to immunise the manufacturers and sellers of guns from lawsuits. In 2008 they spent 40 million dollars on the US election campaign, in 2016 they spent 30 million dollars on Trump. I could go on and on about this legalised "mob", However I am sure you have the general idea by now.

Big dollars

The kids in America are trying to climb the highest of steep cliff faces with this one.

I am not at all sure that the kids will prevail. Sure enough the people of America are becoming tired of the mayhem, Trump invited some of the young ones into the Whitehouse and made all the relevant noises. However, as we know with that individual his word is worth zero. (on a completely unconnected note the mayor of my city, Sheffield, has just banned Trump from coming here , ace or what?). So where do those kids go from here?

Sadly it seems as though they will have to carry on making noises from the sidelines. It will not be long before another school gets slaughtered. I have trawled the Net to try and find a direct Email so that I could contact them, I have not found one. I would very much appreciate it if any of you can help with this.

Back to my opinion of America, every American I have ever met has been warm and friendly, and quite keen to learn about the way we do stuff in Blighty. I have also found their sense of humour a bit odd but great once you get your head around it. Try explaining cricket to them!! That really is hilarious. Is there reason to be optimistic? Is Trump the absolute nadir for that super power?

I really do wish I could say yes, what do you think??

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