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An Easy Target- The Left.

Now then, just lately the Internet is awash with anti Labour stuff. Anything will do. To listen to some of the claims on our screens when we log on you would think that Lefties are responsible for earthquakes and global starvation. All of a sudden people you have never heard of chip into your stuff to put forward that Labour is deeply racist or becoming a home for Israelis who are controlling the Party.

Yesterday things peaked with unfounded allegations re RLB. The allegation being put forward that the Salford Mafia Leader had told a news paper reporter that she would welcome back known liar Luciana Berger into the fold. A link was put forward to an article in that paper to back this up. That link is below, please scrutinise it -

I have read that article multiple times, at no point does RLB put forward having anyone back in the Party. What actually happens is the reporter says it for her. Yet it was seized upon and aimed at Lefties across the ether with rabid glee. I'm not actually sure what effect the ones pushing this think it could possibly have on the current leadership election. Fact is most votes have already been cast, the election seems to run for longer than the football season and only a few votes remain to be put forward.

So, why do it ? It illustrates the obsessive nature of those who so fear true altruistic democratic socialism. They cannot control themselves. Since the ill gotten victory at the GE they have become dangerously arrogant. Their antics and claims grow ever more outrageous. Truth and fact are out of the window (as in the GE) , the stuff they ignore is staggering, Patel and Hancock being prime examples. Just look around for the 40 building sites where the new hospitals are taking shape, none of this matters eh ?

One could almost say they are like a CULT !

RLB is never going to be a universal choice, The Left was seriously damaged with the losses of Williamson and Pidcock, maybe RLB would not have been running had they been around ? Thing is, diminutive though she may be, she handles the hostile media with ease generally. Which is why they have to invent stuff to discredit her. Just consider the awful personal comment aimed at her in the early days of the race.

I am staggered that people still take our media at all seriously.

Being of The Left these days is never going to be easy. Basically we are just targets for the well off, painted as worse than the devil in all quarters. Laughed at, pointed at, mostly by those who have never known what it is like to really struggle. This is why it is so vital that The Left holds together. If The Left crumbles all those strugglers will be completely cast adrift. Johnson said shortly after the GE " now let's go and finish Labour off", truth be told that appears to be going rather well. Seems obvious to me that the Tories are seeing Lefties on the Net putting forward their sensible views, then they are targeting them and making things uncomfortable. Conversations are being stifled, points of view are being drowned out, people hounded to the point of jacking in appearing on social media. Typical Tory tactics. They are clever. Sadly.

As long as there are those who struggle the Left has a moral duty to stick with it. Or, to put that another way, as long as there are greedy arrogant selfish pigs there is a moral duty, do not let yourselves be distracted, at the moment the greedy are running riot. Those who struggle are falling further behind. The chasm is widening.

This country is now an awful place. Here there and everywhere people are becoming so very insular (mostly out of fear) the "I'm alright Jack" outlook is becoming firmly entrenched across all of society. These are the purple faced ones who screamed abuse at us during the GE campaign, because they are not seeing all the bullshit they were promised come to pass they are now even more bitter.

There is talk of The Left finding a new home, I have to be honest, I've had that myself at times. Thing is, only Labour can seriously work towards being the effective antidote.

The challenge is indeed huge. However, let me ask you this, did anyone ever tell you that being of The Left would be a walk in the park ? When I was in that Rotherham count room the sky fell in. I looked around at the devastation on the faces of the Sophie Wilson team, felt like evaporating there and then, sulked for a few days.

We now have a Tory in this seat, he doesn't even live in the constituency, he remains down south. I walk around every day looking at things sinking. I get dumb comments aimed at me. I switch the news on and get more and more lies and bull in my house.

It is incessant, it is demoralising.

I go into the city and see the homeless, queues outside the job centre, read about stabbings and shootings, kids eating from bins. Think of my son working 70 hours per week and his other half who is a nurse trying to bring the little one up and falling further behind. I hear about people being visited by the man with the van and being thrown on the street. There is no end in sight.

So, The Left, and all this carnage. Fight, or Flight ?

I have been a Lefty all my adult life. I am currently more demoralised than I can ever remember regarding politics. It hurts me more now because it is no longer about me.

It is about the young. They are being prepped for dull lives on ZHs and NMW.

As soon as they are taken home to the wrong postcode they are sentenced.

There are many huge problems with Labour at the moment. Those problems are not as pressing as the ones faced by that infant in the wrong postcode. I simply do not have it in me to abandon them. Not today, Not tomorrow, Not any other day.

I will keep my appetite for rousing myself and answering the call when the Local Elections arrive, I will likely be screamed at again, my colleagues will be.

Purple faced selfish bastards will have their moment on the doorsteps.

The media BS machine will be cranked up. The hill will be steep. It may well be another lost cause. There will be no flight from me.

I will retain my political view, until I have no breath LEFT.

Thanks for looking in, please spread word of this site.

Society Not Economy.

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