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And Nothing But The TRUTH.

Truth. The cornerstone of everything at all times. Truth is the very foundation of civilisation, without it everything turns to anarchy. Nothing can be considered as humane or civilised without it. Even compromising it to any degree shows that somebody has got something rather serious to hide. We teach our children from day one that truth is the only way. Only fools think otherwise. If we are to cling to any trace of hope that humanity can still retrieve itself from the abyss we must strive to ensure that truth wins out in the end.

Seems quite appt to be writing the above given that Trump is still touring the States claiming that the idiotic american election was all rigged, obviously it is just coincidence that hundreds of millions of dollars are being raised, money he will need to try and bail out himself and his crooked family. So, in certain heady circles truth comes at quite a hefty price. In the UK speaking the truth about the Israel lobby gets you kicked out of the LFI party or even barred from social media. Truth carries penalties these days.

So, finding reliable sources that you can reasonably assume are founded on truth is not easy, but is more critical than it has ever been. In the UK you can forget the major media news outlets. Not one of them is capable of or practises any sort of fundamental onus to truth. They put a political slant on everything and the current UK Govt is assured an easy ride which ever channel they condescend to appear on. As for the BBC, it is an embarrassing and criminal governmental PR arm. I once deeply offended a daily magazine show producer by telling him that, strangely they never called me again.

Truth, it is fogged expertly by execs both on our screens and in our dying (not quickly enough) print media. True sources of absolute truth stand out like beacons on starless nights. The bulk of the population are fed carefully managed views of the actual truth constantly. However, you can slant it, you can fog it, you can bury it, thing is though, there is only one truth and that will always be the case. Truth counts and will win out in the end. It will eventually undo all the political garbage we are forced to endure.

So, here's some absolute truth. This absolute truth was contained in an article published in the British Medical Journal. Now, the BMJ has been around since 1840. It has a global reputation which is second to none. Many of the most revered people in medical history have written powerful articles within it over all those years. It is read by most of the medical experts alive today. It rightly prides itself on being the finest medical publication on the planet. NOBOY can decry it. I do however think that may be about to change. The absolute truth it has revealed will attract the ire of those it highlights. Those it highlights are the current UK Govt, for "cronyism". In normal times you can trust the contents of the BMJ, these are not normal times. We are living through hell on Earth in the form of a deadly global virus. One which isn't going away. It is blindingly obvious that the views of medical experts should be the ones that world leaders adhere to rigorously. As you would likely expect, this has definitely not been happening. the Tories have actually employed expert thoughts and actions to use the pandemic as a trough to gorge at, in the process supressing science and scientists. Murder for money covers it nicely.

The article states that "The pandemic has unleashed state corruption on a grand scale that is harmful to public health", strong stuff. This is not coming from some politically tainted rag that exists only to cultivate votes, this is stuff that is put forward only to highlight wrongdoings that are jeopardising life itself. We already know that Johnson and his gang of thieves have been whacking out contracts between themselves and their mates. We know of the open corruption of Jenrick, the antics of Hancock and the millions given to a Turkish T shirt company and the like, the useless millions of items of PPE, the embarrassing Nightingales fiasco, on and on and on. It comes to something when leading publications like the BMJ stand out so starkly for simply telling the truth.

The article goes on to highlight the Govt suppressing science by ensuring that the likes of Cummings sat in on SAGE meetings, it also points out that leading authors of various medical reports were instructed by Govt not to talk to the media due to the "difficult political landscape". This is a clear and graphic example of science being supressed for political gain. It truly staggers me that Sir Patrick Vallance, he is the Chief Scientific Officer, has a shareholding worth many hundreds of thousands of pounds in a company that will be contracted to manufacture vaccines. Does this automatically ensure that Sir Patrick is crooked ? Ofcourse not, it does though look terrible to the UK public and should not have been allowed to be the case.

The article closes with the line "When good science is suppressed people die". How do I follow that up ? We already know that people have and continue to die. We know that old folk were sent back to Care Homes from battered hospitals without having been cleared from having the virus, where they then died whilst being cared for by battered staff being paid a derisory wage. Some of those "battered" staff then died. In the midst of all this, those very clever people in Govt, Gove, Hancock, Cummings, Johnson, Truss, Jenrick etc continued plotting how best to cash in.

Ask yourselves these questions, why have you not seen news of the article plastered all over front pages or used as the opening story on our facile 24/7 news channels ? Why have the so called opposition not been brandishing it in The House ? Why are leading experts in leading journals trampled on in the media frenzy to maintain the illusion of speaking truth to power without actually doing it ?

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