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Angry and Demoralised

Another sleepy Sunday. Or not as it turns out today. I come down, stick the kettle on and open up my gadget to catch up on the over night tweets etc. I am used to seeing odd stuff, it goes with the fact that anyone can tweet whatever they want within certain limits. Limits which it seems are already being manipulated to the extent that I am never certain that some of the stuff which people from the Left put forward is guaranteed to be seen. But, enough of that, we all know it is coming and we all know who is driving it.

The first thing that caught my eye was a clip from last nights edition of the Sky news paper review. I normally avoid this as it is nothing but unsubtle Tory PR. The clip confirmed my suspicions. Christina Patterson was putting forth her usual shallow right wing crap, this time in defence of Amber Rudd. Patterson is a long serving "star" of the paper review on this channel, Time after time she leaps to the defence of the Tories, regardless of the subject matter, you know how she will struggle to contain herself as she lash out at Labour. I am not sure why Sky consider her to be worth paying to spew out this repetitive and shallow drivel. I am not actually sure what her claim to fame is.

She brings with her nothing but one track, mind numbing, party line dross.

Do we really need news channels?

So, last night she was defending Amber Rudd. That in itself is a staggering thought. The events of the last week and Rudd speak for themselves. Why would any reasonable person set out to try and speak in defence of any of that? Seemingly poor old Amber has been just so very very busy, this that and the other have piled up on her desk. It really is (seemingly) staggering that poor Amber manages to cope as well as she has!! It really has required a super human effort for her to accomplish as much as she has!!

Next thing I spot is put forward by Tom Newton Dunn, him being the political editor of a gutter comic that I will not mention here. This bloke is also beating the drum for poor old, over worked AR. Staggeringly one of the things he puts forward as mitigation for her lying, denying, misleading Parliament, and lying again is the fact she also had Grenfell to deal with! This utterly stuns me. I truly struggle to get my head around this. Seizing upon that upsetting tragedy and attempting to use it to defend Rudd. You can make up your own minds as to how "well" that tragedy has been dealt with.

Let me put that another way, not that it is necessary, but it does enforce my point.

Grenfell stands in a particular borough. A very rich borough, in fact an eye wateringly rich part of London. One where multi million pound apartments stand empty, having been bought by billionaire foreigners as part of a tax dodging game. A sort of emblem of all that is wrong with the Tory way of thinking. A place where a tower block burned, a fire in which 71 people died. 71 people who generally had nothing much to shout about. I do not suppose many of them toured any of those empty multi million pound apartments and considered buying one to offset any possible tax liabilities.

Like to live here?

The shadow of that tower block travels across those apartments everyday as our nearest star arcs across the single sky we all live under. It seems its shadow also reaches the very darkest depths of the mind of Mr Newton Dunn.

The extremes of the wrong doings re Windrush are difficult for those of us outside the circle to comprehend. People denied cancer treatment, people denied access back into the UK after having gone back to the West Indies to see to family business, after having lived here for many decades. People told to pack their bags, out of the blue, again after having lived here for half a century in some cases, it goes on and on, grandmothers, grandfathers, decent people singled out and then booted out. Why?

This is what reasonable people make of it all.

I have dwelt upon this, and can, in the case graphic of Windrush, come up with only one common denominator, and it is awful. They are all black. I suppose me saying that will make me very unpopular in some circles, well, here is my personal view. If you think my saying that is out of order,well, you have the problem not me.

Back to Patterson and Newton Dunn, "Stars" of MSM when it comes to reviewing national new papers, regular faces when it comes to our unnecessary 24/7 news channels pretending to be "neutral". Two examples of supposedly "learned" people, if that is the best our elitist education systems can produce then we really have got to take a serious look at said systems.

Patterson and Newton Dunn, defending Amber Rudd, because political tribalism says they should. On national television. Patterson comes across as a rather limited stuck record, and I doubt she is capable of anything else.

Street Knowledge.

Using Grenfell. Mobilising the memory of people who burned to death, in a building which was ill equipped to deal with the fire. Using this to defend the booting out of black people. The tweet which TND put forward pinpointing Grenfell may soon disappear, the fact that he Tweeted it tells you all you need to know about him. Below is some of the text from his (to me unacceptable) Tweet.

Tom Newton Dunn

Plus add to this: the Grenfell Tower disaster had taken place 7 days earlier, which was rightly preoccupying senior Cabinet ministers.

These are the new levels of unrequited love for the ultra hard right wing Govt we are now enduring. From well educated individuals.

Cry for this Nation.

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