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Another Shock to my Soul.

Just been watching the news this morning, saw something I really was not prepared for.

It took me both back in time and also jolted my mind forward in time. It was almost whispered and hidden away amongst the talk of the virus and the end of austerity, and the utter brilliance of the budget yesterday (I was watching the PR arm of the Tory party). Some reporter on Breakfast was interviewing herself while McDonnell patiently tried to inject moments of truth. Nothing new there.

The item I am deeply shocked by concerns the death of a British soldier in Iraq due to enemy fire. Worryingly an American soldier also perished. My deepest and heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of these two casualties of war. I know what you are all going through. Been there myself. In 2007. I will link to that later.

This damaged planet teeters permanently on the brink of all out war breaking out. It doesn't get much traction on the news channels. They want to feed the populations the fodder that the owners of the media want them to hear. You all know about it, paint the Govt in a golden sheen, paint the opposition a deep and off putting brown colour. Endless and banal, usually based upon falsehood, brain washing for the masses.

I used to be one of those who heard of yet another casualty as I flitted about in the house getting myself ready for work. It barely registered , sort of bounced off my occupied mind and was quickly forgotten. As I acclimatised to my particular position post January 13th 2007 that subconscious ignorance prompted me to realise that up until my own shocking personal experience my mind had been blank. Subsequent events caused me to develop a fear of that blank mind.

The above may sound a little odd to you, the following link, which is to an article I wrote in The Guardian in January 2007 will provide some background.

I am deeply worried that the world is much more dangerous now than it was back then.

Another thing which has never stopped irritating me is the obvious lack of alternative ways to make a living for our young people. This is why so many youths join up.

It is not rocket science, ZHs and NMW, or join the Forces.

The architects of this damning scenario are the ones living relatively lavish lives, never having to worry about the next meal or paying the mortgage, or dodging a bullet.

Some things will never change. It's all kept very quiet in this age of instant digital communications. Very recently the RAF trained Israeli pilots across Lincolnshire skies, nothing said, Flashman once sent the RAF on bombing runs without consulting Parliament, nothing said. Where is the honour in that ?

It is now 2020, the vision is anything but clear. We have a Govt in the UK that is focused on one thing, and one thing only, C A S H . Anything goes in the mad dash. The NHS, replacement for Trident, which seemingly is signed and sealed with an American company, again without bothering to involve Parliament, this is dangerous stuff.

Johnson and company will salivate , change that are salivating, at the idea that they will have a chance to sit at the side of Trump and pick up his crumbs in the form of a huge trade deal. Trump has an election to win, the threat from the opposition is very real. Nothing galvanises the Americans like the thought of a war.

Put simply it gives them all a hard on. Get the flags out, hold parades, beat your chests, sing the anthem. Bury the dead with bugles and drums and sullen speeches.

Win the damn election. Works every time.

Ominous recipe for disaster this, I do not for one second believe that the circumstances exist in which Johnson or his sycophantic gang could ever say NO to Trump. Until today that cowardice would have been paid for with chlorinated chicken, or tariffs, or medical bill bankruptcies in the UK. Now, as Trump and his blood thirsty and Gung Ho crew grow ever more excited at the thought of bombing the hell out of the brown kids playing in the sand, storming to electoral victory on the back of "the finest military machine on the planet", they will expect the UK to assist. Join the Star Spangled Banner as it is hoisted above yet another puny foreign land. There will be more deaths amongst UK soldiers.

To make money, to gain terrain.

It does not please me to be writing this stuff. Every year I stand at an out of the way Cenotaph and just reflect, through the tears. Only one thing could ever tune my once blank mind into taking any sort of comfort among the leaves being blown about by the chilly breeze. If only I could stand there shivering and be able to tell myself that the world is now a warless place. That no more fine young people would be required to DIE for political gain or money.

Thanks for looking in, please spread word of this site.

Society Not Economy.

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