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Arriving Somewhere But Not Here.

Now then, telly talk is now turning to the ending of lock down. All of a sudden getting back to work is the leading story. Raising expectations of being able to get out and about should not be done lightly. Despite the headline grabbing reports we have seen concerning tourist spots being heavily populated or cretins spitting at police officers, the overwhelming majority of the UK public has performed admirably during the long and tedious clampdown. The huge inconvenience has largely been tolerated with a smile and willingness to pitch in. This should not be understated.

The pointless news channels are , as if it's being orchestrated, churning out an almost hypnotic mantra that the sun will shine, kids will go back to school, those tourist boats will chug up and down rivers in York and London etc. Hairdressers can expect to be booked up weeks in advance. Football will return, the NHS is reporting spare capacity.

Basically we are approaching a whole new beginning.

Sure enough the nation urgently requires a shot in the arm. I wonder?

I will put forward here that I would hate to be involved in taking any decisions regarding how and when to ease the restrictions. I also am very concerned that MONEY will be the ultimate deciding factor. Not safety, profit. On that note, slightly off topic, we are actually skating along towards a no deal Brexit whilst all this is going on, and the trade deal with the USA starts inching along this week. I will write about those things another time.

Have to ask though, why in the hell have they not been put on hold?

So, it does seem that a huge sigh of relief may well be arriving in the UK very soon.

I worry about this due to certain indicators that existed before CV19 blighted us and which have also been amplified by it. It has come to light that the virus has been claiming BAME victims at a far higher rate than other sections of our society. Given that I am no scientist, this suggests to me that BAME people are and will continue to be at greater risk should any ease up calls be made too soon. The stats are really quite scary.

33% of infected patients are BAME yet they constitute only 14% of the population. Also, and far more worryingly 68% of NHS staff who have died were BAME. It escapes me how any sensible adult can even contemplate lifting restrictions until this shocking mystery is solved. I do not think you need to be a scientist to understand, at least in part why this should be so, let's take a look at why I say this.

It is a well known fact that the majority of BAME people live in poorer housing conditions, quite often in crowded houses. In poorer areas. In inner city environments.

Also, they tend to work in poorly paying manual jobs. Earning less therefore dictates eating sub standard foods, usually accompanied by generally poorer health. Given all of this, it is safe to assume that many BAME employees will not have the life preserving luxury of being able to work from home. Thus, they will be forced into using public transport. I say forced because that is how it will be. Employers will be calling people and telling them to come to work or lose the job. Then the employee is faced with a very stark choice. What would you do?

The above mentioned situation has been allowed to exist for many decades, actually let me change that, it has been actively cultivated for many years. It is now just a part of the everyday racism that has long existed in the UK. I live in Sheffield, a city which largely has good race relations. Some will take me to task for that, and I suppose it's easy for me to say that being non BAME myself. It does seem to me though that generally speaking everyone just gets on with it and couldn't give a toss about anyones ethnicity. However, the bulk of poorer housing is occupied by BAME people. Much of the mundane work is carried out by BAME people. Why?

The thing that really annoyed me regarding all this was the UK PM claiming that having a "buoyant attitude" helped him to heroically fight off the virus, climb into his Spitfire and fly to number 10 to steer the UK through the crisis. Does this suggest that when he is not thinking about Pakistani women looking like letter boxes or bank robbers he considers that no BAME people have the right attitude to fight for their lives?

It sure does to me. So, if you are BAME I can only put forward to you that if the sigh of relief is indeed arriving somewhere its not here.

Thanks for looking in, please help by passing this stuff on.

Society not Economy.

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