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Battle Plan.

Now then, the Corona virus continues to hog the headlines. I have touched on it before

However things are starting to take on whole new meanings here in the UK. Firstly, and maybe most ridiculously, we are being told that we are to be introduced to a "Battle Plan" later on today. It couldn't be released to us last week due to our PM being absent, as usual. Not sure where he was or what he was up to ( chances are he was trying to increase the number of human beings alive on this planet), I can tell you he was not present at any flood hit areas. Nor was he helping out at any food banks.

So, a "Battle plan" ? Looks like the UK is going into battle with COVID-19. Sounds interesting to me. Conjures up visions of a sort of cross between Dads Army and the mighty Ghostbusters. It is proper here to consider the state of our (not for sale) NHS.

As it is, getting to actually see an actual GP is quite a feat. Even worse is a visit to A&E, that really does show you just how terrible things really are. How the staff in there cope is way beyond me, whatever they are getting paid it is NOT enough. At this time of the year a fully staffed (?) NHS struggles with what they call "Winter Pressures" I have worked in an A&E Dept, believe me, this is a phenomenon that exists with a vengeance. Now, that will seem like a walk in the park.

Anyone who works within our NHS can expect a sever battering for months to come. The word "Intense" does not cover it. Maybe we should pause here and think about what it would be like if the entire NHS was now privatised ?

Anyway, the Battle Plan is on the horizon, I've no idea what it will put forward, and have zero confidence in those putting it together. I would dearly love to be a fly on the wall in Cabinet Office Briefing Room A. I'm told that anyone who doesn't know where it is homes in on the sound of Priti Patel screaming at people. Media hacks have been suggesting all sorts of stuff. One thing which does seem to have some truth attached is the following, I kid you not, this is supposedly a serious idea.

Recalling retired NHS staff to take up the battle. Unreal. Leaving stuff like this to the likes of Matt Hancock is never going to go well. This ludicrous brainwave proves it beyond doubt. the stupidity of this idea needs stressing. Let me do it in numbers, One in Five sufferers will require specialised medical treatment- as opposed to the ridiculous "Self Isolate" sound byte- and it is expected to KILL One in 50. You do not have to be particularly clever to know that older people will be far more at risk. So, Hancock comes up with this idiocy.

Even more worryingly, the Govt is said to be considering invoking "special powers" to force these hapless retirees to do this work. This stuns me. Imagine it.

So far, according to Mr Hancock on Radio 5 live over the weekend, the Govt has increased the number of specialist beds available for virus sufferers from 15 to 50.That figure is across the entire country. Good eh ?

GPs are altruistic people to their souls. There they are enjoying their retirement and out of the blue an instruction to return to work appears. Are they still up to speed ? Do they still have the required levels of skill ? Do they WANT to be placed back in the firing line knowing that they are quite likely more at risk than those they are being expected to help ? I'm utterly convinced I would not want to be forced into that awful situation.

What if the GP refuses ? Are they then breaking the Law ? Will they be arrested, thrown in jail, Deported ? Who will be implementing all of this ?

As I highlight in the piece above I foresee Employers doing the most damage to any efforts to limit the virus. We are set to hear the Govt bullying retirees into taking enormous risks, we are yet to hear them taking on Employers to force them to show some humane qualities. We already know that the UK exists upon Inhumane Employers- Gig Economy- and the Govt has such Inhumane working practises at heart. This is where the real battle lays. Johnson will have to choose between helping people or helping THE ECONOMY. It is an obvious no brainer. The people lose every time.

During the run up to the recent GE the Tories made a ludicrous claim regarding the building of 40 new hospitals, they have never been held to account over this, looks to me like our shattered and deliberately cash starved NHS may well, for the first time in history, buckle and fall to pieces due to antics of the current Govt.

I really do pray that I am wrong.

Thanks for looking. Please help by spreading this piece.

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