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Been away for a While.

Now then, I've been away for a while. Health concerns and personal issues being responsible. Health wise they say that I have "turned the corner", which given that I once had a semi circle of senior medics gathered round the foot of the bed to tell me I may not leave the hospital is all I can reasonably ask for. I will delve into some of that another time, been a hell of a ride and iv'e seen some extreme things along the way.

Suffice to say I have first hand experience of things that are superb about the NHS and

quite a few things that certainly cannot be termed "superb".

Waiting for the Highest Bidder.

Not been a quiet time in my absence has it ? I'm not exactly stuck for things to comment about. Where do I start ?

Warships patrolling the Channel looking for "immigrants" , or to give them their proper title (which the media seem averse to) "Refugees", the reaction in some quarters seems to suggest that the UK would drown in a tide of murdering rapists if "they" were to be allowed to shelter from war here.

FBPE has been exposed for what it actually is, that being a vicious and organised anti Corbyn group intent on bullying and intimidating all in their path. That group was initially a good idea, Mr Galsworthy started it all off with good intentions, it did not take long for the loudmouths on the Net to seize it and ruin it. Happily it has now been seen through and is largely blocked, so they end up shouting brainless rubbish at each other.

The Net is a fine tool in he right hands, in the wrong hands it is a huge backward step, difficult to hold out much hope for it in the future. Our current Government is also sanitising it at will, on Twitter many of my posts quickly become unavailable, I cannot for the life of me think why ? Are we in North Korea ?

Brexit rumbles on, and is bringing out the absolute worst in many politicians.Time after time we see those who act in one particular way in public, then run for the shadows to try and undermine the very thing they are supposed to stand for. This is not confined to one party, we are seeing it across the whole political spectrum. Worst group for this is Labour Friends of Israel. This crew are intent on preventing a Labour Govt, thereby betraying those who elected them in the most serious way possible. I can only hope that every single one of them is unceremoniously kicked out of the Labour Party. The Tories have the same problem on the same scale within the Cabinet, just how amusing is that to behold ? Put simply, Mrs May can't organise her own inner circle, let alone negotiations with the EU.

Mr Cameron sure did leave his mark on the UK.

As for LFI, it seems to boil down to this, Do you love humane thinking or Israel, you cannot do both. Either way, find your own vehicle, the Labour Party is ours, NOT yours.

The BBC is now an assault on the intelligence of reasonable people. They are quite brazen about it now. Nothing is below them, and this situation will only worsen.

They care nothing for fairness, impartiality or democracy. As they are in fact the PR arm of the Tory Party they will not be taken to task, quite the opposite. I suspect that behind closed doors within the Govt machine there is much chortling and grinning.

The MP who receives more abuse than any other.

I once refused to appear on a live BBC morning show, and actually told the producer my thoughts. For a while I regretted that, and thought about issuing an apology, after the latest shocking episode involving Diane Abbott I am now pleased I did not offer that apology, and intend to do my best to help bring the BBC down.

That will do it for now, plenty for me to think about as I pick this site up again.

Please make contact if you wish, always good to get others views to dwell upon.


Bill Stewardson.

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