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Beware The Rishi God.

Now then, Rishi Sunak. It does seem as though the media machine is already starting to brainwash the UK general public into believing that he is the nearest thing we have to an actual God on the planet. Just take a second to compare the projected image of him to that of a certain Mr Corbyn. The UK media is actually nothing but the PR arm of the Tory Party. (I did actually once say that to a producer of a prog that wanted me to appear, strangely they never called me again after that).

We continually see him bathed in the golden light of media adulation as he smiles away whilst delivering his latest attempt at putting forward that the virus only affects you when your outside if there's no card reader present. Lets have a little delve into the real Rishi Sunak and his recent rise to being an "Earth God".

He was Chief Secretary to the Treasury serving under Sajid Javid, Hmm, maybe this explains a lot eh? He co wrote a book called "A Portrait of Modern Britain" and was educated at Lincoln College and he won a First from Oxford, and went to Stanford Graduate School of Business. Obviously he is quite sharp. This means he knows what he is doing. This proves he is a calculating cash grabber.

This is where the true Tory DNA starts to shine through. That Golden Light around him is not infact a halo, its the burning desire for more and more CASH.

The Rishi God was an active player in a hedge fund that helped to contribute to the global financial crisis back in 2008. He was a partner in the TCI hedge fund that profited by £100M after they launched an activist campaign against Dutch bank ABN Amro, this manoeuvre ended up with that bank being sold to the RBS , this then overloaded the RBS which crashed spectacularly and WE were left to bail it out to the tune of £45.5bn.

Not a good thing for any decent person to have on their CV, however, we are not talking decent people here. Among Tories it is par for the course. Why is the Jenrick episode now almost completely forgotten about ?

The Rishi God likes to paint himself as an ordinary bloke, son of an NHS GP and his mother ran a chemist shop. How many people in that position can claim to have directly contributed to a global financial crash and made millions from it? is this that which classifies him as an "Earth God"? He and his wife own a property portfolio across the UK and USA that is estimated to be worth around £10M, their London home is a 5 bedroom Mews which is worth £7M, they also own a £1.5M Georgian Mansion in his North Yorks constituency which is set in 12 acres,, along with several other properties. Obviously the media ignore all this. This is your Earth God.

His salary as Chancellor is £79K plus his salary as an MP which is £71K. It is said that he is the richest person in The Commons. In 2015 he won the seat vacated by William Hague, Richmond, regarded as the safest seat in the country. He says he is an enthusiastic supporter of Immigration, he is an ardent Leaver. He got into his current job when Javid refused to let Cummings sack all his underlings. Javid was forced to resign and in stepped The Rishi God. Therefore it is clear that he is a devoted servant of Johnson, he who gives Peerages to his brother, an arms dealer and a cricketer.

It is now clear that the Government has caved in to the business pressure and put profit before lives. To try and mask this Sunak has been enthusiastically thrust into the media spotlight. Every Tory that has had the opportunity has gushed about how truly wonderful he is. This sadly includes most BBC reporters and political commentators. There is no doubt that a long term project is in motion to condition the UK public so that Sunak will one day glide into number 10.

His antics which lined his pockets via the global financial crisis really should ensure that he is forever tainted by insatiable and immoral greed. It is our job to make this happen.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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