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Big League Cack.

Now then, things are starting to become clearer regarding the management of the current awful situation arising from CV19. In fairness, managing this blight could never be anything but problematic. I still believe that at the outset a cross party group should have been formed to mull over the requirements of the nation, or the NHS. This did not happen. Opposition parties were excluded, and that quickly morphed into criticising the Government becoming "unpatriotic" or even worse. It's easy to accuse those expressing an opinion as "looking to score political points" which is very unfair. The way things have gone and are going, strong opinions are required. It is notable that non are forthcoming from the Labour Party. Actually, not many are forthcoming at all.

Given the size of some of the problems you would expect banner headlines to be screaming out about the situations on the ground. The fact that this isn't happening speaks volumes for the quality of UK media. Enough said.

So, in my own little way I will go over one or two things. I've had a few spiteful messages due to the stuff I write on this site, that is to be expected and bothers me not one jot.

PPE, essential requirement in any working environment. Any Health & Safety Rep on any organised shop floor will tell you that. Adequate PPE is actually a legal requirement, these days H&S is the primary concern, a H&S Rep actually carries more clout than any Union Rep. PPE must not be shared, NOTHING outweighs this fundamental rule.

So, in the UK PPE has become something of a hot topic. We are not talking about safety boots for a fork lift truck driver in a warehouse, or gloves for pickers, we are talking about highly trained Clinicians going into hell on earth for periods of 12 hours. Whilst in that lethal environment they try to treat those who are hovering on the edge of the abyss. Very definitely hands on stuff. PPE hogs the news just now, all sorts of statistics are bandied about. You would reasonably expect these stats to be accurate given that we are talking about equipping those who save lives on a daily basis. Surely one would have to be callous beyond belief to even think about falsifying such things.

Well, here's what the current UK Govt has actually done.

Gloves that are so critical in such environments (I know, I've worked in an infectious diseases unit) come in packs of two, which is rather obvious. Our Govt likes to make grandiose claims, one of which has recently been that a BILLION pieces of PPE had been made available to the NHS. Well, here's the thing. They counted each individual glove as a separate piece of kit. Truly, staggeringly UNFORGIVABLE. I like to think that I'm a reasonable bloke, to me, there can be no coming back from this. Who is playing games and trying to score political points now eh? Lets sharpen the focus a little. Gagging orders have been thrust upon the NHS at various levels. NHS employees who dare to speak out are liable to be disciplined. This raises the awful prospect of things going on which are far worse and we may probably never get to hear about them. Nurses are now starting to refuse to enter these virus breeding grounds unless they are provided with the necessary kit. You should also be asking yourself how many of these staff are what is becoming known as "fast tracked" Drs? no offence to anyone but "fast tracked" is a code for "not ready", what exactly is that about? Medical students are generally bright and energetic young people with oodles of altruism, ask them to do absolutely anything and they will rush to get there first. Is it correct to shove them into hell on earth in such an unprepared way?

The claim is put forward that there is no way the Govt could do any better due to CV19 appearing out of the blue. A sudden onset that nobody could have expected. This is incorrect. Take a second to google Exercise Cygnus. I won't go into it here, just to say the warnings and recommendations garnered from it were totally ignored. What was not totally ignored was the relentless drive to starve the NHS of cash so as to prepare the profitable sections for sale to our friends in the USA.

The Govt has made several serious errors during the current crisis. These Nightingale Hospitals have turned out to be nothing but ridiculous PR stunts, daily mortality figures have been falsified all along due to not including deaths outside of hospitals, look at the "Turkish Airlift" fiasco, purchasing millions of useless testing kits, setting up testing centres that stood deserted for many days, sending people on two hour drives to actually be tested, a PM who boasted about visiting a hospital and shaking hands with everybody, who then became ill himself, coming out with this fatalistic "Herd Immunity" garbage, I could go on, you get the message.

So, unpatriotic to be critical. The UK is firmly on track to have the 2nd highest number of deaths on the planet. So far 116 medical staff have left us due to CV19.

I do not think that I am unpatriotic, what I very definitely am is sick and tired of spin, wriggling on the hook, untruths, massaged figures, political point scoring, altruistic people dying in defence of others, old folk dying without being noticed, and to be very honest, people thinking banging pans on doorsteps being relevant.

It seems to me that it is all BIG LEAGUE CACK.

Thanks for looking in. Please help me by passing this on.

Society not Economy.

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