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Blue Future.

Now then, we are not too far into the future in the UK. Things are somewhat different to how they are today.

Back in the early 2020s a virus wiped out huge levels of the social strata. Hundreds of thousands of non productive people were removed from existence. Army field hospitals did a magnificent job of projecting frenzied activity to the public. Most people who entered those field hospitals were never seen again. Gone forever and in the process saving the economy millions of pounds of hard cash. Secret army incinerators removed any evidence, the culling was clean and efficient.

The following financial crash enabled the removal of drudge work. Gone are the huge warehouses and cafe chains. Robots now carry out those menial tasks, hardly any cash needed to keep them going. Food vouchers and strictly limited food parcels sustain the general population. Once they got used to to this following the virus it was childs play getting the media of the day to convince them that food was all they needed to live. The National State Health Authority now routinely chips any babies born outside of the Gold Postcode areas. The non productive units are carefully conditioned for future use in farmers fields. They recognise that working for food is a great honour. Parents are arrested for conceiving without Government permission. This followed on from the great preparatory work initiated by the fantastic Tory pathfinders back in the early 21st Century. Removing monetary assistance from families to support unnecessary units did indeed pave the way for ultimate control of the quality of the next generations to follow.

There are now no hospitals. Not outside of the Gold areas. The Bronze areas have clinics which are staffed by healthcare students. These students learn by treating the units. Any errors are to be expected and the Ruling Party sees to the required documentation. Five years of service enables the students to graduate to the Silver postcode areas. Machinery in the Bronze clinics is handed down from the Gold area health parks, having gone through use in the Silver areas.

Medicines are given out dependent on time worked in the Silver areas. Those who do not qualify are referred to an army field hospital.

The Ruling Party owns all media outlets. Control is absolute. To work in the media you must have been born in a Gold Area health park. Prospective media employees are spotted at the higher education level and carefully recruited and nurtured. Elections are no longer held. On a Ten year basis residents of the Gold Area are consulted on certain issues. The Gold area has a Supreme Centre area. This is populated only by those who have wealth beyond a certain limit. Nobody outside this supreme area knows what that limit is. It is said to be home to those who own the massive businesses around the Bronze Areas. Communication with them is extremely rare.

Entrance to the Gold Area is strictly forbidden to anyone from a Bronze Area.

The Gold Area used to be called London. The social cleansing work which started in the early 21st Century paved the way for this. Only peace and prosperity are tolerated in this affluent place.

No non whites are allowed in. They are given places on a carefully monitored basis in the Bronze Areas. Often they are deported, without question or investigation. Anyone who protests this finds themselves whisked away not to be seen again. Disabled people are kept in the Bronze Areas. They are seen as detrimental to progress. No financial assistance is provided for them. Their families are expected to sustain them. Any failures in this sees them quietly sent to the field hospital. The Ruling Party regularly analyses the status of the disabled and chronically ill. Anyone deemed to be below a certain probability of ever becoming productive simply disappears. No records are kept.

The plastic cards that are issued to Bronze Area units to enable them to claim food parcels are blue. The huge posters attached to the side walls of towering buildings display the crest of the Ruling Party which is blue. The boxes containing the food in the parcels are blue. The pills the women take to prevent becoming pregnant are blue. The hard cardboard casks that the dead are cremated in are blue. The micro chips inside the babies show up on the scanners at the checkpoints as blue.

The lips of the newborn who arrived into this blue world and immediately expired due to lack of a working ventilator are blue. The medical student sighs and ticks the disposal form box with a pen which is blue. She only has eleven more months of this until she can apply for Silver Area residence.

Somewhere on the surface of this future globe two animal carcasses are rotting next to each other. A passing heavy vehicle sends a light tremor towards them. They touch. The glaring high UV sun incubates a new virus. This virus takes years to mutate into a deadly threat. This virus thrives on a particularly high protein layer of human body fat. It is related to Gout. It sweeps the entire globe. It seems to be prevalent amongst those who have spent their lives feeding on food rich in certain proteins. This results in the very wealthy being targeted and they die with alarming (?) regularity. Soon the medical parks are over flowing. No staff to help in the onrushing death sweep. They overflow into the the Silver areas. Fortunately the death rates here are somewhat less. Steadily the Bronze Areas become the only places where the population remains relatively untouched.

When that student who ticked the box looks through her microscope to analyse this new virus she is struck by the deep redness she is confronted with.

The world changes again.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word of this site.

Society not Economy.

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