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Bob The Builder.

Now then, there used to be certain level of standard that you could expect any Government to adhere to. Sure enough each different party had its own ideas and things would indeed become contentious at times. Without this ebb and flow politics would become stale and uninteresting like premier league football now is. As the recent longevity of Tory rule is now showing us, those standards are now well and truly out of the political window. Once upon a time your local MP could be somebody one looked up to. Regardless of tribalism you could safely assume said person was honest and direct, would listen to anyone about their issues and pause and give a nuanced reply. This you could expect due to the fact that MPs and their staff were there to honestly serve their constituents to the best of their abilities. This bred a very healthy environment amongst the public and things by and large ticked along quite acceptably. Even if your local MP was of the "other flavour" it could be generally stated that "at least they are honest".

Over the years there have been Tories I have begrudgingly acknowledged as being on the ball and super intelligent. I always listened when Heseltine was speaking, or maybe Ken Clarke, William Hague is sharp as a tack, I didn't usually agree with them but it was possible to identify their logic and it would never enter my head to class them as cheap and corrupt with no other aim than to hog as much personal cash as humanly possible.

Now we have the new breed and things are so very very different. The ghost of honourable politics has wandered away in a mist of cash lust and personal avarice.

We have see Johnson con The Queen, play fast and loose with long established conventions in the House, basically cheapen the standing of the oldest established political establishment of all. But, to them it doesn't not matter one single jot. When it comes down to it, they would have parliament sponsored by Raytheon if they could.

Just at the moment an individual by the name of Robert Edward Jenrick is in the news. This individual serves as Sec of State for Housing Communities & Local Govt. There is nothing special about him, he's actually just another Tory. Thing is, his sense of God like arrogance has blown up in his face. He has been rumbled. The usual habit of Tories abandoning morality to line the pockets of their mates with VAST amounts of ill gotten cash has been exposed in the harsh light of common decency. As you would expect, our privileged friends are playing this down with the usual jovial veneer and endless statements about how fantastic he really is, how tirelessly he strives on behalf of his constituents. "Bob the Builder" has actually been caught out saving a good friend and donor to the Tories millions and millions of pounds by abusing his position. I am not sure which is worst, Bob acting like this or his colleagues rushing to bathe him in shining light. This time, there is not enough light to obscure the cold truth. go here

Our bumbling alcoholic PM has stated his "Full confidence" in good old Bob. This after Bob oversaw the accelerated progress of the application on behalf of the Westferry development on behalf of newspaper owner Richard Desmond. Desmond is a former owner of the Daily Express. go here

So, we sit and wonder. Tens of millions of quid. As per usual on behalf of those who already swim in oceans of the stuff. Aided and immorally abetted by a well placed Tory minister. The sad thing is, it no longer raises much of a ripple. It is sort of becoming the norm. Not much will happen to Bob. Maybe be removed from the spotlight for a short while. Look what Damien Green got up to and he's still kicking.

Cake. I really like cake. I really do like cake. As we all know, the best cake has a cherry sitting on the top. This Bob the Builder episode showed us it's cherry on Sky news just now. Hard to imagine that it could happen really given the gravity and obvious guilt involved. But our arrogant privileged friends managed it. In defence of Bob they wheel out Nadhim Zahawi. Not the best choice. This arrogant and immoral individual once claimed over 5K in expenses for heating his stables. Yet he is there on the box as forthright as can be in his full on almost aggressive hysterical pro Bob rant. You really could not make this stuff up. Zahawi concluded his reflex adulation of Bob by saying that he thinks this matter should now be "laid to rest".

Rather an unfortunate choice of words given the current ongoing situation regarding avoidable deaths which continue to mount in the UK. Zahawi is in no position to lecture anyone on such matters. As for Bob, criminal proceedings should follow.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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