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Bullets Bombs and Billions.

Now then, money has to be made, profit has to happen. The UK doesn't lead the world in much these days. The virus has exposed the UK Government as utterly inept, immoral, incapable of honesty, thriving on lies, and whilst all that is going on they are rolling over to the USA at the trade talks. The UK is a laughing stock, with the press right across the globe holding up the UK as a good example of how not to do things. The trade talks have thrown up a situation where the UK negotiating team will enthusiastically sign up to allowing chlorinated chicken and hormone fed beef onto the shelves of our supermarkets, yet many of those supermarkets are getting in line to state that they will refuse to stock any of it. Just how ridiculous is that ?

Given all that is going on you would think it would be rather difficult to eclipse it all. Well, in true "profit at all costs" spirit our privileged friends have managed it. The UK used to have quite a good global standing when it came to respecting human rights issues. Regardless of which political tribe was at the helm you could expect certain standards to be adhered to. Militarily the UK could be looked upon as a proper upholder of doing things the moral and humane way. Other countries would look to the UK in times of strife and guage their reactions appropriately. Over the years this has ceased to be the case. The UK defence forces have been whittled away, subjected to cuts to save money just like any other sector and the USA now regards the UK as hardly relevant in military terms. This will fetch smiles to faces of all those who think that the world does not require nations to be able to mount a serious armed defence, that is another set of stories, I worry that the day may well arrive when this is revealed to be the biggest mistake of all. However, there is a gaping hole in this ideology.

The UK is, in truth, an arms showroom. The amount of money that is made from arms sales is an eye watering amount. For some strange reason we hardly hear anything about it all. go here I have to ask, why the media silence about such things ?

Obviously there those nations around the world who absolutely should not be able to purchase the toys of war at any cost. Saudi Arabia springs instantly to mind. They are not by any means the only ones. However, they have a long and shameful record of human rights abuses, On April 23rd 2019 37 men were executed, including one who was 16 when he was arrested. This followed show trials at which they claimed they were tortured into confessing. Womens rights in that country are stone aged. Speaking out against the Govt is very definitely a huge risk, as for being gay, well, I,m sure you can guess. The Saudi court system constantly ignores international standards when doling out death sentences. Trials are held in secret. Tellingly Human Rights organisations such as the brilliant Amnesty International are denied access to the country.

Is this really the sort of Govt that WMDS should be sold to just to generate money ?

The above question , or should I say answer really depends upon the morals of whoever is providing the answer. Our UK Govt has just provided its answer. go here

The UK selling arms to SA has been declared illegal once, yet the UK Govt has just taken the decision to resume sales. BAE systems rakes it in on a massive scale. Billions of quid have lined the pockets of all those who share in the profits. This immoral company has so far sold £15Bn of WMDs to Saudi. As you would expect the USA can dwarf these figures. It is also my personal belief that America should be listed as one of those nations that is unfit to deal in WMDs. You can confidently expect some of those weapons to be used in the Yemen, to bomb the brown kids playing in the sand. This is no great stretch of ones imagination, it is simply a fact if life, or, death.

So, the UK, once a revered source of common sense and sound standards of morality. Cashing in on a huge scale on the perpetuation of war against those who are usually impoverished and living bleak lives. In other words, easy targets. Many serious accusations can be levelled at the UK Govt, conspiring to flog off the NHS whilst constantly denying it, regarding old folks homes as death camps, whilst constantly denying it, constantly fiddling Covid death rate figures whilst constantly denying it, covering for the likes of Jenrick whilst constantly denying it, constantly hammering the weak and disabled whilst constantly denying it. Now to all that, we can add gorging on the spoils of war without giving a damn for the damage done to the UK reputation whilst constantly denying it.

Those who have been piling it high are anonymous to the UK public. It would shock them if they knew who some of these fabulously rich bloated Millionaires are.

The UK is nothing but a trough of ill gotten gains. The usual pigs are in a frenzy whilst they satiate themselves from it. Meanwhile the UK is fast approaching an unemployment Tsunami. The ones at the bottom of the pile will bear the brunt.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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