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Careful with that Axe (Labour?).

Now then, not my normal sort of piece this one, due to the fact it concerns me and my long term political future. As most of you will be aware I've always been of the Left and therefore come GE time my vote has always been cast in favour of the Labour Party. Born and bred in Warrington this is not at all unusual. Being a Socialist the driving forces to me both politically and personally have been the usual altruistic ones. The ones that every socialist shares. Such as fairness, a complete rejection of racism, no judgements based on religion, sexual orientation, social standing, race, colour or anything else.

I am convinced that nobody who knows me would say anything else.

Over the years this has often got me offside of certain people in certain situations. My core beliefs were called into sharp question in the harshest of ways in 2007 when my young son bled out in a Basra field hospital. Many around me sort of assumed that I would think harshly of the peoples of that region. This I found to be quite annoying and some harsh things were said. I found out a lot about certain people, and it is fair to say they found out a bit about me. One thing I can absolutely guarantee you, my beliefs did not change and nor will they. I did actually meet Mr Blair in a one on one meeting in his London office a couple of years back, my views on him are not the ones you would expect, most likely neither are his of me. Either way, each listened to the other and the whole things was conducted in a very grown up way. This is how civilised things are done. I say this to anyone on the face of the Earth, as long as you do not want to cause trouble or ride roughshod over anyone I have time for you and will willingly engage with you on just about any matter you can think up.

However, in recent years things have changed around me, drastically. In the establishment stampede to snuff out the Corbyn project a delicate scheme of framing him as an anti-semite was born and the Labour Party was recast as a hot bed of anti Israel racism. You can make your own minds up about that. There have been millions of words written about it. There are video clips of the likes of Joan Ryan actively colluding with Israeli embassy officials and the like. Labour was injected with a potent poison. One way or another, in tandem with certain other sub gutter antics, it worked. Something rather worrying for the basic right of free speech was born along the way. It is no longer permissible to be critical of the apartheid regime that is currently running Israel. To do so activates the Governance unit of what used to be the Labour Party. When I say "used to be" I mean in socialist terms. It is no longer a socialist party. No socialist would ever go along with not speaking out about murdering unarmed medics etc no matter who was responsible. That is again, your call to make.

Anyway, I have used this site to air my views about all sorts of injustices and the Israel situation has not been exempt. If it had been I would likely still be a member of Labour. I have never seen any reason to grant Netanyahu a free pass and I never will. I always knew this was likely to attract the attention of those who are using A/S as a way of purging the Left and it indeed duly happened. My main criticisms have been of the Board of Deputies of (some) British Jews. This small right wing group has one main aim. Wrecking Labour. This they are succeeding with. Nobody is pausing to consider what they move onto next. They will not stop. Labour has fed their insatiable appetite for destruction, they will look around for another target.

So, back to me. I have written a few pieces dedicated to the brutal antics of Netanyahu. All, as far as I'm aware based upon fact. I knew when I was writing them that risk was involved. Here's an example of my approach

And another

So, Every word of those pieces, and any others I stand by. The rights and wrongs of my opinions are my concern, though I will ponder any other views if they are delivered with honesty and good intentions. Thing is, I no longer believe that the intentions of the Governance unit at Labour are being delivered with integrity. They are merely abusing A/S to cleanse the party of socialism. They are cowering from the BoD of SOME British Jews. My views as expressed in the two pieces above (there are plenty of others) attracted the attention of an individual who then informed the Labour Party. From there it was a matter of time before I was suspended pending investigations. This is actually just a formality. I have been in a position before now many times where my judgements did or did not save a persons job. A huge responsibility. Sometimes I was successful and sometimes I was not. Either way at all times proceedings were open and honest. Transparency was fundamental to all proceedings. Questions and answers formed the very basis of all that transpired. This allowed me to be able to honestly think that justice had been served by all concerned. All the way up to Employment Tribunals this was very definitely the way things were conducted.

The same can very definitely not be said of the system used within Labour. It is shrouded in secrecy. You have no idea who is making any relevant decisions. You do not even know when the decisions are taken. You have no idea if any examinations of the integrity of the accuser are undertaken. No efforts are made to inform you of such things as context of your "misdemeanours" being considered. As far as I,m aware - at least relevant to my case - it's just the cherry picked snippets as put forward by the accuser that affects these scales of injustice.

Anyway, it's all about personal opinions, of Israel and it's Govt, of Labour and its current directions, of the standards which UK political parties are leaving behind, all the usual flotsam and jetsam of political machinations. The one opinion that mattered here was the opinion of the disciplinary panel within Labour.

go here to see the case for the prosecution that was sent to me. I hide nothing nor have I tampered with anything. Personal details are redacted for obvious reasons. It does go on a bit but I urge you to work through it. Too many people are talking as though they know about these procedures when clearly they do not. Far too many are receiving these letters without expecting them or having any knowledge of how this stuff works. If nothing else my putting this stuff forward could at least provide some valuable background information. I will go through the response I sent to Labour at another time.

I would appreciate peoples views. It seems that hundreds of thousands of people have now left Labour one way or another. Labour does not win out of this, It seems to me that the BoD does along with our Tory friends. It is a very short sighted view that assumes this will remain the case. I will explain that another time.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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