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Chlorine BABY

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

It seems that the war clouds are gathering again. Hovering over Syria and that entire region. We are currently seeing the footage on the endless news of children being hurriedly washed down with hosepipes as they gasp for what could be their last breaths.

A dying species.

Witness reports describe them as smelling strongly of Chlorine. It is truly staggering that in the 21st century this can still happen. Chlorine, we will return to that particular substance and its unwitting role in any future developments later. Obviously the focus will switch to who is responsible, it also needs to shift to where it came from, then I think you will find some so called peaceful Western Govts will become ever so slightly twitchy, which is very likely why such focus will not be allowed to become sharp.

Chlorine and Western Govts, we will touch upon the value of those two things later.

The main players in this latest Eastern high voltage news item will be The USA and Russia. Israel (does naming them make me anti semitic?) Iran etc, in other words the usual suspects. No need to change the credits for this real time glorious HD media feast from the last time it was aired. Tell you what, if this is evolution God can shove it.

A far away people , God help them all

So, the main players, Mr Trump, power drunk infantile orange balloon, sending dire warnings of immediate and powerful strikes, surrounded by his hand picked pack of ageing generals and money driven sycophants, itching to show the American people the might he has at his disposal. His favourite Indian woman- Nikki Haley- raising her hand at the UN to emphasise the threat that the President can unleash at any moment, this is theatre that kids at a school pantomime would boo. Ofcourse, in an American school an armed guard would be casually leaning on the ledge while the kids searched through their see through plastic back packs for a Hershey bar.

A UN security council resolution calling for the withdrawal of Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has been backed by every council member except the US, which used its veto. - Nuff Said eh?

Across the great divide sits Russia, here in the UK despising Russia is seen as being the new "in" thing. A few weeks ago it was owning one of those useless Alexa things, now detesting the Russian Bear is the only way to go. Fat people who read the Sun whilst waiting for the football on the telly suddenly know all about the evils that the nasty bear is bestowing on the world. We have experts on the Russian way all over the UK.

Russia and Syria, America and Syria, Assad, Trump and Putin. Potentially a mix that could bring decades of mayhem to our only planet. There really is no planet B.

A brainless puppet.

Russia is the one to watch, we only hear what the authorities want us to hear. Truth is we really have no idea about what drives Putin. What worries me greatly is that it appears that Trump does not know what drives Trump! Can we really trust that idiot in situations like this one? Putin may well have dark motives, I really do not believe he would unleash the considerable might at his disposal just to look good, I fear that Agent Orange very definitely will. Cry for the Nations.

Now then, the ultra patriotic amongst you may think I am being unpatriotic leaving out that fine Christian woman, our leader Mrs May from all of this. It is impossible to omit her from the big stage of wars. She and her cronies are now the driving force behind us becoming the 2nd biggest arms dealer on the planet. So, it is quite likely that some of those technologically advanced bombs that will burn civilians to death by the thousand will have her finger prints all over them. I have no idea how she reconciles this at church every Sunday. Tells me what an empty immoral person she really is. That is not a political statement by the way.

I have no time or respect for ANYBODY who carves themselves an opulent lifestyle from the spoils of war. Decent humans have a healthy regard for their fellow humans, there is no escaping that simple ideology.

Chlorine, and that vomit inducing scene as May and Trump (imagine the baby) strolled hand in hand. Just what the hell was that all about? What exactly went on away from the cameras? May was there, and will be there again, to beg for the crumbs from his burger laden table. Begging like a puppy does when your having your meal at home. Trade deals to be had, from the President, he who said "America First" by which he really meant "America Only". May flying over there to make the case for our "Special Relationship". What utter demoralising crap. The UK is actually a tiny island nation with not much at all to boast about. I suppose she could have tried to talk up our new aircraft carrier, yes that is correct, the one that leaks and has no planes.

Spreading Democracy.

Part of one of these trade deals will involve a drastic lowering of food standards. The EU has food standards which are far stricter than those that our American friends have as they try to eat the entire planet. This will bother May not one jot, its all about money. Nothing else. Not hard to figure where that money will not trickle down to is it?

"Money, it really is a hit, dont give me that do goody good bullshit". Old lyrics, fresh meaning.

Money from arms, money from selling out on food standards, money from chickens on sale at your local supermarket which will carry a slight odour of Chlorine.

Chlorine = money BABY.

Says it all really. cash death, cash, votes, cash, poison, cash death, cash happy leaders.

Soon Army Liaison Officers across the UK will making visits to knock on doors, or, as in my case picking up the damn telephone. I know all about that. You do not. NOTHING is worth the devastation and wreckage that is soon to be experienced by ordinary people currently leading ordinary lives.

WARNING to those who have loved ones in service at the moment(Cannon Fodder Families). The real enemies are the ones in Whitehall with slide rules out working out profits to the tenth tenth.

Footnote = since I originally wrote the above it has been revealed that the UK Govt has sold arms to 22 of 30 countries on its own Human Rights watch list.

Also the UK is the sole supplier of Three key ingredients of Sarin to Syria.

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