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Christmas Day 2020

So Christmas Day 2020 is with us. Not your usual day of celebration due mainly to the fact that it has not been your usual year. Just how will this year be looked back upon in the future ? I had not intended writing anything on this day. That is until I saw a post from a Tory Minister extolling the virtues of Hancock. I absolutely could not allow that to go unchallenged. Given that this particular minister is repeatedly accused of bullying, and the ineptitude of Hancock, a day that is intended to be for the children seems quite appt to point out a few things. So here goes ,,,,,

All across the UK kids will be waking up to the most threadbare of days. Waking up hungry, likely cold, rushing down the stairs to open second rate presents. Surrounded by threadbare celebration day trappings. Probably only mum to share this dull day with. Mum will have tried her best, has likely not been eating properly for a while. Feels empty inside, wishes she could do better. Truth is, she (Lisa) can never make any headway. Post Code sees to that. The young one(Charlie) will find out about that in about a decade.

There are hundreds of thousands of these scenarios being acted out right across the UK today. Stick a pin blindly in a map, could be Teeside, could be Cornwall, could be Llanelli or it could be Warrington. Wherever you stick that pin you will have scored a direct hit. There will be malnourished and forgotten about kids and parents pretending that it really is not all that bad. The world keeps turning, tomorrow is another day. The news is all about fish quotas and stock exchange gains. Charlie wishes he had a bike.

So, back to Hancock. He has ensured that there is plenty of Champagne in the cooler. Only the best quality fowl for dinner. Paper hats and shiny crackers to be gleefully pulled after the pudding. His bank account never enters his mind. It doesn't have to, he knows that never in the rest of their lives will he or his ever haver to wake up hungry and walk on sticky carpets in the cold. He wishes the UK was not afflicted with the likes of Charlie.

Hancock, a typical Tory. No understanding, no compassion, no idea. Not a clue. Incompetent. Beyond any sort of reproach. Popular with the likes of Patel.

Here is a thing, Hancock produced his best gleaming smile whilst he trumpeted the announcement of Nightingale Hospitals to the nation. On every possible HD news channel he trailed out the same old Tory BS about how marvelous they were going to be. How they would be such a massive boost to the efforts of the stretched beyond belief NHS. Hancock did that a thousand times. So very self assured and confident.

Well, they are all empty. No beds, no ambulances arriving, no staff, no adequate sanitary facilities, not even running water in some of them. Actual hospitals are struggling with Covid due to acute staff shortages. (some of those staff are DEAD), Mental Health services and community providers say they have an 87,000 staff shortage. All over the UK patients with serious conditions such as cancer are seeing ever lengthening waiting lists due to the pressure caused by the damn virus. Those "Nightingales gimmicks" are all either empty or may have seen a couple of dozen patients. I can only guess at the cost of all this nonsense. Must be many tens of millions.

Hancock did that. While being very well paid for doing it.

I really do wish Charlie could have his bike.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by passing this piece on.

In 19 days The Fallen Kingsman will have some questions for you.

Society not Economy.

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