At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us


Now then, we are in strange times. Things are very definitely reaching a sci fi movie level. Funerals where people cannot attend, deserted city centres, talk of our phones being used to monitor us and alert us when we are near an infected human.

In amongst all of this a Government has been provided with chance after chance to do the right thing and be of great assistance to its citizens. Obviously this is not a simple situation to be in, and it has to be expected that errors would occur along the way. Any reasonable person would be prepared to allow a certain level of mistaken good intention. Let us look around at things that have cropped up recently.

I have mentioned the Turkish Airlift episode a few times in different pieces that I have written. Basically it was a face saving panic measure which was intended to reassure the general public that all was about to become well regarding the thorny issue of PPE for NHS front line staff. Why PPE for the NHS should ever have become a thorny issue is well beyond the acceptance level of any reasonable person in the first place. Anyway, this airlift duly went ahead, several days late. The Govt had trumpeted that 84 tonnes of equipment was on the way. It arrived with nothing like that amount on board, there is a shroud of mystery around exactly how much touched down on UK soil. That is not the end of it, it has today been put forward that 400,000 gowns that arrived are unusable due to failing to meet the required safety tests. This is truly staggering ineptitude. I have no idea of the cost of 400,000 gowns or the cost of getting them here. Somebody somewhere knows, I think we should be told. Urgently. Let me mention the pantomime regarding the counting of a pair of gloves as TWO items of PPE. Shocking stuff.

This week in The House, Matt Hancock told a front line A&E Dr to "watch her tone", just what the hell is that about? The Dr concerned is a very good and bright young MP, her being the very impressive Rosena Allin-Khan. Dr Rosena is an expert in her field of medicine, a REAL one, one who works on the front line by choice. It has taken her years to reach that level. To be able to function as an MP and A&E Dr is testament to a whole series of fine personal achievements, she should be applauded every time she takes her seat in Parliament. I can only hope I get to meet her some day. As for Hancock, he should choose to disappear from view in total shame. His ridiculous antic illuminates perfectly the "upstairs downstairs" attitude that afflicts the current Govt. He is the current Sec of State for health. Clearly Dr Rosena has far more hands on knowledge of the everyday workings of the NHS, and her personal demeanor suggests she is a far better human being than he is. Hancock appears at daily briefings and pours out endless spin and untruths, some of which contribute to avoidable deaths, Rosena actively takes part in saving lives. I see it like this, the previously mentioned upstairs downstairs situation involves upstairs being behind the sky and downstairs being here with us alive. Hancock should be taken to task and thrown out of Parliament. Today.

School Meal Vouchers, announced by the Govt as a safety net for those at the very bottom of the social scale. Sadly, here in Poorhouse UK there are far too many children who only ever see a decent meal at school. This is a shocking indication again of that upstairs downstairs attitude. Anyway, as you would expect the Govt messed it up big style. The vouchers did not appear. Kids were going hungry, parents were going hungry in an effort to feed the kids. Kids who are already experiencing the harshest of childhoods. I cannot imagine how those children view UK society just now. Hearing those awful mortality stats on the news, opening the empty fridge (if they have one) and seeing nothing in there. Hearing the lies on the telly, wondering why Mum is so upset all the time. Living in run down areas where there is nothing for them. On and on enduring the grim greyness of being surplus to economic requirements. This is crap.

So, these vouchers finally arrive. Mum trundles off to the supermarket, clutching the vouchers and loads the trolley- having queued up outside- as best she can. Bit of a highlight this really, at last the kids can eat a good hot meal, actually, there's even a bar of chocolate for after ! My God, imagine that, chocolate on the state! And they don't even work! However, a crushing defeat is imminent. They get to the till, in front of lots of other shoppers, and, the vouchers are refused, they don't work. All that stuff in the trolley, all those visions of happy and well fed young faces, CRUSHED by Govt ineptitude.

I have just read an account written by a Mother who took her 11 year old daughter with her to do the shopping. It got to me, my eyes misted over. That doesn't happen often these days. This isn't politics, this is basic human rights abuse. Where are those responsible? what will happen to them? Answers being we will never know and nothing is what will happen.

This is a piece I wrote two years ago, things have got far worse.

There is so much more I could have touched upon here, I won't do that now. The Govt has a huge majority, they do not care about the size of the errors they are continually making. All they care about is spin and protecting the Tory image. They will continue to push lies, denials, and scheme away to line the pockets of the hedge fund owners and CEOs. Other will continue to die. BAME people are three times more likely to die. Why is that being kept so very quiet eh? Suggests something does it not?

Thanks for looking in. Please help by passing this on.

Society not Economy.

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