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Now then, today there is to be another Cabinet Office Briefing Room A gathering. As usual at this current juncture this one will be analysing the Virus and all that goes with it.

Our PM will not be in attendance. He is currently in hospital being treated for the effects of CV19. Details of his status are somewhat sketchy. All we are seeing is the "Royalty" type fawning and overly dramatic sycophancy that constitutes our news channels. I have switched off the BBC as it has actually managed to outdo its normal levels of utter subservience, which is quite a feat. This shoddy organisation really should be binned at the earliest opportunity. Do they not have any unions ?

Back to the COBRA meeting. Bit unusual these things. They can be attended by anyone who is relevant to the topic of the day. COBRA sort of conjures up visions of huge poisonous snakes striking at their victim in the blinking of an eye. The idea that our COBRA meetings are anything like that can be dismissed. The current pandemic however is just as deadly on a massive scale. Thousands of people are dying. It is put about that the Virus is a "great leveller", I beg to differ. It most certainly is not. Those who are most at risk are at the lower end of the social scale.

Hopsital cleaners, Bus drivers, Shelf stackers, Till operators, Refuse collectors, Nurses, on and on the list goes. All of those in these types of positions are exposed constantly on a daily basis. My son is a train guard, his other half a nurse. How many infected people do you think thy come into contact with on a daily basis ? They live in rented accommodation and there is no rent holiday for them, they have a toddler, they cannot afford not to go to work. Great leveller ? Ask any overworked and ill prepared nurse about that.

Now is not really the time for a forensic examination of all that has gone into the mess that we are now in. Sure enough some of the most cutting questions ever asked of a Govt are being placed in the queue, there can be no avoidance when the reckoning arrives. This Govt is well practised at avoiding the truth. Post CV19 there will be no hiding places. The huge economic disaster that is heading our way will ensure that. It says much for the Victorian structures of 21st century UK society that the mounting death toll will not , in the final analysis be the deciding factor.

So, the COBRA meeting later today. Likely it will be chaired by Mr Hancock, surrounded by the usual Ministers and one or two carefully chosen "experts", probably the ones who in the early days of this living hell advocated Herd Immunity. That does not cause me to rejoice. Speaking directly about the NHS and stuff such as PPE is fast becoming the new Anti Semitism. I couldn't give a toss about that. As a member of the UK public I believe that I am entitled to an opinion. Classing having an opinion as playing politics is a rather convenient and easy dodge for those with something to hide.

The big word there is opinion. Public opinion is the most powerful tool of all. With the help of the appalling national media in the UK the Govt now has more or less total control of public opinion. Thing is, many of the UK public are seeing through it now.

Add to this the worryingly high percentage of Brits who just will not be told about anything and you have a volatile situation unfolding. Cornwall is reporting extremely worrying numbers of Chelsea Tractors heading their way as some people set out for a long weekend away. Wales is reporting many people heading for their second homes in the valleys. I often comment about Americans, in fairness though when the need is there they follow the instructions of the President at such times. Many Brits do not.

Given the above, and the undoubted importance of public opinion, it seems obvious to me that these COBRA meetings should be attended by all political parties. Think about it, the public is growing restless, things are as serious as they have ever been in our lives,

it is not unreasonable for us to expect to see any forthcoming announcements endorsed by the likes of Sturgeon and Starmer etc. The Tories had no problem involving the DUP in serious matters when it suited them, well, at the moment they should be thinking about suiting us. Sure enough there would be risks involved in other parties signing up to this, when the reckoning arrives this may provide an opportunity for the Govt to spread blame. Well, these MPs and the like are supposed to be highly skilled professional people. Starmer is a solicitor, Sturgeon a highly impressive operator.

The time has arrived for unity. One thing which leaps out at me, Rosina Allin Khan is a superb MP and also current serving A&E Doctor. Surely she is the perfect person to be involved in any CV19 policy meetings ?

Thanks for looking in please help by spreading this stuff for me.

Society not Economy.

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