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Collateral Murder. (available now)

Not my usual thing this. Domestic UK matters are that which usually bother me and motivate me to do this stuff. However, one way or another certain USA actions are fast becoming domestic UK matters, think of the NHS , rendition flights, replacement for Trident etc. Not much of a stretch to say that we are now actually an extension of the USA. You can take various views on this, mine is not at all good. Thing which really worries me is that we have a Govt here in the UK which is far from capable of holding its own with the Govt of the USA. No way

What it will boil down to is Johnson and co sacrificing any and everything in the name of a trade deal. The quality of that trade deal is more or less irrelevant. As long as a select few already rich people rake in vast amounts of cash again anything goes. By which I mean absolutely anything. The security of the nation, the health of the nation, the future prosperity of the public of the nation, kiss it all goodbye. they will salivate at the side of the American dinner table in the hope of stampeding to hoover up any crumbs that come their way. Mix in with this, a willingness to sacrifice any actual UK foreign policy.

UK foreign policy will become wholly American foreign policy. Along with all that American foreign policy entails. Suffocating other democracies, shooting people in foreign lands with complete impunity, away from war zones. Not giving a toss about the sovereignety of those nations, just fly the Gunship into range, let all hell break loose.

Then after the whooping and hollering has subsided, fly away again. Simple as that.

It can be said that the Chopper crew were "following orders", well, that's what they say about Israeli snipers shooting unarmed medics in the back.

My appetite for the justification for WAR evaporated in January 2013. (Research my name for an explanation re that). Just lately in the UK there has been a lot of concern regarding a Mr Julian Assange. We have had the ongoing circus of him being holed up in an embassy in London for years and years. Without doubt this amounts to appalling and inhumane treatment. Now he resides in Belmarsh prison. His extradition "circus" begins today. Everyone has heard about this, I don't think many get the reasons why it is all erupting in our media just now. On this issue, (sort of) why are we still awaiting progress on behalf of the Dunn family ?

So, to cut it all very very short. JA founded Wikileaks, somebody called Chelsea Manning supplied Wikileaks with some stuff which Wikileaks duly published for the world to see.

This is where it all becomes very dark and ominous. Depending on your stand point, you could either see CM as a brave whistleblower, or, traitor to the American Govt. Obviously the USA classed her as the latter and she has been hounded and kept in jail to this day. JA found himself on the wrong end of what are actually cooked up rape allegations from Sweden - which have subsequently fallen to pieces- and the long incarcerations we all know about. The USA very definitely wants its pound of flesh.

The following link goes to a video which is known as "Collateral Murder", I apologise for its length, 25 mins, I can only suggest that to have a more informed view of all this JA stuff you should give it a look and dwell on it for a while.

It really is your actual "Total Entertainment Combat Video Game". Truly shocking stuff to behold. The words used and celebratory tone throughout send shivers through my soul.

Firing upon those people in that way, the cash value of the hardware employed, a damning comment on how far along the evolutionary curve we have regressed.

For balance, there are far more American citizens disgusted by this stuff than there are Brits, how can this be so ?? The majority of Americans do not own a gun. This often gets overlooked. It should not. Majority of Americans want peace. Good for them.

Sure enough CM likely did break rules, JA must have known there would be retribution yet those Two fine people went ahead. Exposed the USA military to scrutiny. A scrutiny that can lead to only one reasonable conclusion. That being a very sharp one.

America is well out of control. There appears to be nobody out there prepared to even try to impose basic human rights upon them. Walls, kids in cages, regular mass shootings at festivals and in schools. These are the days that are pushing us, as a society, over the edge. Thing which demoralises me being this,

It's not even our edge !!

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