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Cowards in Politics

Now then, I have always had an interest in politics. Maybe if I hadn't spent my secondary education years sat at the back talking about Monty Python I might have followed it up in later years, however, due entirely to my own fault that did not happen. It is good to see that today our youth are being enticed back into the political fold, we see genuine efforts being made to focus on the young, we have seen a movement spring up with links to the Labour Party and that has gone very well. Also we have seen the Tories try their hand, with two tents and a violin, and the deactivation of Activate. Enough said.

Flippancy aside it really is vital that politics and interest in it does not become some sort of province of the old and grey (like me), after all, there is nothing as important as shaping the world around us. I say this in good faith, and do not see singular political tribalism being a barrier to any of this. Politics needs to become a "hip" subject to everyone, right wing, left wing, third wing, no wings, none of that should matter one jot.

Thing is, people today are a lot more savvy about what is actually going on, rather than what they are told is going on. This is due in no small part to the advent of Social Media. It also illustrates why our putrid print media is dying at a steady rate. Put simply, the youth of today are nowhere near dumb enough to accept that which the Scum or Daily Mail believe they are dumb enough to accept.

A centre of honesty and integrity

So, this raises a few huge questions, first one being, why are so many older people thick enough to go along with our awful press coverage? In this respect our kids are streets ahead of the rest of us, and this offers hope for the future. However, the gutter level of our print media is a symptom, not the cause of the main problem with politics in the deeply fractured United Kingdom. The main problem, that which has been putting people off politics is the fact that in the UK we have far too many political cowards.

By that I mean those who wear a particular badge on certain issues when in front of the cameras, or behind a keyboard, but secretly scheme away in quite the opposite direction behind closed doors, or in secret meetings. We all know who the main culprits are, at the moment it is Blairite MPs trying to go against the democratic will of the members of the Labour Party and derail the twice elected leader. They are not alone in trying to force their minority will upon the majority. The Tory Party is riven with discontent, the difference being in the privileged party nobody actually knows who the majority are, or what they actually want. Only constant with them being that nobody backs their leader, but nobody wants to replace her, or, even say they want her replaced! Everybody knows BJ wants the job, thing is with him, you couldn't trust him to go to the shop and buy a tin of cat food. He would return with a KitKat.

A senior Tory

Cowards in politics, first thing that should be coming across to the public is that you get what you vote for. Meaning that your elected representative will stand on a particular promise of acting in a particular way. This again, is not (or should not) be subject to any sort of tribalism. It is fundamental to the connection between Westminster and the general public. What we actually now have, is people spouting out what they think will con their electorate, then disappearing into the corridors of power and carrying on contrary to the things they promised. This is the major disconnect that afflicts UK politics. Or, it was. Things are starting to change. This brings us around the circle and back to those Blairites who think they know better than everyone else. Let us try to be balanced about this. It is possible all those Torylite "Centrists" have a point. However, in politics, or any other large and complicated organisation there comes a time when you have to go with the flow, ensure you sing from the same song sheet, even though you do not agree with it. I have had to do that many times over the years in different situations. I see that as being honest and grown up.

Based upon the above, I have a message for any politician in any political position, rather than keep hinting at resigning, do it. Clear your desks and walk away. If you really are that convinced about whatever it is you disagree with, make your stand, live up to your principles, do the honourable thing. But, you will not will you? All of you simply do not possess the moral fortitude to take the risk. You want to continue feeding off that which you wish to hamper. You are cowards of the lowest order.

An ex Solialist

It is not just those who serve in politics who are guilty of low level cowardice.

FBPE personifies it all. When that was first got off the ground, due to much hard work by Mike Galsworthy, I thought it would be a good thing. I looked forward to seeing ordinary people put forward good and reasonable points. Along with good and reasoned counterpoints. Look what actually happened. It was hijacked by renegades, renegades with small brains and very large mouths. In a way it has turned out to be a perfect reflection of all that is currently wrong with UK politics. It has clearly become nothing but an "Anti Corbyn" echo chamber. Far too many cowardly Tories use it to fling abuse and monotonous one track rubbish. Mix into that the few remaining LibDem devotees and things take a sharp downturn. None of these individuals have the intelligence or courage to stand on their own two feet and be open about their motives. I do have to point out here that not all of them are like that, I also have to point out that I have seen no condemnation within FBPE of those who abuse and spread plain untruths.

So much Bull

Just imagine what it would be like if somebody who believed passionately in Brexit popped up today on Twitter and said that. You do not have to possess a deep and vivid imagination to see how it would turn out. Flashman ensured UK politics took a sharp downturn when he dangled a rather small carrot in front of the now unemployed and Knighted N.Clegg. Those two drove standards to new lows at the time. The standard of campaigning was shocking. Insults, lies, sordid personal accusations, a picture of a bacon butty. All of that, not by design, cleared the way for the youths to voice their disgust at american style electioneering. We are slowly seeing the fruits of that starting to offer a better and more social type of politics. Without realising it, the cowards are driving themselves into history on the back of being seen as the catalyst for truth, honour and honesty becoming the deciding factors in all our futures.

The young have latched onto rejecting bull, and are showing they will will respond in a positive way to honesty and genuine good intent. It is to be hoped that this continues and reshapes politics for generations to come, regardless of which particular party chooses to exhibit the outlined much needed traits.

On a personal note, I do not actually care what your political colour is. As long as you are open and honest about it, will speak and listen, will retain the ability to be willing to be politically flexible, then I will have respect for you. Heart on sleeve goes a long way these days. It is a pity more of those in power do not share that view.

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