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Culling Pt 2 (re written).

So, following on from part one of this review please see link below

An ambulance duly rolls up at my house. I immediately point out that at no point have I requested one, and run through the goings on. Member of the crew says to me " It's OK we know about the 111 service", Just how illuminating a comment is that ?

I have no idea of the cost of an ambulance visit, I have a sneaking suspicion it will be far higher than the cost of a new Insulin pen - I believe those are around £60.

If anyone reading this can advise re the cost of an ambulance visit could you please advise me ? I may well decide to take this matter further up the NHS ladder.

The crew run through the required tests and it is patently obvious that something is wrong and my health is at risk. What to do ? It is Sunday ( Jan12th).

Amazingly the crew seize the situation by the scruff of the neck and make some phone calls themselves. A replacement pen is not tracked down, however they find a Pharmacy with "throw away" pens which will see me through. Not only that they organise for a prescription to be faxed across ! This stuns me . Why in hell could this not have been done before now by any of the 111 people or anyone else who had been involved in this appalling chain of incompetence ?

Strong word INCOMPETENCE. Here's a few more, SICK, DIZZY, WEAK, WORRIED, .

Just to round off the superb performance of the crew, due to my being far from well they decide to fetch the stuff for me ! These people are not paid enough.

You may think that this is the end of this whole mess. WRONG.

On the Monday I ring the pharmacy attached to the practice to cancel the Insulin that had incorrectly been sent through. No need for it to be wasted , somebody else can use it. Simple enough eh ? Guess ?

I order my Meds on a monthly basis online. So, I set about doing this again. My Insulin is greyed out. I can't order it. So, I attach an added message specifically ordering the Insulin. Next day I go to collect it. It's NOT THERE. The staff in the pharmacy are actually quite taken aback again. Later in the day my phone rings and some Insulin is to be "advanced" to me and they will sort the necessary prescription out.

Now we jump to January 30th, I have Two appts scheduled at the practice on this day- I do not schedule them, I just get a text advising me- and I duly attend for the first one at 13-15, It quickly becomes apparent that this appt is pointless. I had all the tests done the previous week at the hospital, bloods, weight, BG readings analysed etc. Yet here I am again wasting my time and money. ( as is the NHS). I am due another appt that same day at 13-40 in the practice. The person seeing me checks and also rules this appt unnecessary. In my presence she cancels it . I make the point that I do not want a missed appt on my record. I leave and go home (another £4-20).

Soon after getting home I receive a text informing me that I have missed an appt.

Everything I am writing here can be checked. All the years I have been using the unit at the Hospital I have had one problem and that was cleared up instantly and amicably.

At this point I write a letter to the practice. Enough is enough. Errm,, NO.

February the 6th I have a long standing appt at 08-40 at the practice which I duly attend, the receptionist looks at me and says " It's been cancelled". BEAT THAT.

As a result of my letter I get a call from the practice and briefly run through the above. The person says she will "look into" the various issues and I can expect a letter next week. Today is Feb 7th. I find it difficult to put a positive slant on this mess. I am sick, but can navigate my way through most things. I do not like putting the boot into our NHS.

It needs help not hindrance. However, I have a moral duty to all the other diabetics in the UK, the rush for profit has clearly identified Diabetics as easy targets for cost reductions to be made. (I have left certain things out of this piece, maybe I will come back to it again). I promise every single one of you, not while I have it in me to resist such unacceptable and underhand tactics. Clearly I will need help.

Please help me by spreading this blog. Thankyou.

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