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A Future History ?

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Now then, it seems that those who are rightly spotlighted in THAT report, which is damning for the Labour party, for childish and cowardly behaviour are to be protected and looked after by those with certain levels of importance. This both infuriates and disgusts me in equal measure. It seems that I have been misunderstanding the meaning of integrity or honour for the last sixty years.

For a union leader to come out and publicly state that Emilie Oldknow's job is safe takes my breath away. Get this, it is obvious that the majority of members of that union do not want this to be the case. This I can put forward due to hundreds of members , amongst them Twenty members of the union NEC, writing an open letter to General Secretary Mr Prentis demanding that action be taken. Mr Prentis has seen fit to ignore this and do his own thing. As you are probably aware the actions of Oldknow in no small way contributed to Labour being denied a GE success, along with things like reducing Diane Abbot to tears in the toilets.

It should be pointed out that Oldknow is married to John Ashworth, he being the Shadow Health Secretary. Doesn't look good this does it ?

I may be wrong here, but here is how I see the intended purpose of any union. I was a union rep for a long time. I did this because I really do detest certain things, main one being bullying. I will not ever go along with bullying. It is a scourge of modern society.

Those who practice it deserve to be cast out under a very dark cloud and never be allowed to walk in the sunshine. To be honest, whenever I had to deal with a case where the member was clearly guilty I would represent but not defend. I would still do that today. Also, anyone who sees fit to turn a blind eye is just as guilty. This is not complicated stuff. Any union rep would say the same thing. Prentis doesn't seem to be bothered . Why is that ?

He also seems to back John Stolliday, he used to work in the Labour Party as head of Governance and Legal. He is another one of those who conspired so secretly to harm Labour. A close ally of the Tom Watson/Ian Austin mob.

There are doubts about the validity of anything Mr Stolliday puts forward. His history within Labour shows he was an ardent Remainer, or as I have written elsewhere "obsessive" about a Peoples Vote. He is currently the head of "Member Liaison" at Unison. He doesn't seem to want to liaise with those members who wrote in does he ?

For as long as I can remember the link between unions and Labour has always been sacrosanct. They party exists on the donations of fork lift truck drivers, cleaners, machine operators and the like. This is/was something to be proud of. We all know that our Govt is kept alive by Billionaires who hide vast sums offshore to avoid paying taxes, those donations from everyday people are a much more noble source of funds.

Those donations come from people who generally share the attitudes I highlighted earlier. They will stick up for each other and in extreme circumstances walk off the job in support of victimised colleagues. Sure enough that is uncommon these days due to the UK having the most anti union laws on the face of the planet. Make no mistake though, that power does still exist. Or, should I say does up to now.

The antics of Mr Prentis jeopardise it all. How can he offer safe haven to Oldknow and look any of his members in the eye ? This episode suggests something very distasteful to me. The whole thing is now rotten. We are seeing the Labour Party becoming something it was never meant to be. It is now careering towards being a Tory lite organisation. That report reveals racism, underhand scheming, bullying, open treachery, above all else an insatiable need to do as much damage as possible. They did it with aplomb. Now they have been found out. A General Secretary of the largest union in the UK has chosen to side with them. Who does Prentis think he is ?

While all this is going on, to all intents and purposes Starmer shows the same intent. Rather than be raising the roof about the poisonous snakes in the grass he is focused on who blew the whistle, very dark this, what has he got to hide ? Methinks something will come to light, not who funded his campaign ?, something that implicates him in the shenanigans, on the subject of dishonesty and appalling tactics it seems they really are all in it together. Until shown otherwise, I wait for developments.

Where to now for socialists. I resigned my membership last week. I see staying in the party as opting to stay in an abusive relationship now. Not only that, by staying you fund it ! There are those who advocate staying to "fight", OK that is a fair view to take.

For this I have had some stuff thrown at me in recent days. Along the lines of "not being in it to win it" and the constant insinuation that leaving indicates that one is not "up for a fight", again another view which can be looked at in various ways. As I trudged along endlessly through the Winter canvassing for Labour I was very definitely "up for a fight" also for a time I really did believe I was "in it to win it". either way, at the time I believed I was representing a party based upon fairness, transparency and honesty. In fairness all those who trudged with me do posses all those qualities in buckets. The same cannot now be said of the top of the Labour Party. This does not mean that the door is sealed shut behind me. My principles have not changed. Nor will they.

So, here's a possible scenario, 85% of members resign this week, same for unions severing affiliations to Labour, the end is nigh. Even the Tory lite snakes in the grass see the futility of carrying on. The ground is cleared. Every single one of those so graphically exposed in that report is booted out. Labour teeters for a short while. The UK struggles with the huge financial disaster that is unfolding all around. Tory arrogance drives the population to despair. The entire financial establishment crumbles. Hedge Funds are banned. Those who own spaceships or pub chains are raped of their obscene wealth. The power shifts to those who rescue the country with their daily toils. The people see the sense of toiling for the many not the few. A GE ensues. In Labour HQ the team ethic drives forward a refreshing agenda. Unity is Strength becomes the mantra. Members flood back. Unions become popular. A European flag flies over Parliament.

The rest is future history.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word of this stuff.

Society not Economy.

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