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Don't forget your lunch box.

Now then, rather a momentous event occurred last night. The PM of the UK appeared on our screens and issued us with the way out of the current mess. Part of which involves getting the kids ready to go to school. To boil that down to simple terms, the PM wants schools open by June 1st, which is in 21 days. Children, the most important people on Earth. Actually, the most important issue on Earth. NOTHING can equal the critical importance of looking after the kids, anyone who needs that pointing out to them very definitely requires urgent attention from a well trained psychiatrist. It is a natural instinctive reaction, look after the kids as best you can at all times. Any sane person would easily see that putting the young at risk should be contemplated only ever as a very last resort, if at all. I can think of no set of circumstances where that could be viewed differently. It should be borne in mind that 14/21 days is roughly the maximum time it can take for any infected person to start to become sick. Therefore those stats you see for fatalities are actually around three weeks behind the actuality. To me, this really should be dictating that any school reopening should be three weeks after the last recorded infection at the very least. Or, am I being a bit thick here? Either way, it should very definitely be SAFETY FIRST.

As you would expect from an ultra hard right Govt there has been no consultation with the teaching unions. I suspect that the Govt will use the cover of the crisis to try and smash the unions. They simply cannot tolerate the concept of upstairs listening to downstairs. I will expand on that, they now have no intention of listening to the leaders of the other UK nations. Nicola Sturgeon had to read about the proposed changes in the Sunday newspapers. Johnson now sits as the PM of England only. I wonder if this is part of the secret Tory master plan? A sort of Reich of St George!

This leaves parents with terrible decisions to make, most parents are clued in and very aware of the potential risks, unfortunately far too many of them have employers who are filing their pants at the thought of not getting their businesses open at the earliest possible opportunity. They would open today and to hell with Covid or anything else. The thought of putting people at risk will not enter their cash obsessed minds. Sure enough there are those employers who will act responsibly, the idea that most employers will is plain foolish. Why are Garden Centres, DIY shops, clothing warehouses and the like just carrying on as normal? Is a hacksaw or a nice new top important enough to risk the well being of employees? To the managers they obviously are.

Those parents are in an awful position. None of them will now be able to put forward having a youngster at home to their employer as a reason for not going to work. How many of them could be terminated then a couple of weeks later be scared out of their minds as the child becomes ever sicker? Why are the Tories engineering this situation?

It is not as if the UK is out out its own with this. The Tories are not on some path finding mission. Other nations have experience to be looked at. France for example, for some reason that country will be exempt from any quarantine regulations that are introduced at airports soon. Maybe the French version of the virus doesn't like English people.

Anyway, in the Oise region of France, the virus was undetected in a school for a while, within a few weeks 38% of the pupils had become infected, 43% of teachers and 60% of non teaching staff. Follow the link for the video, it's not in English, you will have to make do with the sub titles.

This is not me scaremongering, I am simply putting forward factual evidence. My local daily paper has asked the question, should people go to work or stay at home?, I put forward that the employee had a toddler and that staying at home was the wise move. Well, comment after comment disagreed. Such things as "they should go to work or go hungry", this is typical of the mindset in the UK these days. A decade of Tory brainwashing has produced a nation of micro Tories. Those who will not listen, will not be told, think only of themselves. This is the biggest danger in England. This awful Victorian society is riddled with them. I do not know what they will think if the virus affects them or their families, likely they will find a way to blame anyone but themselves or their beloved Tories. Most of them are good at the Conga though.

I don't see this as politics. It is more about having thick skulls and not giving a flying shit about anyone else. Basic Human Rights are being battered here. No other way to put it.

The news channels are showing packed tube trains in London this morning. 15K people a day are still wandering through arrivals at our airports. Yet I can't go see my son in Bury. The Govt does not care. Sunak will reduce the furlough scheme soon. Business leaders will issue announcements about the absolute need to reopen in the media.

Mothers will remind their children to not forget the lunch box, then quite possibly, a few weeks later, sit sobbing as they try to focus on a pine box. This is England.

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