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Emilie Played Too Much.

Now then, things are certainly becoming more and more puzzling within the Labour Friends of Israel Party. It never was going to be humdrum for the upper echelons of that once socialist group. They are the lumbering rabbit in the glaring headlights of certain powerful forces intent on tormenting them to death. A slow death at that. Strangest thing being, some of those forces exist within the LFI Party, and have actually done so for many years. Not only that, they spent many years doing all that they possibly could to prevent a Labour Government. None of this is news, however it keeps developing on a daily basis. It is immensely difficult to ignore it. It is now like a sport.

So, there very definitely are those within the LFI who basked in the secretive glow of having assisted the ultra hard right Tories into office. They gathered in their shadowy meetings and grinned and toasted their "success". All very subtle, unlike the disgraceful treatment some of them dished out to Diane Abbott. There is a report which was leaked (I have a copy) which blows the whole sorry saga into orbit. The newly installed LFI leader (the one who kept his campaign donations hidden until after the event) is struggling to keep it under wraps. It really is dynamite. I should think that at some point it will be made into a television serial or film, they will have to water it down, the truth really is too much to accept.

I have mentioned Emile Oldknow previously in other stuff I have written. In the leaked report her name crops up hundreds of times. Her behaviour cannot be mitigated or given an acceptable sheen by "forensic" word play. Her sustained low standard of conduct is shocking to behold, in ANY other organisation she would be expelled in utter disgrace, in fairness, it should be pointed out that this may yet happen. She has just now been suspended. So, being suspended from what used to be The Labour Party.

There's a lot of that going on at the moment. Many of those who trudged up hill and down dale in the rain and freezing cold winds have had the same treatment. They are not high profile. They are being dispensed with like cheap confetti with no meaningful recourse. Bit different for Oldknow. Most of the unimportant ones are not actually guilty of anything. Where they have been snagged is via voicing opposition to a brutal murdering apartheid regime in Israel. First thing Starmer did was go running to them and throw himself at their mercy. That is up to him, however, kicking his heels whilst many thousands of good people are thrown to the wolves is not up to him. At some point the treatment of all those former members should be investigated root and branch in an independent court. It will not be.

Oldknow was hotly tipped to replace Formby as the next Gen Sec. She is currently Dep Gen Sec of the largest Union in the country-Unison- a Union which provided valuable backing to Starmer in his leadership run. Many members of that union expressed deep dissatisfaction at her installation.There is another notable fact about her, one which will cause Starmer and his LFI colleagues immense trouble. The thing is she got married in July 2010, to Mr John Ashworth, he who is the current Shadow Sec of State for Health and Social Care. Bit awkward that is it not? go here

Are we really supposed to entertain the idea that he knew nothing about any of this?, that their conversations were about everything but wrecking the former Labour Party?

This is like a poor episode of Dallas. All through the shocking planning and plotting to subvert socialism Oldknow was a flag bearer for all that is bad about what the LFI Party now stands for. Many victims were harmed, an entire population denied the chance of a fairer future. It seems to me that just suspending her is a derisory measure. Ashworth is equally guilty. Instant expulsion, and possibly court proceedings are called for. All this sewer lever activity was actually part off something even bigger and far more poisonous.

This is sickening and damning. It is also reality. go here

I have been sitting on my own status re the former Labour Party. Time is approaching for me to pick that up and write about it. Interesting stuff it all is. Watch this space.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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