At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us

Enemies Within.

Now then, the current political landscape is a mess the likes of which has never been seen before. Lies, pretence, insults, scaremongering, all in all it's now gutter level tactics that are becoming the norm. This was always going to be the case once the Tories consulted with Americans like Steve Bannon. We can no longer class our political establishment as superior to the American one, the Tories, again, lowered the bar in a huge and long lasting way.

No other way to put it really.

Set against these worrying developments, Labour has quietly worked away, in a way that can be described as almost casual, to produce policies that leave the Tories miles behind in the views of those who live ordinary lives and exist far away from the trappings that those at the high end of the social scale regard as normal. The Tories have the media sewn up, and regularly put out massive lies and everyday some sort of bias is displayed in several national papers and the BBC serves to carry out every Tory whim.

Again, Labour carries on working quietly on policies that chime with the general population. It's simple stuff really, based upon fairness. Stuff like a £10ph minimum wage, votes for 16yr olds, fair taxation of the wealthy, not flogging the NHS off to the highest American bidder-its plain to all that America is engaged in a hostile takeover of the UK- bringing the railways and power companies back into public ownership, all stuff that is sensible and would help the UK to get back on its feet again.

The Tories have no credible answers, hence the lies and smears we see everyday in the media. You don't have to look far to see it.

Labour faces an uphill struggle to say the least, and given the above you would expect them to be falling apart in the face of the establishment onslaught. Strange thing though, the destruction of Labour is not happening. Labour policies are gaining in popularity on a daily basis. Print media is dying, word is getting out via other means. The antics of the right wing press are now irrelevant. Why is this the case ? few things really.

Socialists have organised, all over the UK people switch the telly off, leave the house and make their way to meetings. They listen, they think, they embrace the content and spread the word. NOTHING equals word of mouth. This is another thing the hard right Govt has no idea about. All they do is tell each other how wonderful they are, those people who attend those meetings wander through their days, chat with others, put forward their views about everyday issues, like the ones outlined above, others listen, see the sense, and generally embrace the concept of fairness. Simple really.

The only fair option

Problem on the horizon though, and it really is a huge one. I,m not talking about the ridiculous Tory boundary changes- which are nothing but a power grab- I'm getting at the "Centrist" element within the Labour Party. For me, these snakes are the biggest threat to the UK becoming a fairly governed country.

We all know who they are, they cannot help themselves when the chance comes along to try to undermine true Labour Party values. My local MP Kevin Barron, recently voted with the Govt on the ridiculous Brexit mess that the PM is trying to bully through Parliament. To do this, he went against a three line whip. I will be doing my absolute best to contribute to him becoming an ex MP.

I am a member of the Labour Party, my voice will be heard.

We all know about Field, Ellman, Ummuna etc, there will be others hiding behind the Labour shield whilst scheming away to derail things. So, what of these cowardly individuals, sniping from the shadows without having the balls to just come out and state their case. You see, they cannot really do that can they ? they were elected on the basis of behaving in a particular way and are not actually sticking to the contract they have with their constituents. I am convinced not one of them was elected on the basis of going away and derailing Labour. They are the lowest of the low. I have a lot of contempt for anyone who acts in a duplicitous way with the aim of harming that which feeds them. What these cowards are doing is inflicting harm on that which feeds others, usually those who struggle along at the wrong end of the social scale. I do have words I could use to describe this sort of thing, best I don't write them here.

Mz Ellman

My strong gut feeling regarding all of this is that one who regards himself as the best leader the party ever had is orchestrating it all. This being the man who recently took a sordid fortune from the Saudis (£9m). One who gave birth to PFI, one who has always disliked unions, Mr Tony Blair. For balance, he did accomplish a lot of positive stuff on behalf of Labour. Plus, peace in NI happened on his watch, not a huge leap though to counter that with Iraq.

Here is my view on the fundamental reason why he is now an out of date relic who really should keep quiet and get on with building his huge fortune.

He decided to position Labour a certain distance to the left of the Tory Govt back in the day. Hence why Thatcher classed New Labour as her finest achievement. That may well have been workable back then. Thing is, Cameron hurled the Tory party violently to the extreme right. Conservatism was redefined as a brutal "winner takes all stampede to greed" and trying to remain a respectable distance to the left of it no longer works.

Now people starve to death in desolate concrete rooms, burn to death in tower blocks,

freeze to the pavements in winter,have disability allowance removed, have pensions raided, I could go in, you all know the score.

For Labour to retain a fighting chance, all these "enemies within" have to be kicked out as quickly as possible. NOTHING is as important as us cleansing our party of these rats and cowards. Please join the party if you have not already, attend the meetings.


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