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Fear of Reality.

Thatcher described New Labour as her "finest achievement", that is actually an extremely damning statement. One which cannot be ignored or forgotten about.

It really should be reason enough for any Socialist to be fervently opposed to any moves to fall into the category of being New Labour in any way. Sure enough this will annoy plenty of people , indeed many who are party members, plus the media, given recent events I do not understand why anyone regards being good with the media as being any sort of plus. If you are liked by our putrid media then you are ToryLite, simple as that.

The problems with being what the media sees as "of The Left" are huge. Not insurmountable. Five years minimum are infront of the Left. This window must not be wasted in trying to be media palatable. It simply will not work.

The Labour Party could well do with it's own media outlets, I have no idea how this could happen, more importantly I have no idea if this is being explored, perhaps somebody could advise me ?

Let's go back a few years. Flashman and Gideon arrived and redefined what was then seen as Conservatism. Important point this. The political landscape in the UK was polar, or at the least very varied. Toryism was still the enemy of The Left and the forgotten.

It was though understood and able to be seen as a straightforward political ideology that revolved around a few profiting from the efforts of others. Unfairly ? yes, depending on your point of view. I should know living my youthful years on a run down council estate and seeing the opulence of the Tory areas. Prior to all this Thatcher was inflicted upon us and started a very long reaching chain of events. Poll tax, Miners destruction etc.

Blair came along and inch by inch turned more and more Blue. Not liking unions, keen on privatisation, in the process changing the perception of The Left for ever.

The Right was moving further to the Right. Blair kept Labour a certain distance to the Left, however, the distance remained the same or closed to some degree. Thereby Labour was travelling towards the Right.

Then Flashman and Gideon hurled the Tories violently to the ultra hard extreme Right.

There really should be no effort to try and maintain the same distance to the Left of them now. They represent nothing but a stampede to callous greed . There is no "middle ground" with them now. Johnson is now plotting the end of Labour. Him and his boss Cummings are the most hateful and immoral individuals ever seen in UK politics. There is no other way to put that.

So, where does this leave socialists in the current climate ? More importantly where SHOULD they be now ? My personal view is that it is time to fight fire with fire. I am not interested in media friendly faces or being liked by the damn Tories. It is time for big and direct speeches. It is not just about politics for the next years, it's about keeping those on benefits alive, giving cancer patients the best drugs, providing hot food for starving school children etc. Now I may be older and things certainly have changed around me.

If you cannot see the sense in what I have just listed then, I am sorry, you are not a socialist. You are a light blue Labour member.

Light Blue Labour members. The ones who want an expensively suited media face to represent them. One who would never dare to be "direct" with the likes of Marr or Kuenssberg, for fear of their words being tapered to suit the media narrative.

That narrative is actually the Tory party mantra. We see it all the time. I have just spent five mins watching RLB roll over on Marr re the BoD of SOME British Jews.

This is simply not good enough.

To go forward Labour MPs are going to have to seize the moment and not let go of it.

The time has arrived for a clear direct and concise reaffirming of fundamental socialist policies. These very same light blue Labour members sit in Labour meetings chortling about the battering Corbyn was given by the media via the ballot box. I repeat that, they chortle, I saw it last Thursday night. I have to say most of them are of advanced years, many with mortgages paid, and a decent pension to live upon. In other words, the everyday horrors of life under the brutal Tory Govt don't really affect them much at all.

This defines being a light blue Tory. It is nothing but an "i'm alright Jack" outlook.

I would like to know how many of them own former council houses.

Encouragement is there, these "chortling fossils" will not be the main voices next time around. The young will be calling the shots. I tell you this, being some sort of sanitised media friendly mouthpiece will not get the job done with them. They will see straight through it. This where the seeds that are sown today via being gutsy and honest regarding socialist values will reap rewards. A bloke said to me on Thursday night that he is in his late twenties and has only ever known Tory rule. This is where the balance exists.

They are realising that the UK is an awful place. Zero hours, elitist education systems, the onset of medical insurance, we have the bullets.

Why will nobody fire them ??

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