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For Gods sake help the Nurses !

Now then, the last post I wrote I spoke of NOT scoring cheap political points and actually putting aside political tribalism. It really is the adult way to be just for now.

Yet, here I am about to do those very things. However, nothing I am about to write here comes cheap. These are serious issues, FATALLY serious issues.

Also, I can vouch for the complete validity of the stuff involved. I have been on the end of some quite brutal criticism and even insults re some of the output that I have generated recently. That's just how it was always going to be. It will not affect me.

So, I received some extremely worrying information yesterday from a source I trust completely. Not via another source, direct to me. Like most people I care about others. These are very trying times, and like any other reasonable person I need to be able to take certain things that we are being fed via the media as valid and honest. If that goes out of the window things will very quickly take a sharp nosedive. We have all seen "experts" on the news telling us things which a few days later have turned out to be utter rubbish. Our particular "experts" flew in the face of the WHO and held up the UK as a laughing stock to the rest of the planet. They are still appearing on our screens to tell us all how we should live for now. I struggle to take them seriously .

I consider myself to be a sort of "floating voter" regarding the Establishment just now, or to be more accurate did until that information reached me yesterday. So, here we go.

There's a young nurse working in a hospital in the North West of England. She has a toddler at home and her other half works full time. They hardly see much of each other and don't have much money to call upon. they live in rented accommodation. It is difficult for them at the best of times, these are NOT the best of times.

Let us call this nurse "Lisa". This week Lisa went to work for a 13 hour shift. First thing she had to do was purchase a monthly parking pass at a cost of £30. Before we go any further, did we not all hear news about NHS staff being able to park for free recently ?

I find it to be utterly unforgivable that Lisa had to fork out that money. As usual in the UK somebody somewhere is making money out of this crisis, again. On that point please Google Owen Paterson, a Tory politician who pockets a £100K a year from a company that makes CV19 testing kits which sell for £120. I don't suppose £30 a month would bother him. It sure as hell bothers Lisa. But, Lisa is only a nurse eh ?

Lisa starts her THIRTEEN HOUR shift which will bring her into close contact with many CV19 patients. Lisa will not get a break, its like hell in there. Sure enough, at times like these people have to go the extra couple of miles, but 13 hours in a living hell without a break ? Is that really acceptable ? Things get worse for Lisa. They are all told that they can only Self Isolate if they are showing symptoms. What the hell is this ? Time and again Lisa and her battered colleagues find themselves in close proximity to infected patients. Then go home. To a toddler.

We keep seeing prominent figures on the box stating that the NHS has enough PPE, at times it has been put forward that there is a huge stockpile. Lisa finds that this is not the case. They do NOT have enough to go around. Corners are cut, due to necessity. Risks taken. Protocols are ignored. Hospitals are supposed to be places where conditions are the best that can possibly be achieved. In the case of the workplace of Lisa this is very definitely not the case. I beg of you to think on this, what happens when Lisa contracts the virus? maybe gives it to the young un? Leaves a space in the staffing of that unit, or, God forbid, DIES? This is happening NOW.

The day before Lisa went in for the shift, she attended a special "NHS Hour" at her local supermarket. She could not get in. Members of the public were barging each other out of the way. It got quite aggressive. The lone security person was rolled straight over. Lisa went home without any shopping. She was actually quite shaken up by the whole experience. Her employer has briefed them all to be vigilant around car parks when attending such things, shockingly nurses have been attacked for their NHS badges. This is the country we are now living in. For a very long time we have endured a "Dog Eat Dog" society. Now it seems we are enduring a "Survival of the Fittest" scenario.

Ambulances are being ransacked because people want the stuff inside, masks, hand gels, disposable gloves etc. Many of those small hand sprays you see all over the place in hospitals have been stolen. Toilet rolls are disappearing from cubicles. Abuse and instances of being spat at are common place.

So, what to make of all of that eh? It depresses me enormously. This is happening to tens of thousands of NHS staff every single day of the week. The "experts" will continue to put forward their views, Politicians will continue to make their claims to the nation, on that particular note it is now coming out that the figures we are being fed re fatality rates are being "massaged". They are inaccurate. It is all lies. About death.

Lisa and her altruistic and heroic colleagues will continue to go to work. Or, you could say get in the queue to be infected. Difficult to apportion blame, plus I don't want to do that. What I want is for honesty and understanding to come to the fore.

Please do this for me (and Lisa) if you have a nurse in the family, pick up the phone and talk to them. They feel very alone and vulnerable just now. That is likely to be the case for quite a long time. We need them, they NEED us.

Thanks for looking in. Please help me by passing word of this site.

Society not Economy.


I wrote this in April 2018.

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