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Friends Like These.

Israel and its affiliates. God only knows just how many "friends" it has secreted in strategic positions across the globe. For sure it has infiltrated many Governments and quite likely influences many boardrooms and leading global organisations. The extent to which that apartheid regime meddles in world politics will probably never be known. We see clearly here in the UK everyday just how damaging to humane ideals they really are.

The official opposition has currently many members of Labour Friends of Israel within its ranks, it is estimated that about one quarter of the parliamentary party and one third of the shadow cabinet admit to membership. A couple of alarms ring out in my mind at that staggering fact. Firstly I do not recall any of this being trumpeted in the lead up to the disastrous 2019 GE, maybe if the electorate had been made aware that dying party would have managed to perform even more disastrously. I still firmly believe that the UK public would deliver an enthusiastic two fingers to the Israel lobby if given the chance. Nobody likes the antics that are going unreported in Palestine. Most people are just unaware of them. All of which brings me to the second alarm in my mind, why all the secrecy ? These are OUR representatives in the political machinery of our country. They are supposed to be utterly transparent. WE are supposed to give them the remits within which they conduct their/our business, how can this be ? I humbly request that at any upcoming elections OUR MPs etc are required to declare any sub group memberships, especially the ones who so regularly and brazenly flout basic human rights every single day.

It staggers me, can you imagine a prospective Councillor or MP campaigning on a platform of supporting that which transpires every day across Palestine ? How far do you think that prospective candidate would actually get ? Sure enough the UK has become ultra right wing over the last decade, much glee has seeped through the streets of the UK at the news of the extreme right wing Govt reducing the foreign aid budget, the UK sure is very insular nowadays, however, the Israeli regime is in a completely different league to any other country on the planet. We regularly hear about human rights violations across Saudi or North Korea or the Yemen or even Russia etc, why the free pass for the worst of them all Israel ?

The above question is the telling one. Israel it seems has been beavering away for some years ensuring that it has the right friends in the right places. One silver lining, though it may yet prove to be only a minute one. That lunatic currently clinging to his make believe world in the White House will eventually have to go. At that point Netanyahu may well have to reassess his hold over the powers that be across the western world. It is to be hoped that this comes to pass. For sure the world stands upon the edge of more than one abyss just now. Covid being the biggest threat at the minute, as you would expect the rescue effort is being compromised by the insatiable financial greed of those in the positions of importance, especially in the most corrupt society in the modern word = the UK. The other serious threat to the people of the west is indeed the brutal apartheid regime that is driving Israel and all of its underhanded machinations across the globe. They appear to enjoy the luxury of having a "global free pass" relative to murderous antics and infiltrating Governments.

Just last week a top Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated, there is no doubt that Israel was behind this extremely dangerous and provocative atrocity. AGAIN. You have to wonder just how far Israel will go if it is left unfettered. Without question they seek the annihilation of the people of Palestine. The world knows, the world sees, the world does nothing. This is the biggest signal of the depth of infiltration into western political systems. I refuse to accept that the peoples of the UK, USA, EUROPE and all the others are not horrified by Israeli "soldiers" storming into the back of ambulances to batter medics as they try to treat the injured, or shoot unarmed journalists to death, or poison water supplies, or beat teenagers senseless then kill them. I steadfastly believe that the ordinary folk of all those countries I highlighted above would indeed have some very serious questions to ask of their political reps. Why is it not happening ?

Israel will not stop. Once it is done with the open air prison that is Palestine it will look to other areas to flex its muscles. Muscles it does not actually possess. Those "muscles" are built out of all those compromised political representatives across the globe. I don't know who the next well placed "Friend of Israel" will be who will keep quiet today, will collude in some secret meeting, who will pick up a phone and whisper their support, who will endorse a deal, who will show a public face that hides a very unpalatable truth.

These people speak with passion when it comes to catching votes or looking good for the cameras, they are only too eager to berate China and the like when it suits, yet, Israel remains firmly off their shameful agendas. These people represent the absolute lowest of the low.

Duplicitous Cowards all of them. No principles. No sense of duty. NOTHING..

Here is a thing, there are many thousands of Israelis who are appalled by the treatment of the Palestinians, they gather and protest. They raise their voices. Which is a damn site more than all those skulking frauds in the LFI.

Thanks for looking in, please help by spreading word for me.

Society not Economy

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