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Gone (careful with that axe Labour )

Now then, i've been publishing my expulsion saga in the relevant stages just lately.

To be honest it did get to me at first, being labelled a racist was something I never ever expected to happen to me, but, there you go eh? Something else I never saw coming was the widespread reaction of people when they found out. People who have known me for decades, who I helped as a Union Rep, or who knew me from my activities among local socialists. Even those who have not always seen eye to eye to eye with me, right across the piece, people have found the whole thing laughable, and most of them don't know about the fact that A/S is being used as a cover to enable Starmer to finish Labour off by eradicating socialism. My conscience is clear.

To catch up with the stuff i've posted previously go here

All quite terse and to the point. Not the best procedure for handling disciplinary matters. I have no idea who judged me, how long was taken, how deeply my response was looked at, one thing which leaps out at me, I clearly ask for a response as to why my posts etc were classed as offensive, thus opening a door for some sort of educational input from them. As you see, the response was ZERO. This I see as a major failing in any proper disciplinary procedure. I am not saying that I did not post stuff which some may find hard to swallow, in my view that would be those trying to whitewash the actions of a brutal apartheid regime which is hammering a section of humanity.

For the official party verdict go here

As I have stated previously I have been a part of team that used to defend employees when they faced the sack, I have won and lost in Employment Tribunals, I can honestly say that the way Labour are operating re purging members is very shoddy indeed. It is a very basic and knee jerk reaction motivated sham. Maybe it should be carried out by the Board of Deputies of SOME British Jews? At least then it would have a degree of authenticity about it. Along with that, it is hard for me to understand why no noise is being raised within the party regarding how hamfisted and clunky the whole charade is.

I can only speak from a personal stand point here, I would have no problem with being ejected due to my lifelong and heartfelt Socialist outlook, that is because those are my GENUINE personal views, and are views which will not be changing today or any other day. Hanging the "real" reason on A/S is actually cowardly and only shows how very shallow the Labour leadership really is. Those are views which I have passed onto my children and which I fervently hope will be passed onto their ickle uns, you can count on this, our future history will desperately require socialists.

In all honesty, If I had been advised to be a good boy and stay silent re Palestine I would not have played along. It is too big an issue to me. I cannot in all good conscience pretend that all is well out there, shame on those who do. ALL OF THEM.

Future socialism will be about the kid born in the wrong postcode, the woman who is replaced by a robot, the addict with nowhere to sleep, the ex teacher who had a bad recovery from a straight forward procedure, the youth who spoke out and was dismissed, the Veteran who freezes to death on the city pavement, the single parent who failed the month all the bills arrived on the same day, the unpaid carer who died leaving behind a disabled daughter, the drunk whos wife left him with an unpayable mortgage, the young girl who had the potential to lecture in mathematics but was never spotted, the hoover factory production line worker who was made redundant when the company moved to India, the "Immigant" who crossed a stormy sea in a rubber dinghy.

In other words, it will be exactly as it is today. Key difference being the future socialists will have no connection to the former Labour Party. Depending on which way you look at our future history it can be either very dark or very bright. I choose to see a long hard uphill struggle. One that will eventually provide socialists with a genuine home. I cannot sit here and assume it will completely work. Nobody knows that. What I can put forward is that it will be transparent and honest. Like Labour used to be. It will provide a home for all those displaced altruistic socialists. Wheels are turning. Plotting is advancing.

No matter how much our right wing friends kick us, they cannot break that natural desire to help those who require it that all socialists possess.

To each and every one of you, peace, love and many days yet to come for you and yours.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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