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Good Lies or Bad Truth?

Now then, our airwaves are becoming saturated with out and out condescending crap and lies. The current dire situation really does not call for this. The entire nation has been coached into believing that banging pans together on the doorstep makes some sort of positive difference. Before the GE we witnessed the putrid media start off this mass brainwashing and we are now seeing just much of an effect that is still having.

Anything goes just now. Wild claims about what is going to be done are now a daily thing. Ridiculous numbers bandied about, be it amounts of PPE which have been delivered, or are to be made, amounts of "Lab Space" which is being called upon, numbers of formerly retired clinicians who are straining at the leash to get in the queue to "man the pumps", Time after time a proper voice is asked about all this rubbish and calmly destroys it. This is due to the fact that the calm voices are actual experts in the field they are being asked about. Leaders of innovation, very well qualified in the medical science that is now so very badly required. Seeing Peston being firmly put in his minor place by an expert was pure class. We get Hancock pouring forth his bland ineffectual party line nonsense all too often. He's just been on again, this time he wasted a large chunk of the allotted time to inform us that "Rishi Sunak is being lauded across the world for his undoubted skills" etc etc. He was actually there to talk about the way the UK is dealing with the crisis.

This raises a vague idea in my mind. Johnson is gone, done with, finished. How that buffoon came to be the PM is a thing which the UK will never live down. He now has no validity left at all. Truth is he is a bullying drunk who doesn't know how many kids he has, owns a terrible record, having wasted millions on a brainless Garden Bridge project and having had "lessons" in his pad from Mz Acuri. The Tories are now aware of his inabilities. Problem is, so are all of us, and many who are no longer with us.

All this hero worship of Sunak makes me suspicious that he is being prepped for stepping into the position currently held by the amorous drunk.

Hancock talks of this new hospital which "has been built" and was a monumental effort by all concerned. I have a problem with this. It is plainly wrong to claim that anything has been built. You may recall seeing pictures on your screens a few weeks ago of diggers excavating the ground in China. Many diggers, preparing the laying of foundations. They did this to enable some hospitals to be BUILT. They did it very well. This facility in London is somewhat different. It has been erected inside the ExCel centre in London.

This is fine, so why cover bad truth with good lies ? The bulk of the staff of this facility will be volunteers. Other such facilities will appear around the UK.

The accompanying PR tells us that "expert training " will be provided to those who sign up. Again, I have another problem with this, it takes a very long time to reach any sort of standard of skill level when employed in the NHS. I was there for seven years.

My main problem with all of this is not so much what is being done, more about the way we are being fed such rubbish on the back of it.

Yesterday on the appalling PR arm of the Tory party Hancock was giving us his usual "it's in the post" nonsense and a rather piercing question was aimed at him, an awkward one, so, the BBC cut to the weather ! Unforgivable. As long as this sycophantic joke of an organisation exists we will get neither bad truth or good lies, we will get bad lies.

Who else would cut away from the Health Sec in a time of health crisis for the weather ?

This new facility is trumpeted as providing 4000 beds. It will open today with 500. Here's the clincher, it will have NO ventilators. The actual maximum number of beds will be 3500. I stress again there is NO official confirmation that there will be ANY Vents when this conversion of the ExCel centre opens later today. I can also put forward that there is no time scale for the place to receive thousands of Vents, nor for when the number of beds will reach anything like the numbers being claimed.

You do not have to be particularly well experienced in medical matters to realise that intubating patients is serious stuff. Caring for sedated intubated patients does not come much more serious. Final year medical students who have been fast tracked/drafted will be doing this. Fair play to them for being willing to accept the awesome responsibility.

It is difficult to be critical at such a terrible time. So, I will not be. Thing is, why are we only hearing fairy tale garbage about it all ? The NHS does not even know how many staff this facility will eventually need, never mind where they will come from. Worryingly, other such places will open around the country.

I doubt any of them will EVER have the required number of Vents.

Just for a bit of balance, and you can hold me to account on this. If one of these places opens around here I will be at the front of the queue to pitch in. I also guarantee I will do a very good job. I also guarantee that I will speak about it only with total honesty. Why are our leaders not doing the same ?

I have a deep suspicion about what these "facilities" actually are. I will keep it to myself for now. It really is too painful to contemplate.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word of this site.

Society not Economy.

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