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HD Brainwashing.

Now then, the local news reports are becoming nothing but unsubtle examples of mass brainwashing. I have long since realised that the UK media is well and truly nothing but the PR arm of the hard right Tory Government. The BBC is not fit for purpose, it exists on the back of mucho cheapo stuff like soap operas and a nationwide peak viewing slot dancing show. They prostituted themselves to the Tories years ago and they will now never recover any semblance of credibility. Kuenssberg stands out as a shining example of all that is wrong with that dinosaur organisation. If it wasn't for the fact that it is currently illegal not to fund them they would already be gone.

It is not just the Beeb, Sky is not much better. They never miss a chance to wheel a Tory into the studio , according to the new trailer for Burley and the new studio they use in Westminster, it is a "Lions Den" where the real tough questions will be asked. Yeah right. Of late they seem to like having the likes of Zadawi and Jenrick on, believe me they are not subjected any sort of "Lions Den" environment. Fawned over is more like what actually goes on. Go back a couple of years and Newsnight photoshopped a Commie hat onto Mr Corbyn. Enough said eh ? Print media is far worse, only silver lining there is that it is enduring the slow death that it has earned.

During the time of Flashman and Gideon it became obvious that the Tories had decided to compromise the media in the UK. The publicity war started in earnest. The main objective was to get the UK public to worship CASH, this included instilling fear into the average mind of the day coming when the CASH would dry up. To achieve this aim they set about decimating workers rights, supressing wage rises, hammering working conditions, Zero Hours and the gig economy took off. More and more people found themselves on the National Minimum Wage. Social Housing became rarer than rocking horse droppings. Fear really was driving the economic engine.

We heard all the bullshit about the Northern Powerhouse etc. How sick does that seem just now? The huge majority of the UK public was on a fast track down to the gutter. On and on and on, more and more people became "the working poor". Altruistic people trapped themselves into becoming the "Just about Managing". The days of the workhouse returned with a cold profit driven determination. Working people, were and still are, regularly seen at foodbanks. the national debt skyrocketed and continues to still do just that. None of this was hard to detect. None of it had to be searched for with any degree of acumen. It is everywhere. The virus has not caused this. It has accentuated it.

So, a raging epidemic of poverty had been unleashed upon the great unwashed by those who have that much CASH they will never actually spend much of it. Many children have only been eating hot food at school for years now. Again, the virus did not cause this, it has just amplified it.

Up to the present day. Over the last week or two I have paid close attention to our local BBC news bulletin. It is called Look North around here (Sheffield) . The running order of the reports is quite illuminating. Last night the show opened with an in depth look at the problems a theme park is experiencing in these dire times. There is nothing good about such a place going through tough times. Jobs depend on it and therefore the life quality of those employees. So, why am I highlighting this issue ?

It was FOLLOWED then by a report from a local hospital about the rising Covid numbers with associated deaths. This staggers me and serves to illustrate the brainwashing this piece is about. Business before health right there in glorious HD in millions of homes. It is worth remembering that the running order will have been decided at a very high level within that production team. They came out with a theme park THEN the hospital.

Another example annoyed me greatly yesterday, again it was on my local show- obviously I do not see all the others and can only assume they are all the same- we saw a well off looking bloke whinging about the racing industry needing money urgently. This absolutely disgusts me. We saw Cheltenham being treated as a special case right back at the start of the Pandemic, then we saw the rise in local infection rates. Then we saw that Matt Hancock is the local MP. This bloke on my screen yesterday was putting forward that "we need our crowds back". Unbelievable. You could tell that this bloke leads a good life. Good salary, good car, good house, eats at good restaurants, blah blah, or to put it another way knows sod all about struggling and living in fear. Cash fear. He had the nerve to stand there and ask for cash, even put forward that the "Sport of Racing" puts hundreds of millions onto the local economy. Well, firstly it is not a sport. It is a slick business which profits from the addictions of those who have nothing better to do than drink expensive drinks and fritter money way . Next time you are around a racecourse when it is holding a big race, look at the ones standing outside the hotels and drinking at 11 in the morning, take a listen to the conversations and the chortling. All wearing flash suits or expensive frocks and hats. You will soon see what I mean.

And they want to be given money during the pandemic? GET STUFFED.

It has been like this for a while now. You see chip shop owners, florists, market stall holders, all the same. Utterly convinced that they should be given money. They are also utterly convinced that their outlets are completely safe, there is absolutely no way anyone could catch Covid in there. So, just give us your CASH. You can make your own minds up about that. I will say this, none of them should even be considered for a handout until it is guaranteed that no child will go to bed hungry in the UK.

My point in this piece is to draw your attention to the TV coverage. Why is business put before the health situation? The Tories want us all to worship at the great CASH altar. Without that fundamental thought control all their self serving schemes fall apart.

So, the fear relating to CASH is central to everything they stand for. As is the role the UK media plays in it. You cannot rust the Tories and you cannot trust the media.

We likely have another four years of this ahead. How could that go? The Tories are executing a long term plan re conditioning the UK public. It will accelerate. Expect them to aim for the younger people. They know that the youths were keen on "For the many not the Few", this worries them immensely. Expect to see them starting to exert control over universities and even schools. This will likely be in the form of controlling the materials which such places can use to educate students and pupils. Sort of banning anything which might plant the seeds of socialism in young minds. Any University that tries to resist will see financial penalties rather quickly. Any media outlet that even considers projecting criticism of the all powerful Tory dictator will be quickly taken to heel. Victoria Derbyshire is a case in point.

Next time your local BBC news is on, please think about the running order. Ponder the anguished faces of the business owner, and compare this to the heartfelt messages and usually tired looking faces of the medical professionals. Let alone any bereaved person you may see. Then consider where any money should go.

Try not to think about Jenrick or Zadawi. Especially if it is tea time.

Thanks for looking in, please help by spreading word.

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