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How well can you afford to feel ?

It really is going to be rather a shock to most. I mean a huge and extremely unpleasant shock. One that will lead to widespread misery, pain, and utter panic. As per usual in our Victorian society the better off will feel it the least. Those at the other end of the social scale will suffer the most. Nobody will escape the far reaching effects.

Before I go any further here's a few stats. UK = 0, Portugal =0, France = 0, Denmark=0, Iceland = 0, Australia =0, I could go on and on. I will get to the point,

USA 643,00. Quite a figure that is it not ?? Those are yearly figures. In the 21st Century.

They represent bankruptcies due to medical bills. NOW. In the modern caring world.

I'm not sue that the average Brit has got their heads around this. Two weeks ago an ambulance came to my house on a Sunday afternoon. I'm used to this happening and usually get on very well with the top class crews who turn up. I talk to them, prompt them, and they are only too willing to be straight about things. Good for them eh ?

In recent times a crew member has told me that she has gone part time because she can make better money from better hours via hairdressing ! How shocking is that ?

Last week a crew member told me that they will soon be rolling up at homes and asking "which card are you paying with?". I take what these fine people tell me at face value.

Imagine being the member of an ambulance crew who has to ask that question ?

Why the hell should they be placed in that awful position? I will leave the rights and wrongs of making money from helping people with health issues to you, i'm sure you can figure out my point of view. This will go on and on .

Inside hospitals who will be the one requesting proof of being able to pay ? In the A&E Dept who will actually ask and at which point in the process will it happen ? Will it be a Doctor, Nurse ? Will this hapless person have received the necessary training ?

I certainly would not want to find myself in that position. I have severe doubts that ANY current NHS employee will relish this thought. But, count on this, somebody somewhere will have to do it. This raises another scenario. I would assume that there will be specially trained individuals who exist to extract proof of ability to pay from people whilst they are in their hour of need. I really do not think that hospitals (soon to become businesses) will wait until after treatments have been given out. Think about it, patients (clients) requiring an MRI scan or detailed set of Xrays, all running up a cost. A woman with a difficult birth approaching, rushed in, who will get to check that ability to pay ?

It's OK assuming that in the UK it will be treatment first and cash after. I see that as being rather naive, does that sound a bit over the top ? Well, there are figures that indicate that thousands of people have died as a result of problems with benefits and the DWP. Even worse, there are those who have won their appeals months AFTER being buried. So, assuming compassion will triumph over the dash for cash seems to be nothing more than wishful thinking.

Here's a thing, where will all your NI contributions be going once all this profiteering sets in ? Obviously it will be phased out ? Ofcourse yeah.

We will hear that there is provision for those who cannot pay. Sort of "public hospitals" that will see anyone and be "free". Let's take a look at this concept. I would suggest that they will be staffed by student doctors mainly, using machinery that is inferior to the stuff on hand in the glitzy new hospitals ( is this what Johnson means by 40 new hospitals?) also patients with need will be expected to pay FAR more for prescriptions and I mean a whole lot more. Just Google the cost of Insulin in the "Land of the Free" and you will get a sharp shock. So, what of those with long term chronic conditions, how do they even survive let alone recover ? The outcome for them is grim, slowly ebbing away whilst worrying about money. Somebody else will be worrying about that money. That being the accountants of the private firm looking to cash in on this drip fed death. You can likely guess who these companies may be, think of Branson, he has already sued the NHS for a fair few quid. This is how it will be. Johnson lives for this sort of thing.

Time and again Johnson has delivered denials about the NHS being for sale. Why do sheep like people still listen to that blithering buffoon ? The need for profit in the 21st century now claims millions of lives on an ongoing basis. Think of the cost of a missile or the upkeep of a nuclear submarine, who oh why can this money not just simply be directed to the NHS ? After all, if you combined it with the £340M per week we are going to be getting from the EU all will be well !!

You would think that this "cost of living" would be the straw that finally breaks the back of the camel. The UK public seems to have no limit when it comes to accepting unnecessary suffering . It's all around, homeless on every High Street, starving kids in every school, houses flooding every year due to being built on flood plains, unstaffed rail and bus stations, 18 minute waits to speak to an actual police officer, it is becoming the norm. The UK public will not react. France has adopted a rather different reaction.

Profit will be made from pain. Pain is now becoming the new cash cow. Even worse you can rest assured that the money made will find its way across the pond. Big Pharma is coming to the UK at a rate of knots. Be afraid people, be VERY afraid. Today.

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