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I need some help

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

Now then, something different here for today.

Just at the moment WAR is the leading media circus topic. This carries a lot of attraction to those who normally put the news on while they think about other stuff. We are seeing reporters in suits super imposed against maps of the concerned global regions yakking away about things that ordinary people will never be fully informed about. This I can state from high level personal experience. I will try to colour that sweeping statement in as we go along.

Firstly it will be easy for you to dismiss this piece as the ranting of yet another militarily bereaved parent, please do not do that. If you do a Google search on my name you will see that for eleven years I have not actually complained, slagged off anyone in particular, or asked for anything. Just to back that up, I have done many Telly interviews, often live, travelled to meet people, written in national news papers, live radio, met former MPs and a former PM, and all along the way NEVER made a penny out of it.

This because the day my son bled out in a Basra field hospital I promised myself I would never cash in on his death, so I have not. How many others in a similar position to me can say that? Actually, why should those like me not have some financial compensation?

So, what do I want now? The assistance of those in the same frame of mind as me is what I seek. For eleven years I have gone along with the official narrative regarding that particular conflict, and been roundly slagged off for it by just about all and sundry.

Then, towards the end of 2017 Mr Tony Blair contacted me, and I ended up meeting him in his Grosvenor Square HQ. This did at the time seem like a very genuine and nice thing to do, maybe it actually was, I do not know now. Thing is, a few weeks later Mr Gordon Brown released his new book, in which he completely obliterates all pretence (?) surrounding why we got involved in the first place.

As you can imagine, this has had a huge effect upon me. Sleep is fractured by flashbacks to a certain church service, or Alex and his idiotic escapades. I wish I had never bought that damn book.

I am left trying to choose between two former PMs to find my inner peace. As the years had inched by I has assumed that the crushing devastation of losing Alex was becoming distant, that time really was insulating me from the harsh realities of 2007. I was wrong. Not only that, I was realising that the wrongdoing was there to be proved, If only I could gain access to the truth.

So, If you can read page 254 of Mr Browns book, (My Life Our Times) see what you think.

I had hoped that my unwanted status would pave the way to reasonable understanding and an appetite for revealing the truth. Not so.

Page 254 will haunt me forever.

I have written to Mr Brown, every TV station I can think of, Every newspaper I regard as likely to want to assist, every radio station, basically I have run into a wall of disinterested silence. I do not want money, I do not want heads on sticks. I do not actually want anything but the truth. People in the USA have expressed an interest, which is not of much use to me. I need help here in the UK and I need it now.

I am on Twitter and it is not difficult to contact me one way or another.

Please take a minute to think about ways I can progress this.

Page 254, I need your help please.

This is damning, I cannot do this alone.

Many thanks.

Bill Stewardson.

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