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I Need your view please.(Vaccines).

Now then, not much leaves me stumped these days. One way or another I have lead a varied life, seen a few things and reckon that I could cope with most things now.

Just to support that statement, during my time I have gone through having the man with the van knock at my door with the intention of carting our stuff away. I have gone through waiting for the kids to finish their tea so that I could eat anything that was left. I have been homeless and referred to the Salvation Army, I have sat cold and in the dark, seen close friends drift into drugs and die, (I have never entertained drugs and have no time for those who do). I have looked down upon my son in a Chapel of Rest, been told these words "you can have one days compassionate leave for the funeral and we don't have to give you that"- insert my name into YouTube for support articles and other stuff- I have had a team of three senior clinicians form a semi circle at the foot of my bed and inform me that if I gave up I would not be leaving the hospital alive, this being in early 2016. I put these things forward to support the fact that as I said earlier, not much is left that can phase me now. However something is stumping me right now.

I need your views re this one. When I say that I do not wish to intimate that I can't make my own mind up, I absolutely can and absolutely will.

We are in the midst of a pandemic. Many lives are being coldly ended in horrific circumstances. Sadly this has lead to the emergence of many loud and utterly brainless groups who urge us to boycott lockdowns and refuse to wear a face mask. I never ever thought I would see such organised stupidity on the streets of the UK. But, there you go, it is out there. It is dangerous and it is totally unacceptable. It disgusts me. Then again, so do a lot of things these days.

Due to the illness which afflicted me through 2015 and still limits me today I will likely be classed as one of the ones who is eligible to be vaccinated quickly once one of these vaccines becomes widely available. Firstly, we are already hearing harrowing tales of credit ratings being checked to determine suitability. If that really is the case then I will not be at the front of any queue. I will also not be in the least bit surprised, that is how the UK is these days. In a way that might actually remove my problem with my conscience. My problem is as follows.

I have followed the guidelines to the letter. Just to back that up, my son and his son and family reside in Bury, I live in Sheffield. I have not seen them since February. I have missed out on birthdays and the like. I miss them terribly. I have lost one son, now it is like I have lost the other. I have stuck to the guidelines and done my best to serve my duty as an honest and sensible member of society. I really do wish to continue to stay that way. I do not want to be classed as one of those anti mask clowns who have no regard for anyone but themselves.

Vaccines, no way can I claim to be any sort of authority on the subject. I have only got the same amount of knowledge as any other ordinary person. What I do have is a capacity for absorbing information as I plod along my weary path. I really am deeply uneasy regarding the haste with which these vaccines have been put forward. I am genuinely worried about being contacted by the NHS and told to attend some clinic or other to be vaccinated. Here is the thing though. I have NO immune system. When I say "at risk" I really am "at risk". Since the early part of this year I have been aware that every time I pass a stranger or come into close contact with anyone I may well be catching the damn virus and that if I did it would be rather serious. My problems re the vaccines revolve around a couple of unpalatable things.

Firstly it is without doubt now a fact that the whole issue re vaccines is a political hot potato, what ever the actuality is it will be buried under many layers of spin and outright bullshit. The current UK Government cannot be trusted on ANY level. They have botched the whole thing from the start and used it to gorge on cash. Why should I trust them ?

Secondly, vaccines are a huge opportunity for the gathering of astronomical fortunes for some. Big Pharma, to an even greater extent than the UK Govt, absolutely cannot be trusted. there is no other way to put that. Maybe that explains the previously highlighted stuff re credit checks ? Again, I have no wish to be classed as an "Anti Masker".

Thirdly, and most worryingly to me, I struggle greatly with accepting that a vaccine can be developed in the timescales that apply here. To me, it just does not make sense. Surely these things take years to be perfected ? We have seen examples through recent history of injections being given to patients on a mass scale which have turned out to have awful side effects. Thalidomide etc cannot be ignored. I know that I have used an extreme example here, it does illustrate my point though. Let me put this scenario forward, supposing one of these miracle vaccines does indeed remove Covid from the face of the Earth. Everyone breathes a huge sigh of relief, the garden is rosy.

In a couple of years huge numbers of people are going down with accelerated kidney failure, or liver problems, or whatever else could possibly turn out to have been triggered in some unforeseen way by the well meant but ultimately flawed miracle cure.

What would happen then ? Where would all those who made vast fortunes from it be then ? I think we all know the answers to that one. Where would I be ? I think we also all know the answer to that particular one.

Another thing which requires thought here is loading the NHS unnecessarily. Would I , by rejecting any vaccine, then be risking adding to their unbearable load by potentially becoming a long term patient again ? Believe me, those months I spent in hospital were not at all pleasant so I have my own personal deeply felt wishes not to end up in there again. I would imagine they are quite keen on my absence as well.

So, that's it really, what do I do if the phone rings and I am asked to attend ?

For once in my life I have absolutely no idea which way to go.

I wish I could just look forward to going to watch The Millers play on Saturday.

My Email is at the bottom of this piece, feel free to use it, I would appreciate some input.

Thanks for looking in, please help by spreading word. Without views it is pointless.

Society not Economy.

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