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I Never promised you a Rose Garden.

Now then, there are lows and there are lows, there are idiots and there are idiots. Then there is Mr President , Johnson and The White House Rose Garden. Been a long winding road to reach the point where during the night the planet Earths lunatic in chief stood in that very rose garden and informed the bemused world population that he had told the UK pantomime fool in chief to ditch a Chinese telecoms company. This is truly staggering stuff. Just how in hell did agent orange arrive at the conclusion that it was just fine to do such a thing ? Is this more evidence of the "special relationship?".

Johnson and his team of sycophants had reviewed this issue once and reached their own conclusion. Trump thought otherwise.

I have no idea if Trump had notified the UK diplomatic people that he was about to blurt out to the entire globe that Johnson does as he is told, is subservient to the extent that he rolls over and points his huge stomach upwards when Donny requires it. We have been force fed how important this so called "special relationship" is for a very long time.

Evidence of how "special" is there for all to see in the form of the slavering and madness that is surrounding the stampede to sacrifice everything to kiss the feet of the American trade negotiating team. Appointing Truss to the UK team is very worrying indeed. Out of her depth with almost any issue she has been tasked with, with virtually no experience of such things, she is there, happy to let food safety standards fall like leaves in a strong autumn wind, keen to let environmental standards sink, positively getting gooey at the idea of flooding UK supermarket shelves with hormone fed beef and chlorinated chickens. Come to that, if those chickens were reared in the waste from Three Mile Island that would be just fine would it not? After all, Johnson would then really have an oven ready deal. Anything goes in the stampede to greed.

It seems odd to me that Trump would say that which he said. Surely the UK diplomacy team would have voiced serious concerns? After all, it really is just not cricket is it? Thing is, even The Cold Ghost (Mrs May) has taken issue with Johnson over his appointing sycophantic idiots to strategically sensitive positions around Whitehall. Maybe this appalling comedy sketch is the first real evidence we are seeing of the potential damage such idiocy can produce? I fear this has started a very serious chain of events.

Now that I've mentioned The Cold Ghost I am seeing in my minds eye that vomit inducing footage of her strolling hand in hand with Trump. More evidence ??

Our recent history here in the UK is littered with incidents of the "World Police" basically abusing the UK. One of the more serious episodes revolved around so called "Rendition Flights". All denied at the time but obviously took place with the blessing of the Government of the day. It is not fair to say only this current ultra hard right UK Govt is solely guilty of laying down for the Americans, Labour has its share of the blame.

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So, to anyone with any sense it is clearly obvious that Trump is a dangerous individual. Thing is, he is falling behind in the polls. His ratings are nose diving. The botched handling of the Pandemic has put paid to any chance of him running easily into the White House for another term. This despite him compromising Sanders and also pulling every trick not in the book to suppress millions of voters. Not very surprisingly the tactics used to vanquish Bernie were along the lines of those used to smash Mr Corbyn.

All of this leaves Donny with only one obvious route back into the White House. He needs a war. Plain and simple. The BIGGEST turn on to the average American is Military Power. If Trump can talk the fighting talk, push the military might that America has at its disposal, tease the electorate with visions of America crushing the evil Chinese - the ones who apparently invented C19 and unleashed it upon the world- then he will not need to change his delivery address at the local KFC, they can keep the fork truck on charge and await his gargantuan orders.

Trump does not seem to like the possibility of China possibly interfering in the machinations of American daily politics. Well, how many bases does America have in the UK? How many American missiles are housed in the UK? To what extent are American designed systems responsible for the UKs defence capability? Just how much money does the UK fork out on the upkeep of all these American systems? At this point I suggest you delve into the history and origins of Trident. Eye opening stuff. My personal view, it is long beyond time where any defence agreements with that orange mad man should be torn up. go here

America has its missiles situated in hundreds of countries. It has waged war on other, mostly poorer countries, for what seems like most of modern history. Its military budget is astronomical. All that and they can't even control their own heavily armed police force, or citizens come to that. Why is this "special relationship" forced upon UK citizens?

Bigger than all of the above, one name, Anne Sacoolas. She killed 19yr old Harry Dunn. I have no doubt that this was entirely unintentional. The family of Mr Dunn also indicate- to their eternal credit - that they think along the same lines. What transpired following the tragic death of that fine young man is nothing short of disgraceful. I know what it is like to stand in a chapel of rest and look down upon a lost son. For the UK Govt to cave in to the American whims is shocking. Firstly is was claimed that she had immunity, then that was rumbled, then she was sneaked out of the UK. In December 2019 the CPS announced Sacoolas was to be charged with causing death by dangerous driving. They also stated they would be instigating extradition proceedings against her. Guess what ?

Trump has undoubtedly dropped Johnson in it right up to his neck. Not only that he did it casually. He could not care less. This fool is playing roulette with the futures of all of us. The UK continues to play the passive servile role. This very very dangerous.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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