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I Really do Have to Ask,,,

Now then, yesterday was a milestone day for those who have opted to stay in the Labour Party. In truth everyday since the 2019 GE has been such a day for members of that wrongly named party. It actually ceased to be what I would call The Labour Party in the run in to that election. We all know how that particular story of gutless duplicity ended up. The culprits are as yet untouched and sit atop their imaginary ivory towers to this day. Yesterday exposed one or two things, not all of them bad, and could actually herald hope for the distant future. It is a huge pity that the poorly paid people in Manchester will have to endure a living hell to illustrate the points.

I am old now, i've been around for 60 years. Things may well seem odd to me that are seen as quite normal to others, therefore the contents of this piece could well be entirely wrong, as ever, that is for YOU to decide.

I sat and watched a bloke give an impassioned speech in Manchester yesterday. The Mayor of that fine city showed us what it means to speak with conviction and heartfelt belief. He did this on behalf of taxi drivers and those who struggle to make a meagre living via the hospitality industry (workhouse), along with all the others who exist on NMW and in the general awful working environments that are now the usual thing in modern UK society. Thing is, we have all known about this disgraceful situation for quite some time. ZHs and all the other abuses of altruistic people who are trying to build lives for themselves have become common place. The Tories have been in power for a decade now, there is nowhere else to point the finger when looking to apportion responsibility for this shocking state of affairs.

The fact that it has taken a raging global pandemic to bring this appalling situation to the forefront of the public mind, via Mr Burnhams perfectly reasonable expectations says a lot for the state of apathy that is doing so much damage to our childrens future life quality chances. The seeds of future discontent have been taking root for some time, they are watered by the utter arrogance of the Tories and also the disinterest of those who really should be screaming from every rooftop about the sheer injustice of it all.

We saw one bloke yesterday, say more about all of the above in 15 minutes than Labour have managed since that GE. Look at the people he was on about, poorly paid, working far more than they should have to do to earn some crumbs. Not enough crumbs. These are the very people that Labour was built upon. Only too willing to have subs deducted from their wages to fund the socialist representation they craved. It was only right that much pride could be taken from the fact that Labour was the party funded by fork lift truck drivers, cleaners, nurses, machine operators, all and sundry from right across the social and industrial spectrum.

Based upon what I saw yesterday, Mr Burnham still has those people firmly at heart. So, the first question I have to ask is this - Where the hell was Starmer?,, he really should have been showing full solidarity with the Manchester folk. He could have sent one of his higher ranking people if he really couldn't make it himself. The time for worrying about being accused of "playing politics" has long since gone by. Truth seems to be that Starmer really does not look upon such things as union donations and those who make those donations with any fondness anymore. He does not want unions. He wants a kind of corporate sponsorship to replace them. More evidence of him wanting to be some sort of plastic Tory imitation. Leaving Burnham to fight on his own is a huge abdication of any socialist ideology. Manchester is well and truly screwed. Screwed by a gang of thieves who award their mates tens of millions and more and more ill gotten gains. All those taxi drivers etc will now be expected to exist on two thirds of a very low wage.

Starmer hid away, he should have been launching truth bombs to the nation. The key word in that last sentence being TRUTH. That's all that is required. This was a critical moment for the leader of the opposition to do just that, lead the opposition. As it is I have read a tweet from the Manchester Young Conservatives that really is damaging to Johnson. Starmer ??

So, another question coming up, not a pleasant one. Not one I take enjoyment from asking. Labour Members, in a very strange position now. It seems that they are being asked to quietly go along with severing all links with unions. That is huge. We all know that Blair started all this anti union stuff years ago. We also know that Starmer dreams of being like Blair. We can take it that Labour will, one way or another, end up as an official extension of Tory B grade policies. My personal view about all this, Labour should be forced to drop the word Labour from their party name, in simple terms they are misusing it. They are now not a socialist operation. Anyone who sticks their head above the parapet and acts or talks like a socialist with compassion and verve will soon find themselves demoted or removed or forced to resign. That is the way of Starmer.

On top of all of that, there is the ever present enormous elephant in the shrinking room that is the situation with the brutal apartheid regime that is currently killing Palestine. Seems that being in The Labour Party requires a strategic silence regarding this awful issue. Being in the Labour Party has attracted derision and even disgust for many years and often socialists have been victimised mercilessly by the media. Blamed for everything and given credit for nothing. Any long serving socialist just takes this on the chin and gets on with it. They have learned to do this by clinging to the belief that they are striving to achieve something better for those in a bad position. We have all given up our time and even money to go out of our way for others. Last week I took part in a very successful picket of Wagamamas here in Sheffield. The week before I was part of a dedicated team that had £3K of debt removed from a lady who was being treated appallingly by her landlord. Everybody involved in those acts did it because they don't like to walk on by somebody who they can help. Its called Socialism at Work.

So, my question for current Labour members, how and why are you still members? Yesterday it was the people of Manchester who seemed to be invisible to Starmer, every other day it is the people of Palestine who do not exist.

How can any of you look in the mirror ?

Thanks for looking in, please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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