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Iain Duncan Smith

I absolutely cannot believe that Iain Duncan Smith has been used as a shining example of all that is good about the UK establishment. This single crass event demonstrates with alarming clarity just how out of touch our ruling classes are with the people on the street. Nothing can ever equal this as a provocative sign that they really do hold the less well off in utter contempt. The logic behind this cannot be easily swallowed.

The "individual" himself, lets have a little delve.

He was born in Edinburgh in 1954. His profiles speak of a military career that saw tours in Northern Ireland and Rhodesia, what he actually did was carry the bags for the important officers.

He was leader of the Tory party for a while, before being voted out by his peers, he lost a vote of no confidence in 2003 and resigned. He claims to have attended university in Perugia, which he didn't. What he actually did was pay a fee to attend a language school attached to the university. There really is not much you can take seriously from his profiles, when examined it all turns out to be hugely exaggerated or plainly untrue.

Given this, I will not continue to go through it, like most Tories, when you scratch the surface the reality is somewhat different to the bull.

As we have seen his political career was a disaster when he was placed in a position of running the show, he botched it big style and was booted out. So, where would he go from there ? Now known as a "bag carrier" and not much more. He became one who would do what he was told and nothing else. This is in fact a good quality to have when you exist amongst those who need sycophants to do the dirty work. Again , amongst Tories there is always room for a loyal and servile lap dog. This "individual" fitted the requirement perfectly.

So, along came that fine politician Mr David Cameron. Also along with that came a ruthless attack on the lower levels of our population. An empty vessel was required to be at the leading edge of battering those struggling, to really take a callous vindictiveness to a whole new level. Somebody who would not think, but would just carry out the latest shocking move to take money from the poor and give it to the rich.

This "individual" was then given the role of Secretary of State for Work and Pensions from 2010 until 2016. The stage was set, the horrors were just waiting to be unleashed, our super hero Knight got down to work with gusto. Meanwhile Cameron was dreaming up a way to unite his party and the entire country, it came in the form of a wholly inadequate ballot paper relating to something called Brexit. While we are about this, let us not forget the role the LibDems played in all of this. Without them most of this would not have transpired at all.

Smith went to town, off the leash, nothing was to be left untouched. One of his earlier brainwaves was to "reinvigorate retirement age", meaning make the elder occupants of the work house work literally until they collapse in a heap ! This was only a sign of things to come. Another gem, Universal Credit. Stunning. The thing that has sentenced millions to lives of abject misery. Even those trying to implement it on the ground in benefits offices across our green and pleasant land are up in arms about it, plus it has actually cost far more to struggle with it than it could ever hope to save. Utter madness.

Full time unpaid work is another of his fine achievements, work for nothing or lose your benefits. Nothing deep and mystical about it, just plain heartless cruelty, Again.

This fell down in the High Court in 2014, Article Six of The Human Rights Convention being used to outlaw this class war driven garbage.

This all graphically illustrates the inner mind of the man.

Here's a thing, he was chairman of the Johnson leadership campaign.

Explains a lot does it not ?

I could go on, what is the point ? I could describe him as "just another Tory" which actually he is not. This one is one of the new breed of entirely inhumane Tories.

Conservatism used to be a vital part of a successful society, in fairness the "political cake" was not complete if it did not contain some blue ingredients. Business must thrive for everything else to thrive. There has to be a healthy balance, not something that comes easily. Clever and honest people have to agonise over tough decisions and where necessary compromise.

The current lot are incapable of even considering being honest and willing to compromise, it seems our upper establishment is filled with glee at this situation.

The glee reaching such a height that they see fit to honour people who think in such a cruel and childish way.

Class War, a heavy thing to be said. Class War, awarding somebody Like Iain Duncan Smith is one thing and one thing only, an attack of the lowest order upon those of us who actually care about those who are struggling.

Simple as that.

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