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In the Shadows (blue ones)

Now then, over the last few years we have been BATTERED with stuff about A/S.

The media won't say this, so I will. The lions share of it is crap. Those alleging it know that. It was never about A/S it was about wrecking the chance of a proper socialist Govt.

So, we had rubbish endlessly publicised by the likes of Berger ( "oh, I need an armed escort at Conference, Honest, I do really"- all lapped up by the gutter press, at which point the Merseyside Police deny all knowledge) or Austin doing his best to look visibly upset on our screens, aided and abetted by yet another soulless TV anchor, turned out like a bad Coronation Street out take- and that's saying something. On and on.

This is the start of the eventual depth that UK politics will reach. Just today an idiot who believes in Eugenics has been all over the news. This was actually a "ploy" to in some way make Johnson appear a little less repulsive than he actually is. That is without even mentioning his real boss, Bannon wannabe Cummings.

Being that during the gutter comic driven GE campaign all those putting forth this nonsense were housed within The Labour Party, they inflicted maximum damage. It is right and fitting that most of them are now in the political wilderness, happily some of them now have financial problems. OH GOODY.

Here's a thing though. We are fully aware of Labour Friends of Israel. We have no choice but to be. There are many of them. In truth, far too many of these individuals have Israel firmly at the top the the list, not socialism. It is to be hoped they fall soon. They share the bulk of the blame for the mess the party is now in, and will continue to scheme to keep it there. I am convinced that Mr Blair is behind it all.

Let me introduce a new group to all of this. That being Conservative Friends of Israel.

Not a group we hear of at all is it ? That seems a bit unfair to me. A deep love of Israel (the regime) seems to ignore UK political boundaries. There is nothing wrong with wanting to join a group of friends allied to any particular country or Govt. However in this case it is allying yourself to a Govt that regularly shoots unarmed medics in the back etc. This warrants attention from people like me. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be of that country and detest the Govt antics, such people do exist and warrant our endless admiration and thanks. We do not hear enough about those fine Israeli citizens.

Back to CFI. See the pic, look at the flag on the table. Why have these individuals been allowed such a secretive shadowy existence re the media ? Answer to that is rather obvious is it not ? So, let me try to illuminate this a bit.

CFI have opposed the International Criminal Court decision to open an investigation into alleged war crimes that seem to have been carried out in the "illegally" occupied Palestinian territory.

Now, I don't know about you, but I do not see this as a very promising start at all.

Why would they do this ? Actually why are such ICC investigations not mandatory regarding any ongoing armed conflict ? Seems logical that they should happen regularly.

Here we have a group of Tories avoiding scrutiny and opposing an International Court.

We know they like to trample over domestic Courts here, and I can see the day coming when they actively try to jail judges for not agreeing with them. But the ICC ?

Sadly, I can speak here as one who has lost a son in an armed conflict. You take it from me that seeing a UK Govt oppose an independent review is not at all a good look.

As ever, it seems to me that dedication to the Israeli Govt is washing away common sense. In the case of Tories it will be for the vague chance of making some C A S H,

as I have said, in Labour it was to wreck the GE. Both as distasteful as each other really.

The Israeli Govt seems to bring that out in people.

It should be realised that Palestine has asked for this review. The Tory sycophants to Netanyahu have supplied an answer. Yet nothing is being audibly said. Why ?

CFI puts forward that the ICC does not have jurisdiction over the occupied territory.

Sort of trying to hide the fact that though atrocities MAY have occurred, the ICC really should not check it out due to a technicality. We are talking war, even wars have rules.

Clearly CFI aren't bothered enough to see beyond whatever advantage is hidden away for them. Well, i'm British and I am bothered enough.

Another reason that CFI cites is that any investigation may be problematic for "our brave service personnel" who have been active in the area. What crap is this ? If laws have been broken in that area they have still been broken. There can be no exemptions. Anyone trying to stall an independent review signals that they either have something to hide or are blinded by a total obsession with the guilty, both are serious flaws.

The Israeli Govt seems to have its long tentacles everywhere. All over the globe. Trump being a main partner in crime, no surprise there eh ? Something needs to happen. All those Palestinians seeing their homes flattened and children shot desperately NEED International assistance. Stuff the potential consequences, force Israel to allow humanitarian aid in now. In the UK, the dark shadow of the Israeli Govt falls over all of our politics. It has to stop. Simple as that. Easily said ? very definitely, the process is called for. Sooner the better. Not eradicated, put firmly in its minor place.

A personal note, and a difficult one. My son was a soldier. He bled out in Basra in 2007. My memories of him are tortured enough. I think of him as a fine and honourable young man. Prepared to enter hell on behalf of others. He died. If I ever found out that he was even capable of shooing an unarmed civilian in the back I would be severely broken. (more than I am now). These are the things that such secretive groups are playing political games with, for personal gain.

I have personal integrity. You all DO NOT.

Please help me by spreading word of this blog.

Thankyou for looking.

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