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Is Common Sense Not Viral ?

Now then, I had intended not to cover Covid-19. Basically whoever was running the UK through this would have been ripe for almost universal criticism. The reality is no disease can be classed as political. However, this current blight is throwing up a lot of things that very definitely are political. Almost regretfully I'm going to give you my take on things so far.

First things first, the UK has a Gig economy which is far too large. It brings with it a brutal assault on employee rights. Some will put forward it's so called advantages.

Well, i'm not interested. It boils down to selling off the rights of others for some convenience. Those rights were fought for over many decades. Anyone working in the Gig economy is stabbing those who carried out that long arduous fight in the back.

At the moment the buzz phrase is "Self Isolate", can somebody explain to me how a Gig Economy "sheep" is supposed to do this ? Time after time experts appear on our flat screen plasmas to put forth the same advice, I have yet to hear a SINGLE ONE of them address anyone on ZHs or NMW. Let me be blunt, SSP is a derisory amount. The fact that so many are being forced to chose between health (not just their own) or hardship is very definitely political and also extremely dangerous.

Mr Macron has just stated "we will not add fear of bankruptcy and unemployment to the present sanitary crisis". What has Johnson put forward ?

Our NHS, well, no need for me to say much really. When you starve something of cash it starts to decline. Look at the railways or any other large business, take away the dosh and the rot sets in. The NHS has been dying for a decade, now it is being faced with coping with the worst scenario ever imagined. Staff within it have been seeing conditions deteriorate and wages fall behind for a very long time. The NHS has roughly half the hospital beds that Italy has per head. We are being advised not to go to hospital, instead ring 111. No offence to those working at the other end of that phone line, it is a very poor service. I've had to use it recently, take my word, it is shambolic.

Other countries have set the standard, reacted quite drastically, simply banned gatherings, Scotland has Nicola Sturgeon who walked out of that COBRA meeting and immediately banned large events. In England, we have a large horse racing event in full flow. This is shatteringly worrying. Fact is, Cheltenham is aimed at those who can book top hotels, fritter away substantial amounts of cash on betting and over priced fancy drinks. In other words, it makes a lot of money. Nuff Sedd, this isn't so much political, more "open class war". One in which people WILL die. Golf, Tennis, F1, MotoGP, Footy across many countries, all grasped the nettle and did the difficult thing.

The UK stands accused of gambling with many thousands of lives to make money.

We are now hearing talk of "Herd Immunity", now come on, this is not even amusing.

True enough various experts are saying this is fine. I can't believe it myself. Take a look on any London Underground station around rush hour and you will see and feel just how ridiculous that is. There are as many experts being heavily critical of the UK re this crisis , people in high places such as the World Health Organisation are pleading with the UK to up its game. Our Govt will not. We saw this week various MPs coughing and sneezing during PMQs. Nothing is being done.

All over Europe schools are closed for the near future. In England this is not being done.

There are arguments about this. Mostly based upon the fact that business may be inconvenienced by parents then not being able to come into work. What is this crap ?

Why no talk of provision being made to get around this ? Just a plain simple case of making money calling the shots again. How many could work slightly different hours or work from home ? People would respond well if they were provided with options, simple fact is nobody is looking to provide those options.

In Sheffield Chinese University students have been told to study at home, not for fear of infection, because it has become too dangerous for them to make their way in and out, they keep being assaulted.

Italy is now storing corpses in churches due to all the mortuary facilities being full.

Seemingly we are moving from one stage of the crisis management to another, has anyone noticed any difference ? Our PM appeared on the box yesterday flanked by Two experts to put forward the measures that accompany this next stage. It amounted to "wash your hands". Well, that is good advice, but, is it really the best the UK can do ?

My view, city centres really should now be closing down. Public transport should be cut back, serving of food in pubs etc needs looking at. I have some food handling knowledge, people with infections should NOT be doing it. Experts talk of "social distancing", it needs to happen, and actually be encouraged, be enforced by shutting places where people have to be close together, Cinemas, Clubs, Pubs, Stadiums, Arenas,

Bookies, Job Centres, anywhere that by it's existence provides this virus with a breeding ground. It's just common sense.

Unpopular I know, but do not worry, those places are also designed to make money.

I have yet to hear any meaningful measures being put forward to protect employees who opt to do the right thing. Also, why is nobody talking about supporting any employer who takes the brave step to close down during the current crisis ?

So, I have been getting criticism along the lines of being Bitter, having a chip on my shoulder, being anti Tory etc. Fair enough, maybe I am. As soon as I see fairness and common sense break out I will consider my outlook.

Thanks for looking in. Please share this stuff far and wide.

Society Not Economy.

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