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Is The Tide is Turning?.

Now then, over the last decade or so our shoddy press here in the Victorian UK has delighted in spotlighting a certain sort of person who has a certain sort of opinion of "benefit scroungers". We've all seen it over the years, they became known as "Gammons" and were usually wheeled out at times of cuts to such trivial things as school meal budgets. Reporters from certain gutter level comics would run articles about how "they" lived lives without working or as they put it "contributing to the country". Anyone was fair game, single parents, long term sick, they would put forward that some of "them" smoked, went to the pub, watched Sky TV, this all played on that old favourite right wing ploy which amounts to nothing but petty jealousy and complete lack of understanding and compassion. Basically it equates to "why should they have something for nothing when I can't?". Sadly, in the modern UK society it proved quite potent. This country is populated by millions of peevish micro Tories. Being shackled with mortgages sees to that.

Some of the worst offenders for delighting in spotlighting the poor were those who existed in relatively plush lifestyles. Nice houses, decent cars, regular holidays, kids attending decent schools, bit of cash in the bank. What was not put forward at any time was how much DEBT these smug individuals were actually in. DEBT, there's a thing. Out on the GE trail during the campaign I often noticed how attitudes were very strong about the evil poor on estates where the houses had nice manicured lawns, or well kept shiny exteriors, even double gates or double garages. That's the thing with these smug people, DEBT, they exist on it. So smug they never at any point thought about that DEBT catching up with them.

Many of them assumed this God like aura of being far better than anyone else. Insulated against what I see as reality by the trappings of being in a large amount of DEBT. Many times I wandered along the drive to the front door, having had to negotiate the electronic gates and the usual tirade would follow about "them", it got to the point where I actually found it amusing and would steadily coax the smug owner into a state of purple faced apoplexy. My favourite one concerned a well kept bungalow on a glossy estate and a late middle aged woman answered, this being in the late morning, dressed as if she was off to the opera, not sure if they have afternoon performances in South Yorkshire? . Anyway, she then proceeds to inform me that her and her husband had just returned form a cruise to Norway, and, everyone on that boat detested Corbyn because he's just a "Commie Terrorist Sympathiser", honestly, i'm not making this up, it actually happened. Hilarious doesn't quite cover it. Anyway, by the time I cleared off she was in a right angry mood which hopefully ruined her day completely. Lets call these two Victoria and Charles. I met many of them. Always the same sort of surroundings and "I,m alright Jack" outlook. But, a shock of epic proportions is closing in on them.

The Rishi God is going to have to bite them. He will have to. It's all going pear shaped, pear shaped is actually a good way to describe the physical condition of most of these smug people. So, they are starting to sense that all that DEBT is about to sink its fangs all the way in. It will draw much blood. The nation is teetering on the leading edge of a huge financial mess. Victoria and Charles will be expected to foot the massive bills.

The Rishi God will soon be seen as worse than the devil by V&C. The Tories have managed to turn the glory of an 80 seat majority into an almighty mess like we have never seen before. Too many blatant lies and the bungling of the CV19 crisis are turning the public off. Tory policies are being exposed for what they really are, that being a set of underhand tactics designed entirely to line the pockets of those at the very top of the tree and nobody else. Think of all those Hedgefund managers who rake it in by betting on the economy tanking . Believe me they make vast fortunes out of it.

The hard right Tories are even actively gambling with the health and well-being of our children by sending them back to school on Monday. Just to emphasise this terrible point private schools are not returning until September. Why is that?

South Korea is shutting schools due to outbreaks, France has been doing it also.

We are starting to be exposed to the propaganda for all this via our shoddy news channels just now. It's all about how the country cannot afford to keep employees on Furlough for much longer. So, this raises to me the awful spectre of Johnson putting forward the opening of the country for financial reasons rather than medical ones.

As usual with the Tories they cannot even start to understand the concept of anything being more important than cash. Herein lays a trap. The Tories have, by threatening V&C with a dose of reality alienated a huge chunk of their core support.

The national debt was shockingly bad before the virus arrived, take a moment to Google it and you will see my point very clearly. Even as far back as Osborne the signs were there that eventually the upper middle classes would be targeted for some pay back.

That wonderful time is now with us. I have no sympathy for them. NONE.

The ones I have oodles of sympathy for are those who live in run down housing on run down estates, I saw plenty of them on the GE trail. Where the kids only ever see hot food at school- how appalling is the voucher system that is supposed to enable these kids to eat?- where they scrimp and scrape and do without so as to be able to buy gas or electric, where they live in permanent fear of the man with the van turning up. Where the grass is overgrown and the gates missing or hanging off. Houses that have never seen a holiday brochure, clothes are bought from charity shops, in the winter these houses are usually cold. These people do not live, they exist.

I don't suppose V&C will ever see that demoralising level of existence. Personally, I would be exceedingly pleased if they did. Maybe some will see that as a rather bitter comment, I don't care. This country is afflicted with them and those who nurture their appalling attitudes. But, just for balance, I offer them this ray of golden light, at least once this is all over, there will be some great offers on cruises.

Thanks for looking in, please help by passing this on.

Society not Economy.

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