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Things have taken a dramatic and very worrying turn in the Labour leadership campaigning. One that that I never thought I would see, is a massive shock.

Before I go any further I will point out that I have always been a Lefty. Out of school into a steel rolling mill in Warrington. Harsh place to be so young. Lots of lessons learned very quickly about life itself. I would not change a second of it.

I saw the advent of the Poll Tax and experienced the miners strike first hand, even got into trouble on one or two picket lines. Also on the print unions disputes at Winwick.

Again I would not change a second of this. It taught me that left unhindered the ruling classes would butcher the Left wing at every given turn. These really were appalling days, the industrial North became a wasteland, and has never really been allowed to recover. Despite the bull you hear at election times.

The North is now just a poorhouse.

However, there was a certain type of honesty about it all, it was a simple have V have nots. Communities were largely one or the other. Looking at the houses would be the obvious sign of which was which. Still is today. Sadly.

So let's jump into the now of it all. Long gone is the straight fight between left and right. The digital age arrived, everything changed. Now we have dark murmurs about all sorts of interference, much is made of the Russians being behind it all. In a way they actually are, but not in the way that you think. They get their way by donating millions to the Tories. the same Tories who at the first opportunity bad mouth Russia and even accuse the leader of the opposition of being a "Dirty Commie". This is modern politics.

Keep your eye out for the great work carried out by Carole Cadwalladr.

Anyway, back to the Labour leadership campaign. Some appalling runners, (Phillips Thornberry)) and some who are neither here nor there. With the sad loss of Pidcock and Lavery along with Williamson , all because Corbyn is stepping down, the field was never going to be a strong one. You could at first though, think that each of them was a proper socialist representative. Sadly, that is starting to seem incorrect.

To be in such a position ones first and only concern should be upholding socialist values. Not complicated really. Wanting to help the helpless, fairness for all, strong workers rights, peace loving. No hidden agendas, not saying one thing but really wanting another. In other words honesty and lots of it. Honesty to the party and its members. There should be no reasonable way to call this into question.

Sadly there very definitely is. One that I see killing the party as a vehicle for Socialism.

That being the Israeli Government. Make no mistake this is very real and is happening now. All through the recent General Election, and very much so during the lead up to it we saw their influence. An incessant blitz of publicity about Anti Semitism and the Labour Party. All complete rubbish and designed with one aim only. Ruining Corbyn and the party. The BBC salivated at being able to gleefully enforce the wishes of those who wanted to protect Israel by aiming their A/S weapons at a bloke who has won global peace awards.

Those within Labour Friends of Israel really went to town. Not a single chance to damage the campaign effort was missed. Brazenly making their statements at every opportunity. It even got to the stage where any criticism of Israel was classed as A/S and warranted threats of disciplinary action and/or expulsion. All proclaimed loudly and with menace. Wild claims of A/S being rife within the party. These proclamations being made by some of those now running for the leadership position.

The silence of some Labour people was deafening. There were one or two voices. Which leads me onto Chris Williamson. A bloke who has that special quality, one that very few actually possess, He made a very sensible and honest statement that the party had been too apologetic for any A/S problems. For this he was publicly crucified. Jennie Formby did a superb job of looking at this issue. Only to be abused by a certain Tom Watson while she was undergoing Chemotherapy. This illustrates perfectly that those within LFI will stop at nothing to protect the Israeli Government.

A subsequent thorough investigation has resulted in FIVE cases being handed to Police for further action. FIVE, this amongst the largest party in Europe. Does this indicate that A/S is rife in our party to you ?

One of the main players in this circus of lies has been the British Board of Deputies.

You will not of heard of them until fairly recently. That is due to the fact that as soon as the Corbyn machine started to generate phenomenal support, the right in the UK realised that fair means may not be enough. So, the BoD was thrust into the limelight.

This organisation is and always has been very right wing. They never see fit to highlight the ongoing war crimes that are committed by Israel, we all know about medics who are unarmed being shot in the back. Other countries around the globe are now raising their voices. This organisation which is supposed to be there to further the causes of the peoples of that region says nothing. It does though have plenty to say about the Labour Party and indeed its supporters. Which therefore includes me. Seemingly i'm A/S because I say things such as "Israel is a murderous apartheid regime". Which it is.

Even worse, the BoD has decided to interfere directly in the leadership election. They have concocted 10 pledges which they expect any leader to adhere to. Not only that, these leadership contenders are falling over themselves to agree to it !!

This stuns me. The Israeli regime should be on the end of global condemnation. No half measures, loud and clear, across all political divides and tribalism.

I know a thing or two about loss due to conflict. ANYONE is welcome in my house if they firmly reject any wars or persecutions of people, it is taking place now on a terrible scale in Chile (why do we never hear about that?), there are other flash points around this troubled planet. It can be reasonably said that Israel is currently the worst of the worst, by quite some way. They have their tentacles firmly embedded in UK politics.

I'm told that the Tory party has many Friends of Israel, of course all this falsely based and deeply offensive crap being aimed at Labour suits them greatly.

I do now genuinely think that the Labour Party is no longer the reflex choice of socialists. This could change . For that to have any chance of actually happening LFI has to be removed from the party. If you followed the link above to the UN you will see why I say this. Sad, demoralising but true. Some deep soul searching is called for.

Thanks for looking, please help me to spread this site.

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