At we give a street level look through the eyes of a left wing socialist at the disturbing events that are unfolding around us

It is quite obvious actually

Now then, in one week the nation will (should) trudge to the nearest polling station and tick the box. It should be pointed out that as a rule local elections do not figure highly in peoples thoughts. This particular local election carries a whole lot of importance, and could actually be crucial in the futures of millions of people. Millions of ordinary people that is.

YOU really can save the nation

By ordinary I mean those who hold reasonable humane virtues, those who are bothered when they see young people huddled under shop awnings in the rain, that being at 02-38, there because they have no homes. Those who are bothered when they hear about the old lady who spent 22 hours on a trolley in an A&E dept corridor, whos last living image burned upon her retina was a bare light bulb against a whitewashed wall.

Those who are bothered about that nice old West Indian bloke who tells the kids to get their front foot to the pitch of the ball being told he has to pack his bags. Those who are bothered when they see the pushing and shoving among the great unwashed as they wait outside the food bank.,

The current occupants of No10 have plumbed the depths at record breaking levels in their attempts to deceive the nation into believing that they are reasonable and humane. There is much evidence to show they are neither. This is despite them seizing control (under Flashman) of the national media. The BBC is an insult to ones intelligence, the press are owned by Tory Billionaires with offshore accounts, which they use to avoid paying the taxes which would alleviate all of the above. In truth many Tory MPs employ the same immoral tactic. Not only that, we have the likes of Damian Green, - we all know what he likes doing in his office during working hours. We have the architect of the slow death of our NHS,- Mr J. Hunt, who accidentally bought SEVEN luxury flats, then accidentally got himself a bulk discount, by using a loop hole also created by Flashman, that is the thing you see, they plan long term to look after themselves and their well off brothers and sisters. Who was it who sent his secretary to but a sex toy? Boris Johnson I cannot even be bothered with.

The BBC and the evil within

The Tories are behind this antisemitic angle being currently and permanently employed to try and discredit Jeremy Corbyn, a bloke who has won several peace awards, trying to con the nation into thinking that he is racist is mind boggling. Our Tory friends have become obsessed with the American playbook and have failed to realise that this is not America, the average Brit is not as gullible as the average American. The money they have paid Steve Bannon for his "sage advice" has been wasted on a grand scale. Cambridge Analytica lurks in the shadows and will inflict severe damage on the privileged party. As will Windrush. Amnesty International now classifies the awful Windrush episode as a Human Rights issue.

Other micro parties have tried to get in on the act, usually LibDems desperately sitting on the sidelines and looking for things to latch onto, such as Brexit. They have nothing to offer other than hating Corbyn. Their long term future is bleak, once a prostitute always a prostitute, the Brit public will never forget their enthusiasm when assisting Flashman, Gideon and IDS in their brutal assaults on the UK public. Frightened By Political Extinction really does sum them up. They are currently polling at 7% which is far too high. Choosing Mr Cable as leader was just plain dumb.

Dark secrets within the privileged party have appeared on social media, the national media having been inoculated, about Tories in Nazi uniforms, using racist language, such as the one who used the N word, who was reinstated by their leader. The same leader who publicly backed one of her team who outed a whistleblower. That whistleblower is of Eastern origin, his family back home are now at great risk.

The Tories and the evil within

So, ordinary people. I believe that the massive majority are fair minded, sure enough we moan, complain, and sometimes cannot be kept happy. However there are certain things we just will not tolerate. The Tories have managed to let their arrogance convince them that the public do not matter.


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