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It Really is only Wednesday.

Now then, some week this is turning out to be. Hard to believe just how much stuff has gone on as we are only half way through this clutch of seven days. Weeks come and go obviously, well, this one will not be forgotten for a very long time. It's not just the amount of stuff, but the earth shattering gravity of it all. To think we still have Thursday and Friday to come, you have to wonder if it is possible to out shine the previous three days. It will be seriously memorable if that actually happens.

We have had the Tories escape from an obvious and much deserved visit to the Guillotine and along with that Labour has died. Not things you normally expect to see. To an extent that can be tempered with the knowledge that Labour was showing terminal signs from the moment that Starmer sat in the top seat. The manner of its suicide though is particularly acidic to all those thousands of members who trudged through the Winter to support the party. This has been written about many times from many angles. Paying out thousands and thousands of pounds of members money to supposed "whistleblowers" re A/S is nothing but taking the obligatory pound of flesh.

It is not even as if that will be the end of the matter. More blood is required by those who are really running the Labour Party. There is talk of moves to take the whip away from Corbyn. Crying baby Austin is to take his place in The House of Lords. If that is not substantial proof that the whole thing is being orchestrated by a certain small right wing group that has its tentacles deep within Labour then I really do not know what is.

Harsh truth. Labour has just died. I was asked to justify my opinion of Labour the other day, with respect to Burgon and the Socialist Campaign Group, it is remaining as a supporter of Labour that requires justification, not abandoning them. Sad days.

As for the Tories and that Guillotine, the long awaited Russia report was released. The one that was delayed prior to the GE in case it reflected negatively on Johnson and Co. They certainly did leave no stone un turned. The postal votes result were known to a certain BBC "journalist" long before they should have been known by anybody, by sheer coincidence the company that was responsible for counting them was wound up the very next day, so as to prevent any in depth checks on how this had come to be. Also by sheer coincidence that company had very strong links to a Tory. go here

Lots of prolonged silence usually follows issues upon which the Tories should be dragged kicking and screaming into the harsh spotlight of honesty. There are plenty of them. For a start that long period of secrecy which the Tories manufactured out of nothing allowed for all sorts of machinations to be instigated. We will likely never know about those. It is telling that the Government is now engaged in open warfare with the Civil Service. Even May fired a missile at Johnson over his appointing a very inexperienced sycophant to a sensitive position within the CS. Other reports are either missing or are just being shelved. The whole Arcuri episode would be laughable if it were not for the fact that it illustrates in graphic terms just how unfit for office Johnson really is. A Tory Minister this week stated that he saw "no reason for Russia not to invest in British Politics" !! My God, can it really get any more idiotic?

The damn Tories have been in power for a decade. They have a huge majority. They are using it to line the pockets of the super rich. They keep repeating that the NHS is not on the table in the USA trade talks. Does anyone really believe that? Grenfell turned into an opening to blame the firefighters. There are still hundreds of tower blocks with dangerous cladding attached. The Pandemic exposed the shortcomings of the NHS, all due to the Tories preparing it to NOT be sold. Just to confirm their complete arrogance and absence of sensible compassion they have opted to reward the public sector with pay rises, but not Nurses. Again, they have also lifted any free parking for NHS employees whilst at work. Sacoolas is still not being recalled to the UK. Can you imagine what it must be like for the Dunn family? Zaghari Ratcliffe languishes in a terrible situation away form her family. On this issue Johnson very definitely made things much worse. The whole Covid story is one shocking mess up after another. Wrong testing kits purchased, equipment that was not fit for purpose. Millions of pounds wasted. Care homes designated as Death Camps. NHS employees dying by the hundred.

All this from a Bullingdon Club group of cash hungry pigs. "Oven Ready" and "World Beating" they claim. What the next few years will fetch us is unknown. I do not see any real hope of fairness or sanity contaminating the Tory ideology.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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