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Johnson & Johnson (and Johnson).

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Now then, British people. Been a lot of changes for them to absorb over the last few decades. Not so very long ago the UK was looked upon as a good place to reside. On the world stage the UK was seen as a leader, a country who would very definitely come to the aid of any nations who found themselves in difficult times for whatever particular reason. The UK came through the 2nd world war in a terrible state. Yet out of the scattered ashes came vast improvements. The public had pulled together through the dark times, the spirit of "pitching in" became a reflex action. The country rebuilt, the NHS was born, all the infrastructure was replaced with better quality new designs.

Public transport was top class, a wave of optimism deservedly swept the nation.

What became known as "The Bulldog Spirit" was very much to the fore. We are all familiar with the "deckchairs, knotted hankies and spitfires" images. All across the globe the UK was looked up to. The so called "special relationship" with America was actually a real thing during those times. Being a member of the armed services was a thing to be proud of. These days are not that long ago. If you attend a Cenotaph at all you will see the dwindling numbers of those who actually fought for our freedoms. You are all aware of Capt Tom and his staggering fund raising for the NHS. The UK was an open country, anyone could come to live here safe in the knowledge that they would be treated well and indeed valued. How things have changed, very much for the worse. Why is this?

The UK psyche is now unrecognisable by comparison. This is not by accident. There are many indicators as to how very harshly the mindset of the average Brit has been carefully moulded in to what it is today. We can also, as we scan back through recent history, clearly identify who is responsible and why. Dependant on your social standing it does not make for good reading, alas, it illuminates a quite dire future for our children and their children. In all honesty, it has to be said that the many of the UK public have displayed a good appetite for becoming what they now are. As I sit here writing this now, I really am very demoralised by state of the UK at this point. I can only hope that I have misunderstood a whole lot of things. As you trawl through this piece, please try to abandon your personal political leanings. As I see it, common decency, basic principles of humanity, justice, health, education, a home, are not political bargaining chips, they are actually the basic building blocks of any so called civilised society. Whichever way you vote, in the 21st Century the aforementioned principles should be off the campaigning lists. they should be guaranteed provisions for all. They should all be free. (excepting housing, this should be social) Simple really. Lets have a look through recent history and you decide.

When Thatcher conned so very members of the so called "working classes" into having a mortgage the working classes effectively died. No other way of putting that. Along with this, the building of council houses declined dramatically. The effects of this are being felt ever more strongly today. There can be no doubt that millions of hard working younger folk have not got a snowballs chance in hell of ever comfortably owning their own place to live. Let me put it this way, try to picture what the state of the UK would be today if social housing was readily available to all? Think about all that finance that is generated by the knee jerk desire to have a mortgage? Where would all that money have been spent if most people lived in reasonably priced social housing? More importantly working people would be much more inclined to stand firm at times when Industrial Relations were becoming strained. As it is the mortgage looms large in the minds and the working class is more or less neutered. We now live in a debt driven society, cars, holidays, even carpets, all bought with money the buyers do not have . Here is where the money men chip in to the death of the old "Bulldog Spirit". People now pull apart.

So the ECONOMY rules society. Sadly. This is one very obvious reason why Brits are now so angry and bitter, it is called FEAR. In this case FEAR of losing the house etc.

Another main player in the brain washing of the working classes is Cameron. Along with Osborne these two drove nails deep into the coffin of working class aspiration and the spirit of the old Bulldog took another nosedive. The stampede to greed gathered pace. NMW and the Gig economy really took off. Cameron has cost this country in amounts that are so massive it is difficult to quantify. He is responsible for Brexit. One thing he also did which has inflicted sever damage on the average Brit was seize control of the British media. Under his reign UK politics descended way below the gutter. The UK media , especially the BBC, became the PR arm of the Tory party. They should be ashamed of themselves, they are not. So mortgage shackled people were then subjected to endless, and largely untrue nonsense about anyone who spoke out against them. Many of those with mortgages were by now reaching an age where the end of the monthly payments was on the horizon. Many of them had children who really should have been moving out by now. Problem, nowhere for them to go. Many of these younger ones are now in low paid work.Hence the endless cycle of working and not getting anywhere. Just About Managing they became knows as JAMs. In the modern age it's all about JAM tomorrow. This environment has been carefully crafted. Suppress wages, severely ration housing provision, increase housing prices, and keep the media bull flowing. A very powerful and effective plan. One piece missing though. Education.

Education should be providing a much need route out of being a JAM, steady dedication during school years should be rewarded with a ticket to prospering, stepping out of the huge pool of strugglers who have only NMW and no rights. There really should be a transparent system of educational progression. The kid from the wrong postcode should be able to aim for becoming a surgeon or leading graphic designer etc. What we actually have is an elitist system which favours those from wealthy backgrounds. Before anyone starts with the reflex "oh he is bitter towards rich people" I absolutely am not. It is the crass unfairness which I so dislike. All education should be free in 21st Century British society. There is a current uproar concerning exam results, here is one telling fact re all of that, PRIVATELY EDUCATED STUDENTS RESULTS WERE BOOSTED, in socially deprived areas quite the opposite. So, another ounce of surrender adds to the minds of the working class youths of today. They are already aware that the present is getting duller by the day, now they are brutally shown that the future is even gloomier. This reveals that the ones paying off the mortgages are seeing their offspring being farmed into the same endless slow motion psychological surrender.

As one generation of post war optimism is brainwashed away it is being replaced with another. Sledge hammer falls every time yet another example of corruption amongst our current leaders leaks out. At the moment Johnson &Johnson (and Johnson) are rubbing the noses of the battered working classes deep into the horseshit of financial excess and cronyism that now constitutes the UK Govt. The fact that Johnson so flippantly awards his brother with a fucking peerage is truly staggering. Forget policies, Covid, Brexit or any of that stuff. All those people enduring the ills of modern life in the UK are sick of clawing at the thin ice. Mortgages nearly paid off , the idea being that their winter years would be undisturbed and peaceful, yet the kids are still stuck at home delivering pizzas for a living, and they see this sort of "inbred cronyism" and are supposed to just roll over and carry on regardless. All that brainwashing outlined above is being severely put to the test. Next on the shitlist we have Johnson Snr, as repulsive an individual as it it possible to imagine. Ignoring Covid regs, stumbling through interviews whilst semi drunk, spilling out deeply offensive rubbish. All this garbage sent into millions of homes. Yet nothing seems to be stirring amongst the UK public.

Many of those who put the UK back together after WW2 are no longer with us. I have to ask myself what they would make of all this. I would imagine Thatcher would be thrilled to bits. The UK will never again see the days when you could leave your backdoor unlocked, where buses and trains were affordable and regular, where a foreigner was stopped in the street and asked where they were from and how they were finding things? Where rough kids could well turn out to be professionals in business or innovation, where people had respect for soldiers and the police, where you could get a new roof for your house if it blew off without accruing a decade of added debt, where a car wasn't necessary, where you could be confident that the ambulance driver would not ask for your credit card. Yeah, a time when a walk in centre was never heard of.

I asked for you to put your political leaning to one side.Most of the things I have highlighted NEED not to be political issues. A house, Education, Healthcare, Rights at work. None of these are beyond the reach of any G7 nation in this day and age. Johnson & Johnson (and Johnson) are consistently showing that to them it's just a game of plunder and share out amongst their family and mates. They should be removed ASAP.

Thanks for looking in. Please help by spreading word.

Society not Economy.

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