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Johnson rides again, and again, and ,,,,

Now then, something extremely distasteful is going on. The UK is being taken for fools on a very grand scale. During the current crisis the Government and media have carefully constructed an environment whereby anyone speaking out with direct common sense is immediately seen as cashing in or unpatriotic. Thus, coupled with the complete lack of any opposition the Govt has been literally getting away with murder.

The testing numbers fiasco is absolute proof of the free reign they have been afforded.

That testing fiasco has come perilously close to tipping up the entire PR apple cart, even the likes of the Daily Mail have piled in and basically taken the piss.

So, something had to be done to balance the scales of the UK public perceptions of the Tories as glowing Gods bathed in the light of permanent righteous glory.

So, what could be done? What could they put forward to redress the crooked balance?

I'm sat watching Sky News at half six on a Sunday morning. There's actually not much to report, we are being subjected to the whims of the Billionaires who via the endless news channels are pushing the absolute NEED to get the UK working again. Or in other words, get the plebs to risk their health by turning up for NMW and ZH shifts.

It's all now become rather bland, it's been going on for long enough now to not have much effect upon us. Truth is the public do not want the lock down lifted. Here is one instance where the reflex thought that the public is actually exceedingly thick is blowing up on the establishment. The public do not share the insatiable need to line the pockets of Tim Martin or Branson. They have elderly relatives and children. They will not fall for it. Not today and not tomorrow, not for quite a while actually.

All of a sudden, in depth reports regarding Johnson and his "cheating death" episode are spilling out of my flat screen plasma. All very predictable really. The PR image suffered due to the utter ineptitude of Hancock so the resurrection of Johnson is rolled out.

Well, here's my view, I reject the entire carefully stage managed story. Today they are projecting to us that "contingency plans were put in place in case he died. Those last three words are those which have triggered me to write this piece. I simply do not accept it. Before you all accuse me of points scoring or simply dismiss my thoughts because I am a socialist ( as is fast becoming the way), consider the following.

I spent months in the Northern General here in Sheffield in late 2015 and through into 2016. During that hellish time I went through 13 days of nil by mouth at one point. Just try and picture yourself going through that. For weeks on end I had an oxygen mask giving me many litres of oxygen constantly, if I removed it even for a minute a nurse was instantly there and scolded me, my weight crashed. All I had was ice chips in a morning to enable me to sort of brush my teeth. Fed through a tube, blood taken every 30 mins for the entire time, the difference between night and day long gone, hallucinating for long periods. I lost track of days and weeks, didn't know where I was a lot of the time.

At one point, it all became too much for me. I gave up. Was ready for whatever came next, even if it was THE END. I put this forward because it gave me a very unique and sharply focused glimpse of actually being aware that I may not be needing another season ticket at the football club I watch. It is no lightly arrived at frame of mind.

As I sit here now I can recall with graphic clarity three of the leaders of the medical team that got me through it forming a semi circle at the foot of the bed and telling me in straight forward terms that if I gave up I would not be leaving the NGH. That sort of gets your attention. To say it cleared my mind would be an understatement. I stopped wallowing and clawed my way back. Those fine people on that team dragged me back and as time went by the road to recovery was trodden.

Here's where this latest PR stunt from our PM make me extremely angry.

It took me many months to get my weight and energy back. Weeks and weeks before I could even walk around the corner. Stairs were a challenge. I still take a minimum of four injections a day and around 15 tablets to keep going. I am not complaining.

Things is, and I am completely aware that no two illnesses are the same, and it is easy to measure the Johnson episode against mine and draw the the wrong conclusions. However, given this "contingency for death" SHITE I see it as only fair to point out that anyone who has supposedly been that close to the edge will not see it as an opening for gaining support in political ways. I have no idea how many people I have conversed with since escaping the Grim Reaper, one thing I can say with confidence is that hardly any of them will have heard the things I have outlined above. The fact that Johnson and his cronies are carefully releasing it to smooth over things like buying useless tests or sending medical staff in to hell without PPE disgusts me in not previously known ways.

Johnson was shunted off to a country retreat to "rest" and miraculously came back to heroically and single-handedly steer us through the crisis. Well,, Hmmm, given my personal experience I rather doubt the validity of this crap. I know that I am leaving myself open to all sorts of criticisms here, (I get that anyway) somebody needs to be speaking out. I am quite happy for anyone to cast doubt on the validity of that I have put forward, seems we will not get the chance to do that re Johnson.

All I can say is, his recovery does indeed seem to have been miraculous.

Thanks for looking in, please help by passing this stuff on.

Society not Economy.

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