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Johnson Rides Again.

Mr Boris Johnson illuminated our screens again this morning. He appeared on the Tory PR arm the BBC regarding the current Russian diplomatic climate. Regardless of your political flavour, it cannot be disputed that this episode has come at a time when the Tories are in a total mess, falling behind in public opinion, a clueless leader and riven with scandals and simmering rebellion.

Mr johnson has a habit of saying things and then thinking afterwards, and, is without question hoping to lead his party some day. As a leading high level representative for the UK he leaves a lot to be desired, so , how did he go this morning?

He was asked about proof that the evil Russian Bear acted appallingly in Salisbury, this he swerved instantly, and went on to tell us how evil the Russians are. To that end, he stated that the Russian responses have been "Sarcastic and Smug". Ok, anyone who has watched PMQs will know exactly what he means by this.

Time and again the Tories have acted like excited mental patients when braying, heckling and shouting when winning votes concerning such trivial matters as improved pay for firefighters or, restricting access to hot food at school for under privileged children, so, are we really to take his words and two faced sentiments seriously ?

After that it was back to how evil the Russian "Regime" is, this as the Tory government is selling 48 fighter jets to the Saudi regime !! Do I really need to outline how warm and cuddly the Saudis are ? Not as if they hang people in the streets, or chop limbs off, or stone women to death or anything is it ?

During all of this, OBVIOUSLY, there was no mention of the huge stacks of cash the Tories have taken from the evil Russian regime, we were after all, watching the BBC.

As for Salisbury, where is the proof ? I see Niki Hayley - that is not her real name, she is Indian- has cropped up to give her full support of The White House to the UK, and state that it was definitely a Russian action. You can make your own minds up about that.

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